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eurovision sweden 2016

Eurovision 2016 – So this year, one of our regular readers is offering to do an ET contest to compare our TEKO and Frida results to a post-Eurovision result, based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. So let’s see what our rankings are now!

So Gregor-Valatzeki (before known as schultze94) sprung this idea on you guys about a week ago that we could have a sort off after-contest ranking with all the songs from this years Eurovision Song Contest. This was supposed to be a fun idea to see how we as a jury would have given our top ten songs points in the ESC style (1-8,10 & 12). Now almost all of you guys and me included have a top ten this season so I thought why not use it for something exciting!

He got an overwhelming positive response from you guys and over twenty people on this forum has already voted on their favorites in this ET Aftermath 2016!So the reason why this was an awesome idea to begin with, is because we always complain about the result of the juries and we have this ranking of all the songs in the contest that we really don’t use. I also know for a fact that many of you guys are very musically interested, The Fridas shows that we are diverse in our voting and the ETSC shows that we have a slightly different taste than the juries have in their voting! So why not make it into a ranking showing of our own jury views!

Now this Aftermath ranking is in a very early stage, so e will gladly take any feedback we can from you guys on how to improve it or if you think that any changes are needed! For now, it’ll be only the top 10 (but we could do a full rankings as well, to compare the two voting systems). The ET Aftermath will always be after the contest (hence the name) as it is intended to not be a ranking of only the songs per say, but the overall performance in the contest as well! This is of course individually ranked, but please take it in consideration when you are sending me your final votes! At that note we will give the ones who have already voted one chance to resend them! You don’t have to, but if you want to you can, as this article marks the start of the voting period! All of the countries who performed are present, even the ones who failed to reach the final!

You can vote by sending your top ten this season to schultze94@gmail.com.

The voting will close on the 28th of June 2016.

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391 comments on “ET Aftermath 2016

  1. As for ETSC my main priority atm. is Sweden, but I also have things in store from Finland, Denmark and Germany.

  2. Have you guys found your ETSC entry?

  3. For ETSC 6 I will choose a song from a country whose music scene I know next to nothing about.

  4. After Friday’s result I decided to switch to this one.

    Farage wanted global reach for the UK. I am not gonna let him down, so off to the Caribbean!

  5. Despite not knowing what country I get, I have found my spokesperson:

  6. So the results are in and I have here a winner and a small surprise that I have been working on this morning for you guys to make it a little more exciting ;) The results will be revealed 18:00 CET on this article!

  7. Update 1: We begin by giving you all the zero pointers this year which none of you guys had in your top 10. I ranked them by how they faired in the real contest:

    36. Malta
    37. Azerbaijan
    38. Slovenia
    39. Finland
    40. Albania
    41. Denmark
    42. Switzerland

    So its kinda clear that neither of you wanted Malta or Azerbaijan in the final :P

  8. Update 2: Here we have all the countries plus the zero pointers who should not have been in the final or deserved to stay in the semi according to you guys:

    27. Montenegro: 8
    28. Poland: 8
    29. Norway: 8
    30. Greece: 8
    31. Bosnia & Herzegovina: 7
    32. San Marino: 5
    33. Moldova: 5
    34. Belarus: 3
    35. Ireland: 1

    So interesting enough we kinda agreed on the ESC result except for Poland, Azerbaijan and Malta (Poland almost makes it doh)

  9. I feel Montenegro deserved a bit better, it’s 11 places higher in my ranking.

  10. Update 3: Now to the songs in the final that didn’t made it to the top 10:

    11. Australia. 52
    12. The Netherlands. 52
    13. Hungary: 45
    14. Serbia: 42
    15. Belgium: 31
    16. Croatia: 26
    17. Germany: 24
    18. Sweden. 24
    19. Cyprus: 24
    20. Israel: 21
    21. Iceland: 19
    22. FYR Macedonia: 19
    23. United kingdom: 12
    24. Lithuania: 11
    25. Spain: 9
    26. Czech Republic: 8

    Australia and Sweden judged harshly by you guys. Czech Republic just managed to squeeze itself into the final cause of more voters.

