TEKO 2016: The Draw!

TEKO 2016 smThe Eurovision Times KnockOut 2016 – It’s back! Our knockout competition, TEKO 2016,  starts this weekend to crown the Eurovision Times knockout winner for this year. You will  be able to vote for your favourite in a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). Firstly there will be 14 heats. Heat 14 will have 4 songs competing, all the others will have 3. The Eurovision Times administrators have decided this year to introduce a new draw technique. (Move over STV, rule changes are not just your forte.) This year the 43 countries have been seeded as per current betting odds (as of today) and drawn from pots to prevent top seeds from being drawn together in the first heats. Let us know if you like this change or not!

Pot 1: Russia, Sweden, Australia, Croatia, Malta, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Armenia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Italy, Bulgaria

Pot 2: Remaning 29 countries

Each heat will have one act from pot 1 and 2 acts from pot 2. (Heat 14 will have 1 act from pot 1 and 3 acts from pot 2.)

The act with the most votes in that heat qualifies directly for the 2nd round. Due to the large number of entries this year for Stockholm, only 6 songs (the top 6 countries who finish 2nd and had the highest percentage of votes) will get a second chance in heats 15 and 16.

In the 2nd round the remaining 2016 entries will compete in duels, through to quarter-finals and semi-finals until we will have 2 songs in the big final!

The Rules:

In polls you will have about 1-2 days to vote for your favourite in each Heat or Duel. You may vote for your own country. You may vote in each Heat/Duel.

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats/Duels etc. will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned!

The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

First Round: The Heats

One country from each heat will qualify for the second phase of Eurovision KnockoutThe countries have been allocated to one of the heats by random draw on March 27th, 2016 by the site editor (and her cat*). 

The draw:

Heat 1:

RussiaNetherlandsNorwayRussia v Netherlands v Norway

Heat 2:

UkraineSloveniaFinlandUkraine v Slovenia v Finland

Heat 3:

ArmeniaGeorgiaAustriaArmenia v Georgia v Austria

Heat 4:

LatviaIrelandHungaryLatvia v Ireland v Hungary

Heat 5:

CyprusDenmarkGermanyCyprus v Denmark v Germany

Heat 6:

MaltaSpainRomaniaMalta v Spain v Romania

Heat 7:

FranceMoldovaLithuaniaFrance v Moldova v Lithuania

Heat 8:

AzerbaijanUKAlbaniaAzerbaijan v United Kingdom v Albania

Heat 9:

CroatiaBosnia-HerzegovinaIcelandCroatia v Bosnia & Herzegovina v Iceland

Heat 10:

australiaEstoniaczech republic 28Australia v Estonia v Czech Republic

Heat 11:

SerbiaMacedoniaBelarus 28Serbia v FYR Macedonia v Belarus

Heat 12:

BulgariaMontenegroPolandBulgaria v Montenegro v Poland

Heat 13:

SwedenGreeceSwitzerlandSweden v Greece v Switzerland

Heat 14:

ItalyIsraelBelgiumsan marino
 v Israel v Belgium v San Marino

Heat 15: v * v * (2nd chance round)

Heat 16: v * v * (2nd chance round)

* =The top 6 countries which came second in their heat with the highest percentages.


Second Round: The Duels

The Winners of the respective heats will compete in duels. The winner of each duel will proceed to the 3rd round.

Duel 1Winner Heat 1 vs. Winner Heat 9

Duel 2Winner Heat 2 vs. Winner Heat 10

Duel 3Winner Heat 3 vs. Winner Heat 11

Duel 4Winner Heat 4 vs. Winner Heat 12

Duel 5Winner Heat 5 vs. Winner Heat 13

Duel 6Winner Heat 6 vs. Winner Heat 14

Duel 7Winner Heat 7 vs. Winner Heat 15

Duel 8: Winner Heat 8 vs. Winner Heat 16


Third Round: The Quarter-Finals:

Quarter-final 1Winner Duel 1 vs. Winner Duel 2

Quarter-final 2Winner Duel 3 vs. Winner Duel 4

Quarter-final 3Winner Duel 5 vs. Winner Duel 6

Quarter-final 4Winner Duel 7 vs.  Winner Duel 8


Fourth Round: The Semi-Finals:

Semi-Final 1Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 3

Semi-Final 2Winner Quarter-Final 2 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4


Final Round:

Final: Winner Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner Semi-Final 2

You’ll be able to vote in the first heat tomorrow, so watch this space!

40 comments on “TEKO 2016: The Draw!

  1. Heats 2 & 5 are the worst for me. They both contain at least 2 entries in my top10 each :(

  2. Love the new draw technique ! Makes it more realistic and fair!
    Also I suggest we should introduce 1 vote per IP
    Waiting eagerly for this one to start!!!

