Pre/Aftermath 2017 Results!

eurovision sweden 2016

Eurovision 2017 – So this year, one of our regular readers (Gregor) is offering to do an ET contest to compare our TEKO and Frida results to a comparison between before and after contest, based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. So let’s see what our rankings are now!

Last year one of our users (Gregor-Valatzeki) had an idea to create a little game called ‘’The ET Aftermath’’, which combined the ranking of all the participating ET users top 10 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The response was overwhelmingly positive and 24 of our regulars tuned in and shared their views on last years contest that was held in Sweden. In the end Ukraine won with a massive 206 points, followed by the ET favorite Latvia. You can check out the full result here.

The ET Aftermath will resume in September this year following the August edition of ETSC.

Now to the matter at hand the ET Premath of 2017. Now Premath isn’t really a word, but its meaning is obvious in comparison to last year’s contest. There are a lot of pre rankings and tops out there and for us here on ET the closest thing we have to that is TEKO. However all of us usually have a top 10 of our favorite acts every season, but that top 10 usually gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and together create an official ET pre-chart. It will then be very interesting to see the difference between the Pre/Aftermath to see which act failed/succeeded, comparing the two rankings.

30 people have voted so far, which is a record in terms of this fun little experiment! Thank you all so much guys! :D The voting will end 20:00 CET TODAY and the result will be revealed TODAY 21:00 CET as well (1st of May), because of the rehearsals that starting this week as to not collide with it more than it already does. More info will arrive on this article, when the voting has closed! So keep on tuning in for updates!
May the best ET Premath song win!

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413 comments on “Pre/Aftermath 2017 Results!

  1. Who would have thought a few years ago that ET readers would massively go crazy for a Belgian or a Portuguese entry :)
    (there are exceptions of course)

    • For ET that is far from weird. I’d say it would be weird if ET readers liked a swedish entry for example or a danish one :P That would be earth shattering lol

    • Belgium had Tom Dice to start things rolling, then 2013 had its fans (it was my 10th) and of course LOIC <3

  2. Good that my top-3 is the actual top-3.

  3. Now for the final reveal! This was battle between Portugal and Italy for awhile there, but in the end:

    2. Italy, Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma: 229 points (26 voters)


    1. Portugal, Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois: 231 points (25 voters)


    This was so close between Belgium, Portugal and Italy this whole voting! All of these entries one by one took over the top spot from each other all the time, but in the end with only 2 points Portugal snatched the win from Italy!

    Final top 10:

    Portugal: 231
    Italy: 229
    Belgium: 203
    Azerbaijan: 153
    Bulgaria: 95
    Finland: 87
    FYR Macedonia: 73
    France: 72
    Armenia: 68

    Congratulations Portugal!

  4. I think it can actually be the final top-2 as well.

    • I said I quit esc fandom if Italy wins. If this happens I am deleting this wordpress account as well probably forever :P

      • Doing a Leila? :(

        • Probably. I know there will be mixed feelings about it but I don’t feel I would enjoy esc anymore if those 2 songs set the trends from now on and it’s not the direction I want to see the contest take.

          • The trend will change again in some years. It’s always been like that, and a good thing it is imo because it shows that a historical approach to ESC is a valid academic topic. :)

            • I doubt it personally. There was a drastic change in the contest’s musical direction imo in 2009 that spreads to today actually that in my opinion was towards a positive direction. Very defining and lasted almost a decade now which is impressive. I think what brought it back then was the change in the voting system and artists like Kaas entering while in the same year a very popular winner that had quite the impact outside the esc stream.

              Gabbani or Sobral winning will start a new era in my view. I won’t go on to describe what this era in my opinion will be like, that’s not the point now. Maybe the era started last year with the new fundumental change in the voting system I don’t know.

              But for sure the impact these entries will have to the future of the contest is something I don’t want to see. I cheered for esc all these years and was so glad to see people around me snobbing it now warming up to it, expressing interest, seeing the artists in the news, invited in credible shows, receive massive airplay etc.

              In my culture and in my world a Gabbani or Sobral victory and its consequent impact would end that – maybe not within a year but soon enough we would be back to Patrick Ouchene times..

            • P.S. Which means I have hope of getting back in in a decade or so when I am in my mid 30s I guess..

            • ROFL I hope that you’ll reconsider because, in fact, I would love to see more diversity in taste on ET. On the other hand, if we have too many people commenting (like on Wiwi or ESCToday back in the old days), the sense of community will get lost.

