Albania: FiK54 Final Tonight. Who Will Win?

albaniaAlbania – Tonight Albania will decide who will represent the country in Eurovision 2016. The past two days has seen the FiK semi finals come and go determining 22 finalists who will perform in the final tonight. You can hear the 22 finalists here and vote for who you would like to win in our poll

The two semi finals saw 15 acts compete in the hopes to making the final which was decided only by a Jury of musical experts. Tonight’s final will be judged in the same way meaning the public do not get a say in who wins. You can hear the finalists below by clicking on the song titie

Adrian Lulgjuraj “Jeto dhe ëndërro”
Sigi Bastri “Engjëll i lirë”
Dilan Reka“Buzëqesh”
Luiz Ejlli“Pa mbarim”
Nilsa Hysi“Asaj”
Erga Halilaj“Monolog”
Florent Abrashi“Të ndjek çdo hap”
Teuta Kurti“Në sytë e mi”
Kozma Dushi“Një kafe”
Aslajdon Zaimaj “Merrmë që sot”
Egert Pano“Mos ik”
Kristi Popa“Ajo çfarë ndjej”
Rezarta Smaja & Klodian Kaçani“Dashuri në përjetësi”
Jozefina Simoni“Një det me ty”
Genc Tukiçi“Sa të dashuroj” [Non-Performance Video]
Evans Rama“Flakë”  [Non-Performance Video]
Besa Krasniqi“Liroje zemrën”
Enxhi Nasufi“Infinit”
Flaka Krelani“S’je për mu”
Renis Gjoka“Ato që s’ti them dot”
Lindi Islami“Për një mrekulli”
Eneda Tarifa “Përrallë”

Festival i Kenges 54 will be on tonight at 20:45(CET) 19:45(GMT) and you can watch either the below two ways

The Eurovision Web TV Player
The RTSH Broadcast

As we have seen in the past, the winning song of FiK is not always the song that ends up at Eurovision but which of the following would you like to see in Stockholm next year? Whoever wins will follow in the footsteps of Elhaida Dani who came 17th in Vienna with her song “I’m Alive”

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186 comments on “Albania: FiK54 Final Tonight. Who Will Win?

  1. It’s weird. Albania finally realizes they are running behind when it comes to the results.

  2. I’m happy with their choice, but I don’t see Albania really contending this year.

  3. After the winner’s performance I can see this song growing on me. The chorus is especially strong. We have to see if they keep that song of course for the contest. I hope they do tbh at this point. It’s a 7+ at my books for now. But a true pity for Enxhi…Albania could go the non-predictable way here with something IMO better.

    Good luck anyway !

  4. First 2016 esc entry (if not changed)
    6+/10 from me
    Good luck !

  5. “Përrallë” (or Perrelli as I’ll probably happen to call it again and again in the future) is a quite good and strong dramatic rock entry. It’s a (8/12) for now but could grow. It’s the way better than that lame thing they sent last time, and I hope they won’t switch song now.

  6. So I’ve checked the winning song on youtube using the semi’s performance and… hm… was she any favorite? Then I fear this must have been an awful Fik edition…

    I dont like it at all, and that’s being polite. Something like a 3- for me. It’s dull, poorly performed, poor vocals (more shouty than rocky) and uninspired. Worse, it sounds like the last three Albanian esc entries by now…

    As for results… A new Hersi flop coming our way and I do fear an awful english revamp…

  7. For those who missed it: here is the whole Top 10:

    1. Eneda Tarifa – “Përrallë”
    2. Aslajdon Zaimaj – “Merrmë që sot”
    3. Flaka Krelani – “S’je për mu”
    4. Klodian Kaçani & Rezarta Smaja – “Dashuri në përjetësi”
    5. Enxhi Nasufi – “Infinit”
    6. Nilsa Hysi – “Asaj”
    7. Dilan Reka – “Buzëqesh”
    8. Teuta Kurti – “Në sytë e mi”
    9. Renis Gjoka – “Ato që s’ti them dot”
    10. Evans Rama – “Flakë”

  8. It will get through a song check on ESC Song Reviews one of these days, but I have only heard it once.

    My first association is the Albanian entry from 2011, “Feel the Passion”, but I will have to hear it some more times, before I can say anything constructive. It is clearly not without interesting elements.

    Personally I think I would prefer a more raw and unpolished performance of it.

  9. My Eurovision 2016 top 1:

    1. Albania

  10. I obviously did not make it back home in time for the Albanian final. LOL Good luck to Eneda, who tops my ESC 2016 list for now! :)
    This song won’t get them anywhere imo … :(

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