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The Netherlands: Is it a winner?

The Netherlands – Today the Dutch broadcaster revealed their entry for next year’s contest; Trijntje Oosterhuis‘s ‘Walk along‘. You can listen to the song in full now and let us know if you think it will continue their recent success.

The Netherlands: Song Presentation on 11th December

The Netherlands – The Dutch representative, Trijntje Oosterhuis, will air her Eurovision entry on the radio on December 11th. The song will air on the Gouden Uren show on NPO Radio 2 after 9am (CET) and you can listen online via the official AVROTROS website here.

Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis to Vienna?

Netherlands – According to Anouk (Netherlands 2013), Trijntje Oosterhuis could represent The Netherlands in Vienna, with Anouk writing the song. ANP, the primary news agency in The Netherlands, has also reported the news. It has not yet been officially confirmed.

The Netherlands: Designer Dresses Revealed

The Netherlands – The Danish-born but Dutch-based designer Claes Iversen has designed two exclusive dresses for The Netherland’s Ilse DeLange this year. His team spent over 150 hours making the two dresses which have a retro Brigit Bardot 60’s feel to them.

The Netherlands: The Common Linnets Release Album Previews

The Netherlands – This year’s representatives, The Common Linnets, are due to release their album during the week of Eurovision. The opening track ‘ Calm after the storm‘ is their song for Copenhagen. You can now listen to a small part of every song on the album on iTunes here.  

The Netherlands: Common Linnets Reveal Song

The Netherlands – The Dutch entry, The Common Linnets, today revealed the full version if the song that they will sing in Copenhagen. Ilse DeLange and Waylon, who make up the duo, will the song ‘Calm after the storm‘. Check out the full studio version now…  

The Netherlands: No Sneak Preview of Song

The Netherlands – A Dutch DJ revealed on his show what was claimed to be an acoustic rehearsal of the Common Linnets song for Eurovision. You can here the song here. The band have responded denying the rumour.


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