Belarus: Is Solayoh the New Song?

BelarusBelarus – Eurovision fans have been waiting to see what new songs Alyona Lanskaya recorded in London recently. Rumours have emerged tonight that the new song she will sing in Malmö is called ‘Solayoh‘.  It will replace ‘Rhythm of Love‘. Belarus will compete in the first semi-final on 14 May. Have a listen and see if you think it would be a good choice. Alyona Lanskaya will be the guest on the Romanian final on Saturday the 9th March, and the Moldovan programme the following week on 16th March.

Here is the rumoured new song for Belarus. Is it an improvement?

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254 comments on “Belarus: Is Solayoh the New Song?

  1. I didn’t expect to like Belarus but I actually don’t mind it at all. A summery effort that has me moving and swaying this lovely sunny day here. So for now, a reasonable 12th place on my list.

  2. It is an improvement. Like going from life in prison to just 60 years. And it’s not latin just because it says “cha cha”.

  3. LOL Like I said recently majority of ESC fans love shake shake and bland pop songs but keep speacking about “quality”. Here I see prove of what I said!! No doubt this is an improvement but this is still disgusting parody of J-LO and Paulina Rubio!! Give back the 3 minutes of my life spent on it!! :)

  4. P.S. I can still understand when some victims of the state propaganda keep fighting and swearings but when it comes to fights because of tastes and opinions it is kind a childish! Guys ignore each other! If only I wouldn’t ignore the behavior of some people without identity who think being rude means to be wise and to have sense of humor you would remember World 2nd war here!

  5. Yes this one seems popular! I hate it, I hope it’s only a fanwank..

    • Marko I’m sure Jurries will kill it, they always seem to hate Belarus do the Jurries, they’ll end up coming 15th or 14th with Jurry, or even last, but they may creep into the top 10 with the public, if they’re high enough with them they may just finish 10th or 9th overall. I perfer this to Moldova 2011, and some of the past entries sent from former USSR countries.

      • I see many positive comments from different countries…and it’s kinda popular in betting odds too…we will see…

        • It has so many positive comments because people people are having a trouble finding a decent Eurovision style uptempo song this year…this is the one closest to what they are looking for…

          The song is nothing special and so 10 years ago really but with a good stage presentation it may do well…I belive one can polish a turd ;)

          • I like the studio version, and I agree I’m probably one of those people who’ve been waiting for a real shake shake uptempo song this year, that makes you want to dance. But live it could potentially go wrong though, and be a vocal mess, if she’s dancing she’ll end up breathless and straining her vioce, which jurrys will pick up on and mark down. I can’t see the UK giving points mainly becuase of ignorance, aha post of the televoters dont have a clue where Belarus is so dont vote for it, and British Jurrys wont score it highly either becuase its Belarus.

            • *Most of the British televoters

              aha and I can see this been another entry my russian girl will want me to vote for :)

          • or at least dip it in glitter! ;)

  6. You know what would make me love this entry just that little more if it was all done in Russian, which would kinda be original I suppose, latino pop sounds but in Russian lyrics, would be an intresting mix of styles and cultures lol :D

    • I really don’t see the latino thing, Scott. Maybe this is why you guys in Europe think of when you think of latino but I feel like I’m really missing something. I could see some beats in Bombo trying to at least ape a latin sound but not here.

      • aw i see, I latched on to it been latino after it was descibed as latino in the article. Its more Greek/Turkish inspired I’d say, it sounds similar to what you would expect Greece to go sending, opps I hope I dont offend anyone here by saying, that, but the sounds to me are kinda similar, to their past entries.

    • I think there isn’t huge difference between her English and classic Pushkin’s Russian!

      • I thought she would sound better in Russian though wouldnt she, then at least that overcomes poor English, but live I think this entry could potentially be a disaster, if she’s going around dancing too to this, while singing, I can see her been breathless and straining her voice, it could end up sounding as repulisve as Buterflies and Belarus 2003 -2005.

