Eurovision 2015: Juries Revealed

60th anniversary eurovisionEurovision 2015 – Today the EBU revealed the people who would make the 2015 jury. Forty countries are taking part this year and there will be five members on each jury meaning there are a total of 200 jurors this year. Some names stand out and some are contestants of past years

First here are some stats on this years jury (Source: eurovision.tv)

  • 106 jury members are female, 131 are male, 3 are still missing
  • The average age is 40 years (age on the day of the Final)
  • The two youngest jury members are 17 (in Israel and Sweden)
  • The oldest jury member is 86 (in Slovenia)
  • There are 2 teenagers, 35 jury members in their twenties, 81 in their thirties, 70 in their forties, 32 in their fifties, 15 in their sixties, 1 in his seventies and 1 in his eighties

Some names you will recognise in the list of this years juries include:

  • Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium) – Represented Belgium in Malmo 2013
  • Ryan Dolan (Ireland) – Represented Ireland in Malmo 2013
  • Dave Arch (United Kingdom) – Leader of the the Dave Arch Band from Strictly Come Dancing
  • Aram MP3 (Armenia) – Represented Armenia in Copenhagen 2014
  • Spain have gone a bit crazy with 3 previous representatives (Ruth Lorenzo, Pastora Soler, Rosa Lopéz)
  • Margaret Berger (Norway) – Represented Norway in Malmo 2013
  • Ralfs Eilands (Latvia) – of Group PER who represented Latvia in Malmo 2013

The list goes on… you can see the full list by clicking here

What do you think of the range this year? More fair?

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24 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Juries Revealed

  1. Spain: Daniel Diges(Spain 2010) is also a jury member and Marianna Efstratiou(Greece 1989,1996)is part of the Greek jury too.

  2. Also,Tinkara(Slovenia 2014),Cleo(Poland 2014),Alsou and Dina Garipova in Russia.

  3. Hind Laroussi for the Netherlands.

  4. Roberto Bellarosa is a back up jury member
    Other esc related 2015 jury members
    Donatan (Poland 14)
    The singer from Ich Troje
    Ovi (Romania 10/14)
    Sven Lohmus (composer of EST 11/09)
    Florence Huby (Witloof Bay member – Belgium 11)
    Manuel Ortega (Austria 02)
    Marie Myriam !!! (France 77)
    The Georgian 2013 duet
    Birgitta (Iceland 2003)
    Liora (ISR 95)
    Geta Burlacu (MOLD 08)
    Adelaide Ferreira (PORT 85)
    Nevena Bozovic (SERBIA 2013)
    Marko Kon (SERB 09)
    Isa (MF 15)
    Gabriel Broggini (Sinplus member – SWITZERLAND 12)

    • So,basically more than a third of the esc jury members are ex esc participants.Is this good or bad?

      • I think it’s bad!
        F.e what about Hind keeping a grudge on countries like Armenia and Greece that kept Netherlands behind in 2000-2008 era?

  5. The age average of the UK jury is 44.4 years and for the Dutch one 42.2.I just picked those 2 at random.Now,i’ll try to do the same with some other juries.

  6. For the Greek jury it’s 51.4 years. :/ I didn’t now Marianna was 60 years old.She has aged well. :P

  7. Mark Forster? So the guy who directed “Monster’s Ball” and “Finding Neverland” is now an ESC jury member for Germany. Eurovision is full of surprises. :P

    Spain has obviously the most Eurovisioned jury, with four former represents out of five.

  8. The middle-aged majority will definitely help some slower entries, while others (Latvia and Belgium come to mind first) will have a harder time :/ If they really want to asses “hit potential” then a younger demographic should be in mind. A jury with 2 members 18-30, another two 31-50 and one above 50 would be a fair balance IMO.

    • I would suggest one jury member per decade
      16-25 years old , 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-66 and that’s it!

  9. Pretty much business as usual, I’d say.

    What matters to me is, if they are actually experts, that is, they have a wide knowledge about music. I hope some of them are. And I hope they represent a diversity when it comes to genres and approach to songs….

  10. i dont support publishing the names of jurors /after seeing the lresshre on them last year/! if someone cares :
    Arevik udumyan – is showwoman, former manager of Sirusho
    Aren Bayadyan – is the most demanded clipmaker here! he shut the video of geneology
    Grigor Nazaryan – shut Not Alones video, clipmaker
    Leila saribekyan – nationalistic personality singer i dont like! weird choice IMO

  11. Does anyone know what criteria they are given to judge the songs? And a bit of trivia from Australia-Danielle Spencer on our jury is Russell Crowe’s wife. Richard Wilkins is a well known a TV journo/critic who is very experienced in his field-not sure he’d be my first pick.

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