  11. Update 4: Now to the top 10 songs and we begin with the first 5:

    6. France: 76
    7. Italy: 65
    8. Austria: 63
    9. Russia: 62
    10. Estonia: 59

    So here we see our best non qualifier Estonia getting a respectful top 10 placing and Russia closely after. Austria were always a fan favorite whilst Italy got a more fair judgement then in the real competition by the juries who imo should have boosted it more. France gained some momentum in the end, but didn’t quite reach the top 5.

    • Well I love the Italian song but I still believe it deserved just outside top 10 (if I remember correctly I didn’t award it any points in the end). The live was a HUGE let down, same as in San Remo !
      Estonia is an ET darling, I have them at #11 too :P
      Austria gets what televoting thought it deserved, pretty fair imo.
      Which leaves as with the best 5 performances in the top 5 ;)

      • France was boring LIVE and 6th is a pretty fair ranking cause it’s a fresh song with hit potential

      • I had Italy 11th too!

        • Reasonable ranking ! Italy is always switching places in my ranking (from my#7 to #14 depending on whether I pay attention to the live performance or simply listen to just the song in studio!)

      • Yeah the live was a bit of a let down in the Italian case, but I still liked it. Her raw feelings on stage really moved me in the end, but I think it was the staging that kinda killed it imo. They should have made it smaller and more ”cozylike” to make her performance stand out more.

    • All these make sense although not all are very close to where I ranked them.

  12. All these make sense although not all are very close to where I ranked them.

  13. Update 5: Now there wont be a surprise who our winner is of this season is, but it was really close between 3 songs and I mean really f***ing close between them, but in the end one of them snatched third place by just one point!:

    1. Ukraine: 206
    2. Latvia: 139
    3. Armenia: 84
    4. Bulgaria: 83
    5. Georgia: 83

    So Georgia unfortunally lost its third placement in the end whilst Armenia triumphed with just one single point! There was no one who could contest our top 2 songs of the season and we congratulate Ukraine for its huge win! :D

    • Bulgaria got fourth place as it was voted by more people!

    • Oops. Morgan won’t like this one AT ALL :p
      But honestly Armenia was DEVINE live and with a more interesting song than both Georgia and Bulgaria imo. Their ET bronze medal makes perfect sense.
      I gave them 12 p ;)

      • Yeah I also awarded high points to Armenia in the end, that live and that staging was simply marvelous! Like everything about that song was tailored perfectly on stage imo

      • It is the other way round for me. I really like the song but found the way it was staged a bit too … well … obvius. (I don’t want to use the words I think of in public …)

    • Yep, the top 2 was obvious.
      I’m glad Georgia made it in the top 5, I didn’t expect it to do so well before the voting.
      It seems Bulgaria got the same place as in ESC, haha, that’s also quite surprising for me, I thought it would end up lower.

      • I actually started to really like Bulgaria after the contest (hrm when I was less drunk and hungover ehe), that live was just amazing imo and Poli is just so likeable ^^

        • I liked Bulgaria too even before the contest, but not a lot, it’s a cool song, very enjoyable, but never expected it to do so well. In my ranking it’s 15th, before the show it was 16th.

    • Overall I believe these results reflect ET taste perfectly. Excluding the obvious top 2, Armenia, Georgia and Bulgaria got a huge support after live performance despite not catering to everyone’s taste before May.
      Italy and France (TEKO finalists) are just missing top 5 and it makes perfect sense cause their live was underwhelming and boring respectively.
      Estonia at #10 is quite fair too given the awkward live but good song.
      It’s nice to have Austria at exactly where televoting ranked them.
      And the biggest pleasure of all is to see Australia AND Sweden BOTH missing the top 10. They were extremely overrated in real esc (as always imo)

    • Damn! I wish I had given Bulgaria 4 instead of 3 points!

