Albania: Eneda Tarifa to Stockholm in 2016

Eneda TarifaAlbania – Last night a jury selected Eneda Tarifa as the winner of the 54th Festival i Kenges meaning she will represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, maybe with the FiK winning song “Përrallë” which in English translates to “Fairytale”

She defeated 21 other acts in the FiK final including the below acts who complete the top 10

1 Eneda Tarifa
2 Aslajdon Zaimaj
3 Flaka Krelani
4 Rezarta Smaja & Klodian Kaçani
5 Enxhi Nasufi
6 Nilsa Hysi
7 Dilan Reka
8 Teuta Kurti
9 Renis Gjoka
10 Evans Rama

It still remains to be seen if Eneda will sing “Përrallë” in Stockholm or if another song will be internally selected for her to sing. It may be that the song will be sung in English under the title “Fairytale” but for now we can say we have the first song of Eurovision 2016 whcih you can see below

Eneda follows Elhaida Dani whose FiK song “Diell” was pulled out last minute by its song writers before being replaced with “I’m Alive” which came 17th in the Grand Final. Will Eneda be able to qualify for the Grand Final as well?

Update: In an interview with Eurovision.tv Eneda confirmed that she plans to sing the song in English

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40 comments on “Albania: Eneda Tarifa to Stockholm in 2016

  1. Oh I always thought it was Albania’s decision to change the song last year not that the writers withdrew the song. In which case I am sure this will be the Albanian entry then (well after being translated and remixed)

    I guess I shall wish Albania good luck, but definitely don’t think ESC in Tirana is coming any time soon.

  2. Eneda seems to be a likeable young lady and a fine singer. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the song is particularly strong. Plus, it is one of those songs that will just sound weird when translated into English. In fact, ALB11 comes to mind. I think that this song only has a chance to qualify if they decide to go for the 100 % exotic song option in Albanian.

    Good luck!

  3. Diel #2
    6/10 and good luck neighbours!

  4. ESCXtra reporting that Albanian media are talking about Eneda Tarifa’s homophobic comments on Conchita put her Eurovision success in question…”LGBT activists in Albania have reacted negatively to Eneda’s victory last night, referring to comments made in 2014, in reaction to Austria’s victory. The singer wasn’t happy with Conchita’s victory as she ‘didn’t know where the music was going.’ When asked whether she is a homophobe, she said she was only concerned of what to tell her daughter when she asks her about Conchita.”

    • So she turns out not to be a very likeable young lady after all … :(

    • I’ve never commented here before but I felt the need to after seeing this. Eneda has been a large supporter of LGBT rights in Albania. The original article that printed homophobic comments supposedly said by Eneda was fake.

      What she actually said was:
      “Exploiting LGBT as a publicity stunt became a fashion in Eurovision. Artists should rely on their talent to reach out to the audience, instead of a shock-value image!”

      However, this was even before Conchita won and was taken from an interview in 2010. Eneda has stated how she’s open-minded towards the LGBT community and will happily accept whatever sexuality her daughter grows up to embrace.

  5. Goodluck Albania ! Weird boring song that will fail to qualify…

  6. I don’t know , it sounds like a myriad of other forgettable type songs with a good singer but no real originitality, until they change it again I guess, talking about fakes and NY I suggest you watch the BBc documentary about our own home bred Catalan faker Tania Head! (AKA Alicia Esteve) in 9/11 youtube 9/11 faker, it is eye-opening!! even today here in Catalonia it is a taboo subject!

  7. Well… her expectations are higher than mine lol. Top 10?! She has good stage presence and voice but the song doesn’t stand out. I’ll wait for the English version.

  8. Definitely one of the weaker Albanian entries in a while.

    Good luck Albania. Not that luck will help here because I don’t think Albania is making the final even if the song is entered in English unless the staging is mind blowing, but even then it’s a tough ask.

    It’s just a song. 3 minutes and the it’s over and forgotten with.

  9. So I’ve checked the winning song on youtube using the semi’s performance and… hm… was she any favorite? Then I fear this must have been an awful Fik edition…

    I dont like it at all, and that’s being polite. Something like a 3- for me. It’s dull, poorly performed, poor vocals (more shouty than rocky) and uninspired. Worse, it sounds like the last three Albanian esc entries by now…

    As for results… A new Hersi flop coming our way and I do fear an awful english revamp…

  10. Listened to the song a few times today and it failed to grow on me I am afraid. On the other hand ‘Infinit’ is becoming favourite of mine already.

    I will agree with something I read here though : Behind all the excellent technique involved vocally, this song is very FiK. Which is a characterization far from flattering at the dawn of 2016.
    As for her comments (real or not) I will just wait for more info on that before forming an opinion.

    Good luck !

    • I’m not big on “Infinit” but I totally hear more potential in it to give it a great revamp à la Juliana 2010 and in general i genuinely enjoy it more than the one that won, which, like so many fik winners, is impossible to hum once you’ve heard it once or even a few times…

  11. After 3 listens, this song gets a 6/12 from me. It’s ok but nothing special. I will wait for the English version, but I’m not too keen on the idea. Most songs that switch to English end up sounding lame.

    Good luck, Albania!

  12. I agree is sound like the last 3 entrys from Albania , i dont find bad but not good also , 5/12 ,hope she can sing in english when not please keep it in you mother lenguage, is better

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