            • We’ll see, you never know. I do enjoy providing the odd opinion out in terms of taste – I am just afraid I will be left with no one to cheer for next year :P

            • There are always countries going against the trend. :) That’s part of the inherent dynamics of ESC and the reason why it is constantly changing and has survived for more than 60 years. Even though the EBU has tried to channel ESC at several points in history, at the end of the day, it is a very organic thing, like the Loire river. :)

            • So in case Italy wins Sweden and Denmark will be the one holding the torch of going against the stream hopefully ? Belgium surely won’t..

            • There will be some unexpected surprises from countries you don’t think of atm. Who would have thought that Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia would send the songs they send this year some years ago? Don’t be so gloomy …

            • Bulgaria was definately a positive surprise for me I won’t deny that. But it is following the current climate and trend – doing it well imo for sure. If the wind blows the other way it may go with it.
              Serbia going to its old ways would be a positive note :P

            • Oro <3 <3 <3
              You know, I think that everyone here wants you to feel comfortable and part of the ET community. The problem is that you don't find many allies when it comes to questions of taste. However, if I f. e. don't like a song and say so (even if I do so in an outspoken or ironic way) that doesn't mean that I look down on people who do. I have a close friend I've never agreed with when it comes to ESC ever (he likes everything diva and kitsch imo). He attends my parents' ESC party every year, and we have insane fun sending vicious puns in each other's direction … I am confident that it is the same with the other regulars here. After all, we are all here to celebrate diversity. :)

            • I just feel very alienated in terms of taste it is true and yes diversity is fun and all but it would be nice to have someone else sharing similar taste to me e.g. loving DMGP and being willing to “badmouth” and make a bit of light hearted fun of FdC for example. I just think this may be too intelectual of a forum for me at the end and I am more a wiwi type of person.

              And to be totally honest it is hurtful to see people who criticize Portugal as dated being called “arrogant and culturally ignorant” even within a description of a point of view discussing a general idea.

              We can express a point of view by avoiding such characterizations.

            • If anyone called you “arrogant and culturally ignorant” for criticising PRT17 I would not support that comment. It’s all abou taste after all, and if I criticise an entry, I always try to phrase it as a personal opinion. F. e. I say that “the preformance of Robin makes me feel sick”. I don’t say that it should make anyone else feel sick because after all we are all individuals who have biographical and cultural reasons to account for what we like and don’t like. I have to admit though that I have an issue with the way you phrase your comments sometimes (not as a perfectly legitimate personal opinion but as universal truth) but I would never even begin to think that your opinion is less valid than mine or anyone else’s. :)

            • I respect that. But I have issues with the way you phrase your views sometimes as well as I believe they contain an element of rushed judgement towards why someone likes an entry. E.g. you have an opinion on the swedish entry and I absolutely respect that – I have no problem with you calling it “disgraceful” or the lyrics “brain damaging”. It is your assesment based on your profession as well and I respect it even if I disagree. But that’s a different thing from saying e.g. “Sweden will get votes because the singer is hot”. I understand it is an estimation – and it may be a valid one at the end of the day, that I dont know – but from the perspective of a person that likes the entry it feels a bit not quite nice as if you try to cancel out the fact that they may like the song for the song.

              And when we have build an amicable relation here I feel like such an assumption from your part “cancels out” my taste as well.

              That’s the best way I can put my thoughts down. I hope you do not perceive this comment as offensive and apologize in advance of you do so.

              I am just trying to express my feelings the best way I can in hopes you will understand where I am coming from :-)

            • There is nothing offensive about this comment because we can become better people only if we take criticism seriously. :)
              Still, I think that the Paris Fashion Week performance of SWE17 tries to distract from what is a generic song with abysmal lyrics. But that is only my opinion, and Europe (+ Australia) is more than welcome to think otherwise come May. I hope not though. LOL *does the rosary thing* ROFL As if God cared … if s/he existed … (I am nominally a Protestant and forbidden to do the rosary btw … but then I love testing people’s limits … you probably know …)

            • I am irreligious/agnostic but I am bracing myself for callings to a higher deity to stop Italy from winning :-)

              P.S. Oh believe me. I know. I am glad we had this conversation though. It helped fix my mood a bit after all the treatment Blanche went through since yesterday which really frustrated me.

            • For what is worth I apologize for the commotion earlier. I do not enjoy esc this year at all and it shows. Maybe that’s another reason I consider quitting. It should be fun and I just don’t have as much fun as I did last year – I definately don’t enjoy the songs as I did the previous years.

      • Oh my… If everyone started deleting their account after a song they don’t like won, I doubt we would have esc communities :P

        • I wouldnt have been here after 2004. or 2005. or 2008. or 2011.

