OGAE Rest of the World Voting is Open

ogaeOGAE Rest of the World – Now that all 39 songs are known, Eurovision’s established fan club, OGAE,  is holding their annual voting. If you are a member of your national OGAE you should find out how to vote soon. OGAE Rest of the World is calling people from all countries that are not taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, and those without a local OGAE club, to take part in the voting. Here are the criteria:

  1. You are located in a country that is currently not eligible to enter the Eurovision Song contest which pretty much means if your broadcaster is in the EBU you cannot vote as part of the Rest of the World group, please contact your country club for additional info which can be found HERE.
  2. You live in a country where the broadcaster is in the EBU however they don?t have their own OGAE club. So if your country is on our list, you are eligible to send us your votes. Countries currently without a club: BELARUS, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, CZECH REPUBLIC, GEORGIA, HUNGARY, LATVIA, MONACO, MONTENEGRO, SAN MARINO, SLOVAKIA & UKRAINE
  3. You do not have to be an active OGAE Rest of the world member to send us your votes as long as one of the first two criteria apply

To vote please send an email to mafriflo@gmail.com with your Top 10 ESC point system style. Please also provide your first name and your country.

The deadline is Thursday, April 4th 2013 so we suggest to send in your votes as soon as possible.

Source: EscUnited.com

44 comments on “OGAE Rest of the World Voting is Open

  1. I am from indonesia and esc is not broadcasted here, so can i vote? Thanks

  2. Oh yes, this reminds me that we had a little voting of our own, at the last OGAE Denmark meeting, I don’t think it will count, cause we were only about 25 people who were at the meeting, and plus OGAE Denmark has almost 400 members, plus Moldova and Italy still didn’t had selected their songs, at the point it all happen’d, so I guess I soon have to give some new votes in to OGAE Denmark.
    If the one from the last meeting counted, then I can say that in top 4 we had Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland as I remember. (Not that I would agree with such a top 4) But that should be a hint for what countries will get points from Denmark this year.

  3. The OGAE vote is around the corner as well. The season is passing by quickly. OGAEs tend to vote along these lines, imo:

    a) dance tracks (Germany 13);
    b) power ballads (Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan 13);
    c) anything coming from Sweden, Denmark and Norway in this order.

    I hope that they break this trend in 2013. Enjoy your meetings and vote wisely. :)

  4. I expect Denmark to win the OGAE vote this year and it will be well deserved of course, it is a pretty unique entry, thus most probably predicting the winner correctly yet again.
    I don’t know though if it would be a good idea to post the OGAE results on this certain forum hulluna..I would prefer to be informed by some other, more friendly to diverse tastes, site.

    • Well feel free to go to some other site and stay there then, instead of yet again trying to start another pathetic argument on here. I am really very tired of your inflammatory comments. If you hate so many regular posters here, please feel free to leave.

      • My comments are the inflammatory ones now ? Ok then..Try posting an OGAE vote thread and then wait for the comments. If you still find my advice more offending than these upcoming comments (we all know on what tone they are going to be..) then what more can I say. ..
        And as I said yesterday..you do not like me or my opinions or standing up against disgusting offends ? BAN ME ! I wiil take it as a budge of honor anyway for saying what’s right instead of what’s popular.

      • And worry not..! Once I find a more hospitable of different tastes forum I won’t bother this place again most certainly !

      • I disagree with guitar in many things and with the fact he doesn’t ignore comments that he may find upseting but i also don’t like the tone of your message and i feel i had to say that.

  5. I am so done with this shit.

  6. Let me try…Hmm I think that OGAE clubs will go for :
    1)GERMANY – Hands down!
    9)ITALY and

    11-15 : Netherlands , Azerbaijan , Russia , Austria , Belarus

    Let’s all post our predictions !

  7. Ok, I don’t think I can stand my opinion being censored in this undemocratic and oppresive way so in such an abrupt way I will have to leave the forum unfortunately.
    I leave proud for standing by my principles and by defending people who just made the crime to have different tastes in music.
    I will miss some members here who I enjoyed discussing with most of the time despite the arguments sometimes and I want them to know that I will be following their comments ;) So a goodbye to : dimitris, Donnie, togravus, mermaid, alexesc, marc, avat and anyone else I might forgot to mention..! Thank you guys for all the interesting conversations all these years :)
    I will be updating my profile though for the upcoming events..
    I will also try to let anyone know where to find me if I find another forum on esc where I will post my comments.
    Enjoy the rest of this and the upcoming esc seasons :) ! Bye !

    (to hulluna : and please try to post these..I want my friends on the forum to know that I am leaving. Thank you in advance).

  8. Just out of curiosity, since I don’t follow the ogae voting, how many times, the last 10 years, did the ESC winning song coincided with the Ogae vote winner?

  9. You know what, guys, …it’s been almost three years now that I’ve been part of sites like ESCtoday (till last May), and ET, and all these fights, bashing and quarrels have brought me to my limits.
    I don’t know what to say anymore.

    • I think that if one could survive ESCToday in its darkest moments, one can easily survive almost any Internet forum…

      It is indeed sad that good manners seem to be thrown in the sink after too much time on the Internet (i’ve also found out by experience that Godwin was right) but at the same time it shows the passion we feel about this happening called ESC. It’s much better to just ignore people one simply can’t deal with, than end up in eternal bashing arguments.

  10. The beauty of modern technology: I’m in New York but I get both TVE from Spain and ERT from Greece with my cable service so it’s live for me without a need for legal or illegal streams.

    Modern technology = douze points!

  11. Sweet! Gotta start ‘Making My Mind Up’ these Easter Holidays on who I think will land in Top 10.
    So many great songs this year and there’s no precise front-runner unlike last year.

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