OGAE 2015: First Four Votes Revealed

ogaeOGAE – The results of the first 4 Eurovision fanclub OGAE votes for this year have been announced. Scores from OGAE Albania, OGAE Armenia, OGAE Luxembourg and  OGAE Switzerland have been revealed first.

The points were awarded as follows:


1 point – Iceland
2 points – Greece
points – Israel
points – Georgia
5 points – Norway
6 points – Estonia
7 points – Sweden
8 points – Russia
10 points – Spain
12 points – Italy


1 point – Albania
2 points – Norway
points – Georgia
points – Israel
5 points – Russia
6 points – France
7 points – Australia
8 points – Sweden
10 points – Italy
12 points – Estonia


1 point – France
2 points – Norway
points – United Kingdom
points – the Netherlands
5 points – Israel
6 points – Slovenia
7 points – Estonia
8 points – Australia
10 points – Italy
12 points – Sweden


1 point – Israel
2 points – Russia
points – Azerbaijan
points – Spain
5 points – Norway
6 points – Australia
7 points – Slovenia
8 points – Estonia
10 points – Sweden
12 points – Italy

Current leader’s board:

Italy – 44 points
Sweden – 37 points
Estonia – 33 points
Australia – 21 points
Russia – 15 points

The next votes tomorrow will come from OGAE Estonia, OGAE Russia, OGAE Denmark and OGAE Rest of the World

34 comments on “OGAE 2015: First Four Votes Revealed

  1. As predicted Italy and Sweden will battle it out!
    Estonia, Australia, Spain, Israel, Norway and Slovenia are no surprises here either!
    Russia is doing very well too!
    Belgium is at null!

  2. Nothing to be surprised about really. Albania have often voted for Italy and Spain in the real contest.

  3. A very realistic top-5 atm.I’m shocked that 2 OGAE clubs didn’t give any pts to Slovenia!

    • I am not that shocked really!
      What about Belgium?

      • You were lurking in the bushes and now you found your opportunity to gloat.lol I guess that Belgium and Latvia are the ones that may be underrated by OGAE clubs but will surprise people with their final ranking. ;)

        • I don’t mind Loic doing well neither I dislike Belgium 15. I just think it is overrated and will struggle to appeal to many people in May (non fans)
          Perhaps I am wrong!

  4. LOL … be catchy or you’ll die a slow death in OGAE voting …

  5. The Esctoday big poll launched today: The voting method has changed.You now give your mobile phone number and you get a unique code via sms: http://www.esctoday.com/102319/eurovision-2015-bigpoll-2015-kicks-off/

    • I most certainly won’t give my mobile phone number to an ESC fan site …

      • You’re right even though they say that they won’t use it for any other purposes and that will destroy the mobile phone data as soon as the big poll is over.

        • And in the meantine a lot of people/organizations/companies will probably get my mobile phone number without ESCToday even knowing …

    • Just voted there !
      I predicted Greece will vote like this in semi 1:
      8: Russia
      6: Romania
      5: Belarus
      3: Georgia
      2: Finland
      1: Denmark

  6. OGAE votes suck as usual!

  7. I doubt Italy can win. Will the majority of viewers fall for semi-operatic singing? It rarely does well (Israel 2004, Sweden and Bulgaria 2009, France 2011, Romania 2013).

    • Romania 13 won semi final in televoting… well obviously for comedy factor.
      IMO, none of your examples is close to Il Volo’s performance appeal-wise, especially Bulgaria 2009.
      France 11 comes close but we had never witnessed a live performance of him before May and we all know what a disaster it ended!
      Italy 15 is the only package I can see winning right now!
      Sweden comes 2nd close.
      Estonia and Slovenia could repeat Hungary 14!

    • that’s incredibly obvious to me too

    • I can only speak about Greece atm and the song is definitely liked by people.I even noticed teenagers posting it on facebook.I didn’t expect that tbh.

  8. Three thoughts came to my mind when reading this

    1. Already there is some disagreement as to who has the best song. There were clear winners these last two years where there was an obvious winner e.g. Sweden, Denmark

    2. Why aren’t people giving points to Belgium? The sone is amazing. What people looking for in the song these days? I think if the song was by Sweden it would be topping the boards

    3. Typical that the only country that gives UK point is a country that doesn’t take part lol

  9. The lay of the land remains the same. Moving on.

  10. Disapointed to see Russia popping into The Top 5 but then Armenia and Albania what can be expected.

    Italy has an early lead but again only because Albania is such bezzies with Italy. This Albanian girl at school always tried to pretend she was Italian!

    Sweden will win the OGAE (shocking news I know ;) )

  11. Spain is top 6 with 14 points then , i hope come more high , is the best this year far away , with respect to others what have good songs too like Norway, Netherland , Estonia , Australia , also Israel , good luck to all

  12. OGAE Estonia
    12 points go to… Sweden
    10 points go to… Australia
    8 points go to… Italy
    7 points go to… Belgium
    6 points go to… Iceland
    5 points go to… the Netherlands
    4 points go to… Israel
    3 points go to… Azerbaijan
    2 points go to… Russia
    1 point goes to… Norway

  13. […] the OGAE vote kicked off with votes from Albania, Armenia, Luxembourg and Switzerland (see here) but today a further four clubs have vote. Estonia, Russia, Denmark and Rest of the World have […]

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