The Netherlands: Jury Votes Revealed

netherlandsThe Netherlands – Dutch national broadcaster TROS, has today published the votes of the 2013 Dutch jury.  The Dutch jury for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest  final consisted of Carlo Boszhard, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Nance, Jeroen Nieuwehuize and André de Raaff. In the final their favourite act was Margaret Berger of Norway, followed by Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg and Emmelie de Forrest of Denmark. 

The Dutch jury for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest semi-final consisted of Cornald Mass, Eric Van Tijn, Carlo Boszhard, Kim-Lian van der Meij and Nance.

Semi-final 1 – The rankings of the Dutch jury

01. Denmark
02. Ukraine
03. Moldova
04. Estonia
05. Russia
06. Belgium
07. Ireland
08. Belarus
09. Austria
10. Cyprus
11. Lithuania
12. Croatia
13. Slovenia
14. Montenegro
15. Serbia

The Final – The rankings of the Dutch jury

01. Norway
02. Sweden
03. Denmark
04. Ukraiene
05. Belgium
06. Moldova
07. Malta
08. Hungary
09. Estonia
10. Russia
11. Finland
12. France
13. Azerbaijan
14. Iceland
15. Italy
16. Ireland
17. Romania
18. Belarus
19. United Kingdom
20. Georgia
21. Germany
22. Greece
23. Spain
24. Lithuania
25. Armenia

Combined Jury/Televoting – The Netherlands – Final

  • Belgium – 12 points
  • Denmark – 10 points
  • Malta – 8 points
  • Hungary – 7 points
  • Norway – 6 points
  • Ukraine – 5 points
  • Russia – 4 points
  • Sweden – 3 points
  • Azerbaijan – 2 points
  • Greece – 1 point

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255 comments on “The Netherlands: Jury Votes Revealed

  1. I guess I’m not a Eurovision fan anymore.

    The Eurovision Song Contest has turned into the Eurovision Suspicion Contest. I do not deny that some stories can be true, but the whole atmosphere around the contest after 18. May has been very, very unpleasent.

    I wanted to be happy about Emmelie’s win, but it’s very difficult to be happy about it right now with people finding ghosts and possibilities of cheating everywhere. The whole uncertainty about whether the results were right or not doesn’t make it easier either – especially not when you come from the winning country.

    So I’m sorry. I’m not rational here, I might be overreacting, but I hope people here will not take it personally. I just needed to get it out.

    See you – maybe.

    • You’ve said it before and we’ve said it before: this is typical of the Eurovision Song Contest for the past few years now and it’s very clear that it did not affect the winner. You should have been around in 2011 around Azerbaijan’s win. And we are the most rational Eurovision site around, so trust us and trust the contest and yes next year get involved in the NF to be less passionate about the actual contest. Plus I’m sure you’d feel less passionate if the winner wouldn’t be your own country but no one is accusing Emmelie of cheating. I’m very sure none of the singers are part of any of this. Maybe delegations themselves are unaware of anything. If cheating there is, it’s down to broadcasters and agenda way behind te songs and singers which are what we care about…

      • Oh. I know feelings can run away with me at times. Sorry about that.

        But I didn’t mean to say that the singers or delegations are being accused of cheating. My concern was indeed whether it was down to broadcasters. I mean it wouldn’t be better if – let’s say – the EBU had been fixing a Danish win, which I don’t suppose they have – hopefully.

        I know this is the most rational site, but believe me, my concern wasn’t particularily directed at Eurovisiontimes. I have read wild conspiracy theories about the results at many other sites.

        I also know I shouldn’t be so passionate, but I must admit it is hard not to be so.

        • But that’s what we others at ET are for: to depassionate the debate a bit, to rationalize. We’ve done a pretty good job, even if the comments have gotten a bit out of hands from times, you know the usual suspects to do so, and that the actual articles here when they’ll start digging in the stats, will show what’s room for interpretation and what’s not. Just give Hulluna and I some time off after the contest to breath.

          There is a post-Eurovision blues and it’s ok to go a bit urgh at times, that’s when you listen to esc 1960 and enjoy it and not worry more about the year’s past ;)

          • I will take your advise and listen to esc 1960 at some point. But I might take a break from here and return when something interesting about next year happens.

            And then, sorry everyone. I lost control, and that was against my own principles. I normally try to be calm for the sake of seriousness, but I didn’t succeed here.