        • I just wanted to say her accent is so strong that it seems to me that she sings Russian :) I just don’t see this doing well in any case : I think this is nothing special + Belarus has never had biased support. When I heard that she is recording songs in UK I thought the outcome will be something more classy

          • yeh I wasn’t expecting something which you would normally see Greece, Spain or Turkey sending, I was expecting something like dubstep or contemporary pop we have in this country, or even a decent ballad, but a ballad know doubt with Belarus would be performed poorly. But Belarus, do get plenty of support in JESC from the former USSR, and they did qualify in 2007 and 2010 with even poorer entries, suppose if theres a similar mix of countries that where with them from 2010 this year, in their semi, then they might qualify. And it also depends on whether these countries which voted for them in 2007 and 2010 are with them, not just ones which where in the same semi.

            • I think JESC is different case as mainly they used to receive points since their JESC entries mostly represented the old Soviet school and they were sang on Russian so people in this area could understand it. But when you look at ESC statistics Belarus and Moldova didn’t have a lot of block voting!

            • tbh theres only realy Russia and Azerbaijan that are favoured when it comes to block voting in the USSR, its why neither countries manage to finish last or dont qualify when they send crap, such as Azerbaijan 2008 and just picking out one of the examples for Russia, in 2011.

              It only seems possible for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus to do really poorly at eurovision, when they dont send good entries. and Georgia and Amrenia have porved they can be kicked out of the final when they send rubbish. but this wouldnt happen with neither Russia or Azerbaijan.

              Ukraine has been capable of comming last e.g. JESC 2010,

              Belarus and Moldova I think have both come 2nd to last on one occasion in the final, and have ended up donw in the bottom 5 (Moldova 2010).and I think ukraine where like 3rd or 4th to last in 2005?

        • Belarus did not participate in 2003. :) I agree on 2005 and 2006 though whereas 2004 was vocally fine. Just like with ‘Butterlies’ the bad English ruined the nice song Belarus sent in 2004 for me. :(

          • aw I loose track lol when they debuted :)

            Buterflies was all bad vocally, one of the guys was flat throughout the whole song, if that entry was sung all in Russian it would have been great, and I’d have loved it :D 2007 and 2008 we can add too really, 2009 so far is the only Belarussian entry i’ve liked, but it never qualifyed :(

          • I think Belarussian singers don’t mind how thick their accents are…As far as I know accents can always be fixed by working on it…even parrots sound native like so why not human beings? :Dbut the most important thing is to know the language you are going to sing in…If you don’t know what you are singing then nothing can really save you :)I don’t remember any Belarussian singers giving interview in English…maybe Dimtry Koldun :)

            • aha lol :D but I really wished they’d just sing in Russian, it anoys me, they should be doing that instead of trying to copy what other countries do, and trying sing in Enlgish like other countries, becuase they’re no good at English, it be interesting to go to a Belarussian secondary school to see how English is tuaght, I think I might consider doing that for a bit of teaching experience, in the future :).

              But back to the point, Belarussians can sound so much better when they sing in their own language, in JESC i loved their entry last year and Angely Dobra (think that was in 2011), in both there was no vocal problems or problems with English, becuase they were singing in Russian! and Angely Dobra has to be one of the most beautiful and moving ballads i’ve heard in Russian :) So as you can see the Belarussian children out their adults to shame.

            • I do agree that Belarus has been trying to copy what they think works instead of trying to make their own identity. I guess it comes down to politics and the need to try to prove “we’re just like you”. Same with Azerbaijan, except they are doing it “right”.

            • I agree. I have always wondered how people are supposed to feel what they are singing when they have only very little command and understanding of the language they are singing in. If it is a shake it! song with ‘Baby, you’re so hot’ lyrics it is not much of a problem imo but if it is a ballad with emotional lyrics, it certainly is.

          • aw and toggie welcome back :D I’m glad I stayed off eurovision now after reading what wnet on, i’d have probably gone and made things worst, and its another reason why I’ve purposely stayed away from the Bulgarian article, I dont want to upset anyone on there, if I havn’t got anything nice to say and Bulgaria then I aint saying it :)

            • Please, comment on all threads. There is no need to stay away from anything. Just keep the comments respectful, even if you do not like a certain song. :)

              Btw, I’d love to see and hear Belarus sing in Belarusian in ESC. I really love the sound of that language because it is softer than Russian.

            • Aw i know its a lovely language is Belarussian :) here is a link to there charmingly emotional JESC entry Angely Dobra (Angel of Goodness), if you havn’t heard of it, this is probably Belarus’s best entry ever sent to any ESC.