  14. update 6: now for the experiment hihi ^_^ I made some calculations and morphed our points into the juries ranking of 2436 points until I got this result:

    1. Ukraine: 401
    2. Latvia: 271
    3. Armenia: 164
    4. Bulgaria: 162
    5. Georgia: 162
    6. France: 148
    7. Italy: 127
    8. Austria: 123
    9. Russia: 121
    10. Australia: 101
    11. Netherlands: 101
    12. Hungary: 88
    13. Serbia: 82
    14. Belgium: 60
    15. Croatia: 51
    16. Germany: 47
    17. Sweden: 47
    18. Cyprus: 47
    19. Israel: 41
    20. UK: 23
    21. Lithuania: 21
    22. Spain: 17
    23. Czechia: 16
    24. Poland: 15
    25. Azerbaijan: 0
    26. Malta: 0

    Of course some you guys who voted for the likes of Estonia, Iceland and Macedonia wont get your actual veiws here, but I thaught it was kinda stressful to make all of you resend your top 10 from ONLY the final, so this is the result for now! Next year I will be more prepared for that!
    I also took the liberty of replacing the official jury points with ours getting this final result with the televoting added in this ESC:

    1. Ukraine: 724 (1)
    2. Russia: 482 (3)
    3. Bulgaria: 342 (4)
    4. Latvia: 334 (15)
    5. Armenia: 298 (7)
    6. Australia: 292 (2)
    7. France: 257 (6)
    8. Austria: 243 (13)
    9. poland: 237 (8)
    10. Sweden: 186 (5)
    11. Georgia: 186 (20)
    12. Serbia: 162 (18)
    13. Italy: 161 (16)
    14. Hungary: 144 (19)
    15. Netherlands: 140 (11)
    16. Lithuania: 117 (9)
    17. Belgium: 111 (10)
    18. Cyprus: 100 (21)
    19. Croatia: 84 (23)
    20. Azerbaijan: 73 (17)
    21. Germany: 57 (26)
    22. Israel: 52 (14)
    23. United Kingdom: 31 (24)
    24. Spain: 27 (22)
    25. Malta: 16 (12)
    26. Chech republic: 16 (25)

    Enjoy! ^^

    Here is the whole voting grid for those who are interested:


    • So we see that Latvia got a huge boost from us whilst Malta almost came last haha and the rest is kinda self explanatory.

      Now lets await the ETSC article cause its starting to get really close now before July is upon us :O

    • Lol, I didn’t expect to be the only one who voted for Greece :D
      Thanks for the analysis!

    • Thanks for al your work, Gregor. We were much better juries, if I may say so lol. Next year, I shall try to send two top 10s – the general one and another from the final. Latvia 16 was the most underrated song in the 2016 final.

      • Well I do like statistics and stuff ^-^ It doesn’t really need to be two tops, just a top which have 10 finalists in it and I will calculate the rest ;D

    • Why can’t I see my name among the voters?

    • Thanks for all your work, Gregor. That was fun.
      The 1 point I awarded to Czechia brought Gabriela into the final. Good!

      GOOOO ET Aftermath!

  15. Lets move on to ETSC :P

  16. US reaction to Eurovision 16 live again: gays, black mamas, other! how they so hated Ukraine win! funny on how they base their comments!

    • They love shiny plastic in America, Paul, or so it seems! LOL Thanks for the link and back to work for me! Subtlety is an unknown concept for these viewers,

      • obligado, yes back to work for me too and so much work too! was funny watching that nonetheless especially the older women!

    • And the comment section is full with ”Ukraine didn’t deserve to win” (sigh) Its sad to see really, but hopefully Ukraines win will change countries approach to the contest! Making it a less mainstraeam one and actually bring more different and unique songs to the table!

  17. This is Helena Paparizou and Sergey Lazarev singing “You’re the only one” last night during the MAD Video awards:

  18. So once again the winner is a song which is probably the strongest and most interesting one from a musical point of view (hence my 10 points), but which I can’t help having a bit of distance to for various reasons. Congratulations Ukraine.

  19. Facts about the Icelandic football team.There’s one that’s esc-related!lol

  20. […] year one of our users (Gregor-Valatzeki) had an idea to create a little game called ‘’The ET Aftermath’’, which combined the ranking of all the participating ET users top 10 songs in the Eurovision […]

  21. […] year one of our users (Gregor-Valatzeki) had an idea to create a little game called ‘’The ET Aftermath’’, which combined the ranking of all the participating ET users top 10 songs in the Eurovision […]

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