            But have a nice day :-)

    • I don’t think that there is anyone to accuse Emilie that her victory wasn’t clear. Denmark was the big favorite since “only teardrops” was selected in national final, Denmark was first in both televoting and juries and your victory was totally deserved.
      Although, i can’t say that everything is clear in the contest. For example the complaints about Azerbaijan maipulating the televoting, the decision of EBU not to make a draw this year and the fact that not all the countries reveal the full results for televoting (like Italy did) and juries (like Netherlands did), all these things make shadows over the contest not only this year but every year imo.
      Ofcourse you should be happy about your country’s victory, every year there will be complaints about the final results. But i can understand you, i have read so many people grumbling about Greece’s good places during last decade that i’m happy that i didn’t have internet in my home in 2005 so i didn;t have to read these comments to break my mood :P

      • Thank you, and sorry about all that. It was just becoming too much.

        I will return as soon as I recover my sense of reason.

    • I was reading some comments on the official eurovision site and I found them very vicious, many of them form eastern europeans were very hateful towards scandanvia and the west, but I dont get why they’re complaining they should be down right luckiy that when they send crap they don’t get punished like the west with a deserved low placing. One comment from a Russian I will quote said that the “Norwegains and the Danish are cheats” and that “Azerbaijan Ukraine, and Russia should have been in the top 3” – in that following order, I was disgusted. Goatmarket I’m pretty sure Denmark won fair and square, the songs doing well in the charts across europe, so it must have been europes winner, even if the childish east are throwing their dummy out of their pram and having a paddy becuase the top 10 didnt have enough former ussr countries in it, Denmark are the genuine winners of ESC 2013, and the EBU can’t take that away from them, they didnt stop Azerbaijan hosting in 2012, so they can;t stop a democratic country like Denmark from hosting in 2014.

  2. You have all reasons to be happy about Emmelie’s win. Pls, do so!
    I’ve been enjoying reading your comments here.
    Please, stay ;)

  3. It is always wise to distance ourselves from ESC after it takes place, thegoatmarket. I have not even made my final 2013 list nor have I followed the news for a while. There’s plenty of time to discuss the season. The summer months are around the corner. Denmark won fair and square and the rest is… well the rest.

    P.S. I: following the nfs is my favourite part of the season.
    P.S. II: I want the Danes to be brave and send something brilliant like their 1995 entry next year. :)

  4. This is off topic:

    But I can safetly say the Nederlanders can hold their heads up high that Sieneke and De Toppers are far from been the worst and most embarasing thing thats come out of that country.

    Maarty Broekman has well and trully humilated the Netherlands infornt of the UK tonight, I would feel so embarased and disapointed to be Dutch after watching such a diabolical music performance. Its the UK Judges on Britians got tallent which are partly to blame for puting the guy on to the live shows, they’ve made a mockery out of the Netherlands, I’m disgusted with them for it, Maarty Broekman has given the Dutch a badname after that.

    • You really think the Dutch care about idiots who compete in some stupid trashy British show? And it is not as if the Brits don’t send trash to the Netherlands:

      • link is too long, search for Paul Turner the Voice on youtube.
        Apart from that there are more then enough idiotic British stags and hens parties in Amsterdam every weekend that should feel the Brits very embarrassed.

        • Sorry Stommie for offending you, I was ashamed myself as I know Netherlands have so much more tallent than what many British will have seen tonight that don’t watch the eurovision.

          aha we do actualy have the same opinion at least about BGT been “tacky” hence why I rarely watch it, usualy its only the odd semi fianl and the final I watch, becuase most of the idiots have been kicked out. I only watched it today because a tallented theatrical dance group from Hungary was on, I wasn’t bothered about anything else realy.

          once again I’m sorry, I wasn’t making fun out of the whole of Netherlands just becuase of this one performance, I was mainly disgusted at the factour judges decided to put this person through to make fun of the Netherlands.

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about but Sieneke was just awful, one of the Dutch’s worst of all time imo

      • Morgan, although Sieneke’s song wasn’t the best at least she could sing and dance, unlike this Dutchman. De Toppers has to be my worst Dutch entry so far, I really liked the dubstep/orchestration of ‘Shine’ but the lyrics and singing was cringewrothy.

      • I wouldn’t say Sieneke was awful. The whole “levenslied at Efteling” mood in the song was light, charming and happy-go-lucky without taking itself serious in any way. Of course it was no well-written song, anything else but that in fact, but it worked for what it was imo.