            • Thanks for the link, Scott. I did not know that song because I do not follow JESC but it is sweet song indeed. I would prefer a more mature singer to perform it though.

          • I have Belarus embarrisingly high in 2004. I know it’s not great but I can’t help myself.

            • Same here; in fact, Belarus 2004 is their only entry that ever managed to reach my top10; their english accent wasn’t perfect though; actually it was extremely far from it.

            • Yep. It’s the only Belarrusian entry in a top ten of mine too. And agreed on the accent, terrible, but in this case instead of annoying me it just makes it more charming.

            • I bet I have Belarus 2004 higher. ;)
              I’m not embarrassed though. You just have to own it.

  7. Obvious Belarus wants to play the safe game.. with this song they have 90% to be in the final but with the balant they have 10% to be in the final.

  8. I love this song very much :D But let’s see will Belarus choose it or no?! Btw, I liked Belarus entry in ESC only one time in 2007!

  9. I like it a lot! Good choice Belarus – but it is true or just a rumour?

  10. @ Scott and AvatArmenia

    “Solayoh” is not the song she recorded in the UK, it seems that she is in total mess and doesn’t know what she wants in the end with her ESC participation ata ll, she told she is recording in the UK with British composer I wrote name earlier, but forgot now..and she ended with this Marc Paelinck’s song (“Solayoh”)! He is from Belgium and he composed for Chiara from Malta and Xandee from Belgium in 2004, also took part in 2013 Beosong with Maja Nikolic – “Blagoslov”..I suppose she was waiting to see how songs in the 1st semi will be and then decide to send or not “Solayoh” to Malmo…I find that approach very bad and cheating, but HEY HO.. :)

    • From the way she behaves I think she could easly think Marc Paelinck is British composer! LOL :) maybe they met each other in London LOL :)

    • It’s one of the 3 songs she recorded in Abbey Road studios in London.I had already listened to it 2 weeks ago in another site.

      • Yes, but Dimitris I followed her on the facebook, and she has told one day this: “My new song for Eurovision is ready, it’s written by some British name I forgot”!

        And then few days later, i saw information that she has 3 new songs ready and that there is a possibility she will organize a new NF where ppl will decide which song of these 3 will be an ESC entry..

        • “My new song for Eurovision is ready, it’s written by some British name I forgot”

          LMAO is she kidding? How is it possible not to know the name of the composer she has been working with :D

          • No, no mermaid, I don’t know his name, she wrote the name , but I can’t remember it now, that’s why I wrote like that! :D

        • aw that seems slightly better, well less cheating, if she’s geting public to vote again :) but salayoh sounded nice entry for me lol.

          aw and I’m on facebook, my names on fb: Scott Hirst.

    • P.S. Every year one of the participating countries chose its participants and the song after all, don’t you think it is cheating as well? ;)

      • But they have method of choosing an entry, and they send a singer who win…never change a singer or a song when they choose it…

        • Yes and they always chose the song the last and pick the singer aswell one of last ones!! Can’t they just once orgnize it earlier? Isn’t that cheating? If late choice of Lanskaya is considerd as a cheating I think that method and its dates must also be considered as cheating ;)

          • Yes, but somehow perfidious, hidden and better organized cheating.. ;) Belarussian cheating is very open, bad organized and messy as hell.. :D

            • Haleluah! He accepted that!! But not all their cheatings are so well orgnised! Well that is totally different story, I will stop with it!

              Btw listening once more time Gor’s songs !! Wish we could cheat as-well :P !

            • Countries have a deadline and till that time they can choose anything they want…Belarussian case is considered cheating by majority because they are changing the song that were voted by televoters and they are doing it all the time.

              Russia has been chosing their participants at the last time for a long time,this year The UK will be the last…Are they cheating? Azerbaijan can choose anything they want as long as the rules let them and they will not set the date earlier just because their obsessed neighbours want them to do ;)

              People need to learn not to mix apples and oranges when they comment

            • Actually the “obsessed neighbor” wouldn’t comment if late decision of Belarus wasn’t claimed to be motivated by the desire to look what others send to pick better option. It was just an example of a country who surely does it. The rules of EBU also let countries to change the song chosen so with the same logic Belarus doesn’t cheat aswell. And I would really ask not to react my comments with such fuss since I don’t want bloody wars here and I won’t answer to the general term “obsessed neighbours” addressed not only me. If you don’t agree to me you may ignore or at-least answer without “adjectives” like that! Thanks!