          • I can live with 05 and 11 even though I would never voluntarily listen to those songs …

          • I was lucky enough to be treated with winners I liked since 2009 when I started following the contest. All but one were in my personal top 10 – and Azerbaijan 11 was 11th :) And from previous years and as far as I remember never a song I ranked last has won – especially one I have such huge objections about.

            Maybe esc spoiled me too much who knows :P

        • In that case I would have stopped being an esc fan since 1984! :P :D

        • This is a very crucial year for esc imo that will influence its image for years to come in my opinion. The tension and polarization there is even among the esc press shows it. It’s weird because after Jamala’s victory I did not think things would go that way.

          • I sense catastrophology for no reason really. Jamala didn’t set any trend one year after her victory. Same will happen with whoever the winner is this year.

            • Maybe you are right who knows. Anyway even if I do not follow esc per se I have promised to stick with MF, EL and DMGP (as long as I don’t see SR or FdC contamination signs lol) !

              Someone said a few years back they enjoyed MF more than esc itself – that’s the case with me this year for sure !

          • Each year is different and distinctive.There’s no real trend.Things evolve in general but it’s good that there’s no recipe for success.

            • While this is true there are other aspects that I won’t get into as they go into personal assesment territory on ITA and POR that make me think certain trends can stick related to how esc is perceived in general.

      • I don’t know if this is a threat or not but i’d like to see one of them winning even if it means you’ll follow Leila’s steps.LOL

  5. Just two points?!!!

  6. Which means :
    You should never trust Shevek when it comes to predictions :P
    Congrats Salvador and Portugal!!! Best 2017 song and performance won <3

  7. That was a fun reveal Gregor – enjoyed it even if I did not participate :)
    It tells me exactly what I knew though – I am completely out of sync with the community here. Hopefully I am more in sync with televoters and juries (juries mostly that’s where my hopes lie).
    It’s kind of sad thinking this may be my last year of following esc tbh but it was such a fun ride 2009 to today – I wish these good times could last longer and hopefully they will :)

  8. 6/10; Belarus, Czech Republic, Moldova and the Netherlands are missing.

  9. So yet again thank you guys for voting and sharing your views! Told you we would get another winner than TEKO ;)

    Here is the voting sheet if y’all are interested in statistics like me:


  10. Thank you Gregor so much for creating and hosting this fun game!

  11. I gave Italy 12 and Portugal 10, so the opposite of the final result :-P

  12. I gave Portugal 10,Italy 0😬

  13. Glad I saved Cyprus from 0 points :-)

  14. I’ve just seen that my points were totally different from what I thought. Of course … I submitted my votes before our preview party. LOL

    • Well next year I will have a deadline from the very beginning so people may vote whenever they like and not rush their scoring! Am a little new to this, but i’m learning ^^ (Y)

      • You’ve done a fantastic job, Gregor. :)
        We could think about using Scorewiz in the future. We might reveal 5 sets of votes f. e. and then give room for discussion, then another 5 and so on. This would give us a better idea about each set of votes. It’s just a thought …
        But I won’t miss your fantastic choice of pictures for anything. :)

        • Yeah, I havn’t decided how I want to reveal the votes yet. I know this is far from perfect, but at least the ending with revealing them one by one I liked a lot. Not at all influenced by the current voting system of course hrm! ;)

          • Don’t be so modest. There is no reason for that. It was great fun, and 300 comments in less than 2 hours might be a new ET record. :)

      • Thank you very much, Gregor, for the great job. Here’s an idea: we have the points of each entry, how about calculating the average of points? That would give us another prespective. And one more thing: if we had to rate the songs according to the number of voters, how would the Top10 be?
        Is it too much to have 3 Top10, instead of one? Now that you have the data, let’s play with it!

        • I dont think the data is that significant to make other top 10s of it tbh. The average one is still gonna be the same top as the one we already have and the number of voters, yes Belgium would have won that, but I dont see it as a neccesary top to make :P

          The real statistics will come after the contest in the ET Aftermath of 2017, where we truly play with the numbers. Check out the last one we had btw and you will see :)

  15. My ranking of the songs have changed a bit…My winner is still Azerbaijan though

  16. Not much have changed in my top, except Armenia and Belgium are fighting for the 3rd place…

  17. Me and Matt gave the most points to FYR Macedonia :)

  18. As I’m new around here, can you please tell me: how do ET predictions match the real thing? Close? :-)

    • We are in our own and very special ET bubble here every year. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we are totally wrong. I guess that we were the only bunch of ESC fans to predict a top result for Rona in 2012 to just give one (positive) example. :)
      And please, get a profile pic. ;) :)

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