A Small Contest: Pre/Aftermath 2017

eurovision sweden 2016

Eurovision 2017 – So this year, one of our regular readers (Gregor) is offering to do an ET contest to compare our TEKO and Frida results to a comparison between before and after contest, based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. So let’s see what our rankings are now!

Last year one of our users (Gregor-Valatzeki) had an idea to create a little game called ‘’The ET Aftermath’’, which combined the ranking of all the participating ET users top 10 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The response was overwhelmingly positive and 24 of our regulars tuned in and shared their views on last years contest that was held in Sweden. In the end Ukraine won with a massive 206 points, followed by the ET favorite Latvia. You can check out the full result here.

The ET Aftermath will resume in September this year following the August edition of ETSC.

Now to the matter at hand the ET Premath of 2017. Now Premath isn’t really a word, but its meaning is obvious in comparison to last year’s contest. There are a lot of pre rankings and tops out there and for us here on ET the closest thing we have to that is TEKO. However all of us usually have a top 10 of our favorite acts every season, but that top 10 usually gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and together create an official ET pre-chart. It will then be very interesting to see the difference between the Pre/Aftermath to see which act failed/succeeded, comparing the two rankings.

Now it’s all up to you how you wanna rank your top 10 songs, but with many live performances still at an early stage, we really have almost no idea of how it’s gonna sound or look on the ESC stage atm. Therefore I think it’s best to only rate the studio versions of the songs as it also creates a slight difference from the ET Aftermath, where everything from the song to the performance is ranked. Remember this is not a criteria, just a moral guideline really, cause in the end it’s your personal top 10 that counts!

The rules are simple: Send your personal top 10 songs from the ESC 2017 (from 12, 10, 8-1) and your alias to this email-address: schultze94@gmail.com

May the best song win!

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90 comments on “A Small Contest: Pre/Aftermath 2017

  1. A “fun” fact, as I keep switching between Bulgaria and Fyrom for my 5th spot, I noticed they were written by the exact same team of songwriters: Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Borislav Milanov are all three credited for both :/

  2. My final rankings (maybe; I already sent in my Top 10 which was a bit different than how it is now):

    1. Azerbaijan
    2. Belgium*
    3. France
    4. Denmark

    5. Iceland
    6. Macedonia*
    7. Bulgaria
    8. Belarus
    9. Finland
    10. Latvia
    11. Serbia
    12. Portugal
    13. Italy
    14. Poland
    15. Sweden
    16. Hungary

    17. Spain
    18. Netherlands
    19. Armenia
    20. Switzerland
    21. Austria
    22. Cyprus
    23. Ukraine
    24. United Kingdom
    25. Czech Republic
    26. Russia*
    27. Australia
    28. Ireland
    29. Lithuania
    30. Georgia
    31. Malta
    32. Albania

    33. San Marino
    34. Moldova
    35. Montenegro*
    36. Germany
    37. Israel

    38. Greece
    39. Norway
    40. Croatia
    41. Estonia
    42. Romania
    43. Slovenia

    * means that the possibility of them dropping drastically after hearing a live version is very likely

  3. And so it begins.

  4. So after 10 voters their are about 8 acts that stand out from the rest, of course there is some difference in the score among these 8, but for now I dont wanna reveal too much.

    Still 20 countries have yet to score, so keep on voting!


    The voting will end 23:59 on the 2 of May! The result will be held the day after (3 of May at 18:00)

    From now on your votes can not be changed once sent, but I will give all of you who have already voted a chance to resubmit before the deadline!

    1 of you have already voted! ^^ Hoping to break last years number of 24 users! So keep on voting! :D

  6. […] gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and […]

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