            • First of all,you are exactly mixing apples and oranges here…

              Did Belarus hold a NF? Yes
              Did people pay money by sending sms for their favorite song? Yes
              so the chosen song should be the song for Eurovision…I don’t think people went mad and started protesting in the streets when Rhythm of Love selected so why are they changing the song? If they have decided to change,did they ask people? Have they paid their money pack? You can’t compare this with any other country in the contest!

              Secondly this place open to everyone..I can comment wherever I want,whomever I want and I won’t take permission from someone whose 80% of his comments are nothing but about one specific country…I can’t wait for the day when your country decides the last because you are following the exact path you love to bash :D

            • I’m bashing my country much more then anyone else does here! And people who atleast have read my posts in 2011 and this year know it! And yes CANIM comment whenever, wherever and whatever you want but if you are addressing adjectives to me be kind be a little respectful like so far I was with you (even if you find me biased monster)!

            • I have never had warmest feelings towards Azerbaijan for sure, but when it comes to ESC I don’t have double standards! There can be an obsession in looking for obsession aswell! Well I will talk with my personal doctor about your diagnose this week but for now I’m off to watch Spartacus! Goodnight!

            • Exactly, Alyona and Belarussian television only cheat all people who voted in the national final … at least, that is the only issue I have with their …. well … procedure. *cough*

            • Do they? Those people voted for Alyona and her song didn’t shine at all and now they try to pick better song!! I respect it much more then AMPTV which is doing what it wants under name of 50/50. In 2011 people voted for AYO but jurors whose names were kept in secret picked “Boom Boom” as Armenian entry and we didn’t have the results of SMS-es aswell. This year aswell Toy Planet received much more SMS-es but Lonely Planet was picked by Jurors without any clarification of the proportion of points! And it was done just because Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath has composed it and they didn’t want Toy Planet composed by Gor to win not to bless Tommy’s genuine. Tony Iommi is one of the founders of “Rock for Armenia” movement and AMPTV !!

              So I respect atleast BElarussian willingness not send a crap to ESC!

            • I don’t find you a biased monster..Actually I find you quite talkable…but your obsession with that specific country you even avoid to name shadows your comments and makes you less reliable in my book…tamam mı canım ? ;)

            • “dont have the warmest feelings to Azerbiajan”, for once why can’t both Amrenia and Azerbaijan get along! its pathetic in my view, allthough after the mess or vehichle of propaganda in 2012, I’m more leaning to the Armenian side, rather than the Azeri side.

    • Now thats when it can be called cheating, I think the reason too for the UK revealing the artist late is also tactical, it maybe so our song doesnt get lost amoungst other that are been selected now, so it stands a better chance, but I can’t see how thats going to make much difference if our entry is allready crap.

      • I think picking the song early or late does not matter…what matter most is if you have a good song or not…same goes with the running order

        Who was going to represent the UK?the girl from the xfactor?

        • very very unlikely to be Diana Vickers, and I’m kind of glad, I dont think the rest of europe would get her unique vocal style. If its any former X Factor contestant it will either be Olly Murs or Amelia Lilly, the reason been is that our commentator gave us clues recently on his radio show, that the person representing us has been in the UK singles charts in the past month, and has also been played reguarly on their radio station within the past 4/5 weeks. So its sometone current and well established in the UK hopefully.

          • A friend of mine says he thinks it’s Alexandra Burke…She would be a great choice ;)

            • Yeh I’d love her as a choice :) i’d hate it to be Olly Murs. Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis or Amelia Lilly, but if it ended up been Leona Lewis, i’d probably end up geting really passionate and bais, as I love her Ballads so much :D , so if she didnt score any higher than 5th or 6th I wouldnt be happy.

            • Scott, some Brits have talked about Paloma Faith. Is that a possibility?

