Eurovision in Concert: 25 Names Already Announced for Amsterdam

eurovision in concert 2016Eurovision in Concert 2016 – The 8th edition of Eurovision in Concert will take place on Saturday, April 9th at Melkweg, Amsterdam. With the addition of Jamala who was announced yesterday on the W12P charity radio show, they now have 25 of this year’s representatives performing in Amsterdam. 

Performing at the Amsterdam show will be:

  • Minus One (Cyprus)
  • Enida Tarifa (Albania)
  • Highway (Montenegro)
  • Douwe Bob (Netherlands)
  • Rykka (Switzerland)
  • Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia)
  • Dalal & Deen ft Ana & Jala (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Francesca Michielin (Italy)
  • Kaliopi (FYR Macedonia)
  • Lidia Isaac (Moldova)
  • Amir (France)
  • Justs (Latvia)
  • Zoë (Austria)
  • Barei (Spain)
  • Agnete (Norway)
  • Hovi Star (Israel)
  • Nina Kraljić (Croatia)
  • Ivan (Belarus)
  • Joe & Jake (UK)
  • Greta Salóme (Iceland)
  • Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia)
  • Ovidiu Anton (Romania)
  • Ira Losco (Malta)
  • Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia)
  • Jamal (Ukraine)

Hera Björk & Cornald Maas will host the event. If you haven’t already got a ticket, sorry you’re too late, tickets are all sold out!

9 comments on “Eurovision in Concert: 25 Names Already Announced for Amsterdam

  1. We will hearArmenia 16 live; I am very curious.

    • I am very curious about Croatia too.

      • Do you fear Nina won’t deliver vocally?

        • I am not afraid because I have read that she is a fine vocalist. On the other hand, Croatia is very popular and many people expect Croatia to do well. I think that everyone will be a bit wiser once we have seen the Amsterdam performance. Plus, it will be very interesting to see which way the odds for HRV16 go after the concert.

          • I see.I fear that Croatia won’t be a contender but if they manage to sneak into top-10 that would be a great result.Nina is the winner of The Voice and she’s a really good singer.I have watched many videos and i can say she’s not only a good vocalist but an all-round artist.
            My fear is that some countries don’t really know how to stage their songs and make them appealing for the tv viewers so they end up depending on how charismatic the singer is.I just hope they’ll try to keep it simple in order to avoid any mishaps.

      • So am I. Her song is less risky to perform live than Armenia’s though.

  2. […] Eurovision in Concert sind jetzt 25 Teilnehmer gemeldet. Es lohnt sich also, sollte es einen Livestream geben, sich die Show anzusehen. Auf Twitter ist […]

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