        • i seriously honnestly hate it… i hate the childlish like pooped song (remember that NF when we were supposed to have 4 different genres and each of them sounded a like and only enlightened how bad the song was?) and then the tie between the juries, the composer offering to toss a coin, we almost had a girls band that would have been way worse, so yeah sure Sieneke at least could hold the tune, but that fake folk live, what a horror!

          • Yeah, Dutch NF in 2010 must be one of the most odd ever. Sha-la-lie in five different versions, Johnny Logan as a judge, who in fact thinks that all versions suck, and Pierre Kartner (he has sort of marked my childhood with that syrupy theme song for the Moomins) who wanted the tie to be solved by flipping a coin. :D

            All in all, very entertaining. ;)

        • I didnt have a problem so much with the song I found it quite catchy :), but it was not for eurovision, it was too dated and therefore 14th place in the semi final was probably more or less on target

  5. […] The Netherlands: Jury Votes Revealed (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

  6. Goat-are you alright? you sound like you are having a meltdown?

    I think everyone agrees Denmark won fair and square this year-its most of the other places people are disagreeing about-take it easy-This Eurovision fever got to me a bit before the semi final-I was going on about finlands song constantly-I was close to going in to a mental hospital probably :)

  7. I am alright… again.

    Those rude comments on Eurovision.tv simply hurt too much, and I got out of my mind for a moment. It cannot be justified, I should know better. Maybe I should just stay away from Eurovision.tv.

    But the thing is, it’s still sad that all these stories and the lack of transperancy from the EBU have created that atmosphere. In this light I also hope for more openness from the EBU, and for a more transparent system.

    Speaking as a Westerner: We should be careful not to rebuild the Berlin Wall. These vicious comments on Eurovision.tv doesn’t mean that all Russians or Azeris think that way, and it certainly doesn’t make Eastern Europe “childish” as a whole.

    • It comes to no ones suprise lol that Jarmo Siim the administrator/moderator of that site permently banned me form it. He described my comments as outlandish and promoting racial/political hatred.

    • you have to stay away from eurovision.tv and boy do you have a lot to learn on being an esc fan, you’re very lucky you werent there when esctoday was up and going insane, because that place was a mess of insults, political debates (if one can call that debate), flirts (well ok flirts are good lol)… Hulluna and I are the ones who go fish the news for you guys, and when we’re busy or late, a lot of other good people here post the news so you dont have to face the absurdity and stupidity of other sites! it’s only a song contest!

      • Indeed it’s only a song contest – or at least this is what it should be.

        But my naive question is: Is it actually possible to avoid political issues in a contest that includes countries who – to a smaller or larger extent – are having political conflicts between them?

        • I wished EBU could do something about Azeri’s refusing to give points to Armenia and vice versa, Eurovision was created in order to establish peace between nations and build our relationship and understanding of other countries musical cultures, but the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia seems to be pernament :( its a pitty they can’t both put political/racial hatred to one die in eurovision and focus on the music. – This is me trying to be more rational and moralistic rather than slagging off Azerbaijan. And isn’t there conflict with Georgia & Russia relating to South Ossetia.

          • yes among other things, Cyprus/Turkey/Greece isnt solved either per se (unless you consider the current green line as a solution) and everywhere you have inside little troubles, Ireland and Uk were in a cold war through most of Eurovision time after all or Corsican extremists asking to be free from France (and yet France sent twice entries from them at the contest)… of course the Balkans… etc.

        • of course not, the simple fact it’s between nations (which already opens up the debate of kosovo, the name of macedonia, earlier today someone mention the british isles to play independant…) means it IS political, it was even creaed in 1956 with political intentions! then you bring in the political of each countries, between the countries, and etc. and there you go… and it’s not like music contest from inside the countries are less political anyway (where the singer is from, its gender, its social class, it all links up in the end)

    • and I agree not all will be chlidish, unfortunatly at the minute we’re just experiencing those that are :) things will die down, wasn’t it like this when Azerbaijan won in 2011, I think, and eventualy people just accepted who won. My comments often get out of hand when refering to the former ussr blocks and I get very carried away, sometimes I need to be a bit less irrational and not immediately go awall, I need to control my anger on screen :D

  8. For those who haven’t seen it yet, Scandinavia around the world’s comics for ths year’s contest is out: http://satwcomic.com/eurovision-2013