            • OMG..Leona Lewis would be insane :) I love her so much…The doors to the trophy are wide open for the UK :DBBC has to be smart and pick the right name and hand her a good song! London 2014 here we come :P

            • I should have made it clearer, those are X Factor singers I’d love to see at ESC, sorry to disapoint,

              iydc, I’m not sure about Paloma, she hasn’t been in the UK singles charts in the last month, which is the clue thats been going around, but the BBC and our commentator who has an influence over what gets sent, have close connections with her, she’s appeared many a time on our commentators tv show, in the past, so it could be her? If it was I’d love her todo something similar to her ballad, Picking up the Pieces, which would have been amazing to see on a eurovision stage. And I do like Paloma’s Upside down too :)

            • aw mermaid, I’m a fan of Leona too, she’s up at the top with Vladimir Graic for me, both are music/ballad legends :)

            • Hehehehehehe interesting comment…but I doubt anybody in the UK knows who is Vladimir Graic :D

            • aw I thought mermaid was from around your area though, Marko? mermaid isnt from UK?

            • Mermaid is from Turkey! :) But she knows who is Vladimir Graic cause she likes his entries too! :)

  11. Ukraine’s new version and official video won’t be presented before March 11.

  12. Alyona Lanskaya and her choosing of entry for ESC is very complicated thing, we can even make a new science out of it! LOOL :D

  13. An article was posted today regarding that Elitsa & Stoyan were suprised about “Kismet” winning and if BNT approves are hoping to change to “Samo Shampioni” according to an article and conversations on Eurovision.tv


    • Another cheater is in the making LOL

    • Hope not to see double standards when people will comment it!

    • O quê?! I mean what?! GRRRRR Bulgaria will go straight to the bottom of my list if that is confirmed! Why bother going through a NF? Oh well, anything goes when it comes to our dear old EBU.

      • I would enjoy seeing “Samo Shampioni” sent, I know many of you prefer “Kismet” but the first has more of an appeal around Europe!

        • Even if it were the other way around, it’d be a huge disrespect to all of those who watched the show and voted. I’d even call it theft. Unless BNT decides not to charge for the sms.

          • Whilst I can agree that a change in song would be grossly unfair, I can see the motivation behind it. “Samo Shampioni” was clearly the song both the duo and BNT wanted for Eurovision, and it is probably their best (only) chance of qualifying to the final.

            • Then they should have internally selected it and not risk it by staging a money grab song selection.

            • Exactly my thoughts! If you have a song you are set on sending to Eurovision, then choose it internally – don’t just put it in a national final with a bunch of other songs you don’t want to win, just to create the illusion of democracy!

            • Yep. Bed is made. Lie in it, Bulgaria.

            • “Kismet” is a song that will qualify IMO.Anyhow,the televoters have spoken.TheY voted for Kismet.What Elitsa,Stoyan and BNT(?) want is irrelevant.Plus,If they wanted Samo Shampioni,they should internally select the song.Why bother make a national final in the first place and have people spent their money on a song?

            • Read my comment above

              Really? You think “Kismet”, quite a complex and challenging song, can qualify in a semi-final where Azerbaijan, Finland, Macedonia, Malta Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Norway and Romania all have a very good chance of making the final?

              I think “Samo Shampioni”, whilst nowhere near as authentic as “Kismet”, is a much better choice of Eurovision song – it is straight-forward, direct, and catchy. I’m not really a fan of either song to be honest…

            • 100% agree marcpanozzo

              When I heard Samo Shampioni I was singing the main part “samo shampioni…” whereas I could hardly remember “Kismet” and instead kept going “Mitrele” :)

            • No matter how different and unique their style is,I don’t think an avarage eurovision fan will fall for their music
              So no matter what they pick I think they are in danger of staying in the semi

            • This year is a pretty weak year for songs, so don’t write Bulgaria off for the final yet, they can qualify, last year I would have said no way, but this year, I say they can

            • we’ll see ;)

            • Yes,i read the comment you posted later.However,i believe that they have the same chances of qualifying with both songs.It will be a tough semi for them anyway.Plus,i don’t know why people find “Kismet” to be a difficult song.I think it’s quite addictive and unique.And keep in mind that televoters may surprise us.Last year,they voted for songs like Suus or Kuula instead of Lala love or Be my guest.A solid performance can give Bulgaria a well-deserved qualification.

            • Yes, you make a good point. It will be an up-hill route to qualification whatever they decide on sending…

            • But i’ve noticed in peoples you tube rankings Bulgaria hasn’t been doing too well

            • Mostly esc fans make these video and they usually underrate certain songs while they overrate others.Last year,noone expected Lithuania or Malta to qualify but they did.

