Spain: First National Finalist Revealed?

spainSpain – Spanish Broadcaster RTVE have already revealed they will be choosing their 201 Eurovision Song using a National Selection. Six finalists will be competing and today they have revealed the first artist who will be taking part. Read on to find out who…

Sixty One year old singer and TV presenter Bertin Osborne is the first to be named. He has been singing since 1981 and has released a total of 19 albums in Spain. The best selling album “Sabor A México” went number 1 in 2000. You can listen to one of Bertín’s latest songs “A Mi Manera” below


What do you think of this first announcement? It is said RTVE will be revealing more finalists throughout the week

Update: We have been advised that today is Aprils Fools Day in Spain so this may be a joke. RTVE have tricked us before when a few years ago they said the Spice Girls were in talks for the UK so don’t put it past them to fool us again

What we know IS true though is that RTVE will be confirming the official roster tomorrow in 30 minute intervals

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7 comments on “Spain: First National Finalist Revealed?

  1. An ageing crooner? I expected ladies screaming melodramatic ballads and hotties shaking it off-key. This is TVE after all and they have to defend a reputation. ;)

    Buena suerte!

  2. blaah! extreme right-wing slimeball alert! Unfortunately he still has enough fans over the age of 50 who will vote for him no matter what tripe he “sings”…next……

  3. I just read that the names of the 6 finalists will be revealed tomorrow morning,a new name every 30 minutes.

    • don’t ever rely on credible TVE for information dimitri, even the above about Bertin Osborne is probably part of their “día de los inocentes” joke which in Spain in December = April Fool’s day in UK and other countries

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