    If you dont know the site, it’s comics based on Scandinavian culture, news etc. through the comics of each country (it’s done by a Danish girl). Every year she does something on the contest! Check it out it’s gold

  9. Yes, i know that site, it’s where i got my avatar (the Welsh boy with the sheep from New Zeeland). I really like it when they make comics about eurovision. Although they could have put Greece this year (i would love to see the character of Greece wearing the kilt of Koza Mostra and having the moustache of Agathonas), but anyway it’s still awesome :)

  10. The Slovenian jury results

    1. Russia
    2. Moldova
    3. Netherlands
    4. Ukraine
    5. Denmark
    6. Austria
    7. Belgium
    8. Belarus
    9. Estonia
    10. Lithuania

    OMG, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia were in the bottom three, it’s a conspiracy against the Balkans!!!?!?! ;)

    1. Russia
    2. Sweden
    3. Denmark
    4. Netherlands
    5. Azerbaijan
    6. Moldova
    7. United Kingdom
    8. Ukraine
    9. Italy
    10. Belgium

    The first jury to give less than 7 points (or indeed 0) points to Norway. Also, only the second jury to award any points to Azerbaijan…

    • 1. 48 – Norway (Remains in the lead despite losing its momentum)
      2. 45 – Sweden (!!!)
      3. 35 – Belgium (!!!)
      4. 35 – Netherlands
      5. 32 – Denmark (I’m starting to think this might have been more of a 3rd – 5th place with juries…)
      6. 29 – Malta
      7. 29 – Russia
      8. 28 – Moldova
      9. 21 – France
      10. 21 – Greece
      11. 15 – Italy (It seems that “crotchgate” may have actually harmed Marco’s chances with the juries)
      12. 14 – Ukraine (Starting to gain momentum now…)
      13. 9 – Hungary
      14. 8 – Azerbaijan
      15. 8 – Spain
      16. 8 – United Kingdom
      17. 6 – Lithuania
      18. 5 – Iceland
      19. 4 – Estonia
      20. 3 – Finland
      21. 2 – Romania
      22. 1 – Armenia
      23. 0 – Belarus
      24. 0 – Georgia (For a song that was supposedly lifted by the jury rank, it isn’t doing very well so far…)
      25. 0 – Germany
      26. 0 – Ireland

      I’m finding myself agreeing more and more with this (albeit incomplete) jury vote. Of course Sweden, Belgium and Russia are ranked far too high, but apart from that the top half of the scoreboard is acceptable. As long as Sweden don’t take the lead…

    • looks like the juries were very divided between westerns backing Norway and Scandinavia and west and easterns backing Denmark and Azerbaijan more

  11. From 3 – 4 countriers so far jury’s revealed results i understand one thing. Jurys gave low marks to specific countries who get help from televoting . For example Italians gave low marks to Romania beacuse in Italy lives too many Romanians. Dutch jury gave low marks to Armenia and Greece beacuse in Netherlands lives many Greeks and Armenians ( most pobably will do same thing for Turkey if next year rejoin ). Also i bet that Armenian jurors have Azerbaijan in theyr 3 last places ( and vers ) for political reasons. Its more than obvious that ALL juries dont vote for songs but for reasons who has nothing to do with the music. Also i bet that many jurors dont even bother to listen the songs beacuse they talk for other things at this time. So they vote for some countries beacuse they hear that this countries songs are favories ( this is very good Puplic relations propaganda who usual Nordic countries doit ) and then they pick a statistic televoting scoarbord from previous years and they give low marks to the countries ( only easter countries ) who get high points in previous years. Before i was a fanatic about jurys in ESC. But after 3 – 4 years i saw that theyr worst than televoting . At least immigrants votes for theyr home countries beacuse they love and missed them, but juries voting is “dark” and questionary . And btw after all this who can qurantee that some juries or jurors dont get money from specific countries to vote for them ?

  12. I can only congratulate the dutch jury on their vote especially in the final even if they have Norway first. The overall vote is very credible imo. Congrats !

    • Went throught some of the comments lol ! :) The amount of rage against the dutch jury for not voting for Armenia and especially Greece is…interesting to say the least..Yes, yes it is all a set up to vote down countries with diaspora…How could they not recognise the huge musical qualities (??) of both those entries lol ! :) Thank you dutch jury !

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