            • aye Malta and Lithuania where a suprise for me, Malta was a nice suprise that it qualiyed, althouch it was a bit dated, his vocal performance was good, and it was a really feel good entry, Lithuania though I didnt have the same enthusasim of that qualifying, I was realy anoyed that it did.

            • In my view these are the countries which will struggle in making the cut for the final in Semi 2:

              -San Marino

              I wouldnt be suprised to see these 7 be the ones that fail to qualify in away, it just seems typical and predictable, as its these usual ones ( expect Armenia & maybe Albania) which fail in ESC and are underated year after year, (well on some occaisons).

              I’m sure Bulgaria will qualify, they’ll have the Greeks, Macedonians, Albanians, Azeri’s, Romanians, Spanish Germans and French voting for them like mad, so they’ll be fine, unfortunatly :(

            • Germans? Germany very rarely votes for Bulgaria.

            • If I can remember they gave Bulgaria points in 2007, only 8 though in total.

              These countries though are probably going to be Bulgaria’s main support in semi 2 after their points to them in 2007:

              Greece 22
              Spain 20
              Hungary 18
              Macedonia 15
              France 13
              Malta 10

              other countries:

              Finland gave them 7
              Isreal 6
              Romania and Armenia 5
              Georgia 3
              Latvia 2
              Alabnia 1.

              Iceland, Norway and Switzerland gave 0.

              (so actually I should have looked back at the notes I made before I typed that)

            • Never forget that we have juries now, which we did not have in 2007. I can see a Spanish jury giving points to Bulgaria this year but not a German one.

            • Aw I forgot that, But Greece, Macedonia and Hungary probably will vote for Bulgaria though,

              I don’t what affect it will have on the French or Malteese votes with having additional Jury, and Malta didn’t give overly high points in the semi final, they only gave them 3, and then the 7 came from the final.

            • The Maltese were very wise because Elitsa’s vocals were bad in the semi-final but very strong in the final.

              Goodnight! :)

    • Well,EBU should make stricter rules!That’s preposterous!The desicion has been made,I hope BNT is not corrupt and they will refuse any further discussion on the matter!

    • NO! Don’t steal my n° 1 song, please. I am close to dying from musical thirst due to the drought of good songs this year anyway. ;)

    • well then I hope people like toggie mark Bulgaria down like Belarus then, becuase this is exactly the same thing Belarus is doing, CHEATING! i’ve allready got it at the bottom in my ranking, I wont comment why in detial, but as some of you know I dont like it.

      • Of course I will ignore Bulgaria due to cheating if they change the song. I have already done this to other countries than Belarus in the past. I do not have a country bias, at least not when it comes to ESC.

        • It’ll be interesting to see which country gets your 39th and which one will be your 38th, but I can see it probably been Belarus 39th, and Bulgaria 38th. Would you even rank them that low, even Belarus, when they might be more worse songs that could get selected? or ones which allready have e.g. Belgium.

          • I won’t rank them at all, just like I did with Ukraine in 2010. I didn’t even listen to ‘Sweet People’ before the contest and I won’t listen to Alyona’s song either. There will only be 37 countries participating on my list if BNT changes the Bulgarian song, as easy as that.

            P.S. I ranked ‘Sweet People’ after the contest and the song is in 4th place on my 2010 list. :)

            • its one ballad I loved that year too, the music video is so moving and eeiry too, with setting the location for it in Pipyrat/Chernobly, with connecting the msuic video to the tragedy of chernobly, it made the entry even more powerful, I loved it, it was such an empathetic entry for me, just a pitty it wasn’t as good live as it was in the music video.

            • I think that Alyona was fantastic live (minus her command of English …) and I found it pretty hard not to vote for her. But principles are principles and need to be obeyed. LOL

              Russia was the lucky one who got my 5th vote which would have normally gone to Ukraine. (I always allow myself 5 votes for 5 different songs.)