  3. Heat 4 and Heat 9 are the hardest for me.

  4. Heat 1 seems to be the most competitive one. I expect a clear winner in all other heats. I hope that we’ll see some surprises and upsets though. :)
    And why didn’t we get a picture of your cat doing the draw?

  5. Heat 9 seems pretty open too (HRV and ICE).
    With the exception of heat 11 I know where my votes will go.

  6. Heats 9,10 and 14 are the hardest for me.

  7. The lead singer of Minus One François competing at the battles of The Voice of France:

  8. How many voters / stage there has usually been in past editions of TEKO? Just the regulars?

  9. Argo singing the chorus of their entry acapella.So,the one singing the chorus is not the initial lead singer of the group but the girl they brought in at the very last moment.LOL!A hateful mess! http://infegreece.gr/%CF%84%CE%BF-infe-greece-%CF%83%CF%85%CE%BD%CE%AC%CE%BD%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%83%CE%B5-%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%85%CF%82-argo-%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B7-%CE%B8%CE%B5%CF%83%CF%83%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%BF%CE%BD%CE%AF%CE%BA%CE%B7/

  10. Noted. Heat 11 will force me to choose between Macedonia and Serbia, which won’t be hard to call, but I have to say it’s the more difficult heat as far as I am concerned. All the others have a quite clear winner.

  11. Heats 1,4,5,10 and 13 are the hardest for me. Not a great draw given my rankings, many favourites of mine go against each other :-\

  12. Heat 10 is the only one where I legitimately love more than one of the songs, so it’ll be hard to choose between the Czech Republic and Estonia. All of the other heats has one song that is miles above the rest imo, so it should be easy for me to pick my favorite from them.

  13. Heat 1: Netherlands
    Heat 2: Ukraine
    Heat 3: Georgia
    Heat 4: Latvia
    Heat 5: Germany (but meh)
    Heat 6: dont care
    Heat 7: France (but meh)
    Heat 8: Azerbaijan (but meh)
    Heat 9: Croatia
    Heat 10: wow, all 3 are in my top 15, right now Estonia
    Heat 11: Serbia (but meh)
    Heat 12: Montenegro
    Heat 13: Sweden
    Heat 14: Israel

    • That makes it 8 out of 13 in common. And 3 out of our 5 disagreements belong to your “meh category”. Looks good so far.

    • Heat 1: Netherlands
      Heat 2: Ukraine
      Heat 3: Armenia (but meh)
      Heat 4: Latvia
      Heat 5: Cyprus (but meh)
      Heat 6: Malta
      Heat 7: LIthuania
      Heat 8: Albania (but meh)
      Heat 9: Bosnia
      Heat 10: Czech Republic
      Heat 11: Macedonia (or Serbia)
      Heat 12: Bulgaria (or Montenegro)
      Heat 13: Sweden
      Heat 14: Italy (but meh)

  14. Also for today’s edition of “Random national final memories” we move south. Although it’s not strictly a national final to choose an esc entry, it has been used as such the last years so a song from the italian festival of San Remo should qualify for RNFM. We go back to 2011 and Anna Tatangelo singing “Bastardo” :

    Still confused on how this was eliminated on the first night of SM. It’s edgy, bold and well performed. A great contemporary song that could go as far as to win esc imo.

  15. Won’t the entries in Heat 14 have a harder chance of making it to the Second Chance Heats? Coz the remaining votes would be split among three entries instead of two.

    • Yes there’s often a couple of heats not quite equal especially when we have odd numbers of entrants but hopefully they get a 2nd chance like others that come 2nd.

  16. Well I’m one of the “silent readers” of this site. I will vote in the rounds, just like I did last years. Sometimes I will say somethhing about the artist/song serie which just recently started. (About myself: I’m Bart from the Netrherlands. 48 years old and watching since 1977. IVe been to esc since 1998 with the exception from 2002 + 2012)
    My All time favorite esc song is Italy 1984 (I treni di Tozeur) and my fav winner, still, is France 1977.
    My top 5 from 2016: 1 Ukraine 2 Macedonia 3 Estonia 4 Latvia 5 Italy

  17. I think some of my votes will be obvious here :-)

  18. Good draw for me. I have clear winner in the most of the pairs. 4 and trickiest ones. Also Australia, Czech Republic and Estonia deserve to go through. It is pity one must stay behind.

  19. Heat 1: Russia
    Heat 2: Ukraine or Finland
    Heat 3: Austria
    Heat 4: Latvia or Hungary
    Heat 5: Cyprus
    Heat 6: Malta
    Heat 7: France
    Heat 8: Azerbaijan
    Heat 9: Croatia
    Heat 10: Australia or Czech Rep
    Heat 11: Serbia or Belarus
    Heat 12: Bulgaria
    Heat 13: Switzerland
    Heat 14: Belgium

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