Italy: Marco Mengoni Performs L’essenziale on TV

italyItaly – Italian broadcaster RAI have posted a video online of their representative Marco Mengoni singing an acoustic version of ‘L’essenziale‘. This was performed as part of the national Italian talk show “Che tempo che fa” last night. You can watch it here.

19 comments on “Italy: Marco Mengoni Performs L’essenziale on TV

  1. Buona fortuna!

    For the 3rd year in a row Italy is in my personal top 5. :)

  2. The song is a rather convientional ballad but Marco boosts the whole thing up with his stage charisma.I think,Italy will get another top-10 and maybe their best result in televote.

  3. My winner so far, because i already get bored with denmark and norway, sigh, why did they release their entries much earlier?

    • I stop listening to the songs once they have won the national finals and then only listen to them once more when the official ESC versions are out (in order to do my final rankings). That way I do not get bored with the songs before ESC. :)

  4. “L’essenziale” is an ok song, but it definately lacks that special sth that both “L’Amore e Femina” and, most of all, “Madness of Love” had; thus, I’m afraid that there are high chances that Italy will miss my top10 this year. On the other hand, I agree, that they will probably score high with both juries and televoting.

    Buona fortuna, good luck neighbours!

  5. We are very lucky to have Italy back. They always come up with interesting stuff, way above average. Classy is the best word to describe their entries. Allow me to insert these lines ESCbet when alluding to Italy 13: ‘L’Essenziale struggles against the likes of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Denmark and even the Netherlands, all of whom are more memorable. Don’t misunderstand Eurovision as a competition for classy songs. To do well, you’ve got three minutes to make an impact, and despite Mengoni’s outstanding credentials, he fails to stand out’. Unfortunately, results are all about flags and standing out at any cost. If one reads the reviews offered on that site, it’s easy to see that. They are realistic.

  6. There is no way Italy will miss top 10 this year…
    They sneaked into top 10 last year with one of their most awkward and amateur stage performances ( televoting ranking them #17 says it all ).And don’t start me with televoting doesn’t appreciate quality…A much more complicated (for the average viewer) song and performance ( Italy 2011 ) scored better in televoting than ITA 2012 so yes that proves that something was wrong with Italy 2012, appeal-wise.
    Italy 2013 is a definite top 5-10 contender or even winner in my books!

  7. This year’s Italian entry cannot match in any way the previous 2 entries I am afraid..Both had much more personality as entries compared to “L’essenziale”, despite the fact that Marco is trying his best to drag it out of mediocrity with his performance.
    It will be Italy’s first year out of the top 10 since their return I am afraid. There are much better ballads this year so counting on the jury vote is also a tricky scenario. If San Marino manages to reach the final I suspect the jury tendency for the italian music will benefit Valentina and her much better entry. We’ll see..

  8. The third good Italian entry in a row. I hope they won’t withdraw anytime soon if they can keep this up!

  9. I kinda disagree with Shevek about Marco not standing out though. I think he is one of the few charismatic performers this year who have that noticeable personality even if you won’t hear them speak at all, just sing their song. His facial expressions and stage persona is more special than most other solo singers this year. At leas that’s how he come across to me and I have not seen much of him speaking before.

    • Laila, I do not agree with the quotation. I think Marco deserves to win the whole thing (still waiting for Despina’s live rendition). I am just saying that what ESCbet says is plausible.

      • Aha, I see you were quoting them. :) My point was just that I think he does stand out on his own, without needing props or gimmicks in order to.

  10. Unlike the majority of people here I don’t think Italy are a dead cert for the top ten. “L’essenziale” just doesn’t stick out like the past two Italian entries, and I don’t see how it can beat all of the other similar-sounding ballads (that have much stronger televoting support). I think 10th-15th is a more realistic prediction for Italy this year (5th-10th with juries and 15th-20th with the public). Whatever happens I fear that Italy are set for their worst result since their return to the contest.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I really like “L’essenziale”. For what it is – a simple, straight-forward ballad, it is well-performed and (as much as I hate the word) classy. Italy are my current number four, behind the Netherlands, France and Norway (in that order).

  11. I was listening to his whole album, which has a big range and is very enjoyable.

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