            • yeh that was probably it, the English, live, but still what would have been good was to somehow included the scenes shown in her music video in the background/backdrop on stage, it would have added more drama for me, and made it more powerful, but then thats me been picky, LOL :D

            • Yeah for example remember how Anastasia Prikhodko from Russia performed “Mamo” in 2009! With that video in the background where she is getting older and older.. :)

      • they’re hardly cheating, they’re not buying votes or anything

        • They’re cheating the audience that paid to vote and select a song. “Thanks for your time and all “teh moneyz” guys, but we’re disregarding your opinion”

  14. Well it’s obvious, I read comments by ppl from abroad and from ppl from Bulgaria and they are HORRIBLE about “Kismet”…from both of them.. :(

  15. This article implies that Elitsa and Stoyan want to change their song because esc fans across Europe and twitter fans prefer “Samo Shampioni”…Total lack of respect of the official results.They wait for BNT to give them an answer.Needless to say that i have a bad feeling…

    • it practically tied for 1st place anyway, so it’s not that bad, some countries do have the choice with going with the jury’s highest vote if there is a tie

      • However,rules are there for a reason.BNT clearly stated that in a case of a tie,the televoting favorite will get the nod.

  16. From that article @ crimtv posted:

    “На този етап етно тандемът предлага да събере „Кисмет” и „Само шампиони” в ремикс.”

    That means that Elista & Stoyan proposed to make a remix of both songs “Kismet” and “Samo shampioni” and to send that one to ESC!

    GOOOSH! :/ Nightmare.. :(

    • they where allready a nightmare for me, if this is whats going to happen, goodness knows what it will end up sounding like, apocalyptic springs to my mind. I was starting to warm to their 1st song its a pitty that didnt get sent, the mix of reggie with Bulgarian sounded a rather interesting mix.

    • While trying to please everyone ,they will end up having monstrosity :)

    • Do you know anything about how BNT works?Will they stick to the rules or they will bend them in order to get their way?

      • I don’t know a lot about it, but I know about general situation in Bulgaria at the moment…it’s quite chaotic…BNT probably doesn’t care that much for that let’s say unimportant thing, so my personal feeling is they will allow them to change if they want so.. :(

  17. Night everyone :) Probably wont see me till Thursday or Friday got loads of college work to do, if my exam results dont do very well then I might come on here Thursday for some relaxation away from it :D which is looking likley.

    • I wish you GOOD LUCK!! :)

      And come here on Thursday evening to see who will win in Israel and to discuss their winner a bit! :)

  18. So is this going to be the Belarussian entry after all ? I’s better than “rhythm of love” but that matters little..Integrity and transparency when it comes to the belarussian esc mentality are unknown words (well Belarus fails in transparency issues everywhere but let’s skip that..) and I am not willing to support that. As long as there was not an official song change I ranked Belarus, even if it was last on my list. I don’t think I will rank them anymore. Unfortunately the song will stand out big time in the first semi and most probably qualify. As I said it’s not a bad song (unless if they destroy it live – they have a tendency to do so..) and the voters will most probably won’t know or ignore the way it was chosen. Nevertheless I will stand by my principles and ignore Belarus this year. Please try to at least be fair next year !

    As for Bulgaria well..Same goes to them. If Elitsa & Stoyan wanted “Samo Shampioni” they should have chosen in internally…I like both songs almost equally but “Kismet” was the winner and this entry should be presented in May..gosh..! The mess around here representes the mess in esc thhis year :P

  19. I don’t know if she’ll have that easy of a ride into the final. Even though she’s in the ballad heavy first semi-final, she was drawn in the second half, with most of the other up-tempo stuff (Ireland, Serbia, Belgium, etc…) and, in my opinion, it ALL better than her song. She probably won’t be last, but I can’t see her qualifying.

  20. Today an expert board in Belarus will select their esc entry among Solayoh,Kiss Me,Rythm of Love and I’m Alive.So,nothing is certain yet.

  21. It’s an improvement because the previous song was ultra crappy. This is just crappy and sounds typical Eurovision in the early 00s. Now it sounds outdated and I doubt juries will like this since they don’t like happy, summery, up-tempo songs much. In this weak year Belarus will be somewhere in the middle on my list with this song, if this is the real entry that is.

    • But she can definitely qualify from the weak first semi.Don’t forget the juries gave “Aphrodisiac” a 3rd place in the semis last year. :)
      Plus,i believe it’s gonna be “Solayoh” in the end.They released it yesterday in order to get the feedback which has been positive.They were around 30th place with the betting odds and now they are in 6th place!!!

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