Belarus: Which Song will go to Malmö?

BelarusBelarus – It will come as no surprise that Belarus’s Alyona Lanskya is currently recording a new song for Eurovision 2013. Alyona Lanskya is currently in London’s Abbey Road studios recording songs. She tweeted ‘ So what song will be chosen to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2013? Just keep an eye on the upcoming news on Alyona’s official channels.’

29 comments on “Belarus: Which Song will go to Malmö?

  1. I’m so surprised,not! :)

  2. Which Song will go to Malmö? – Only God knows that!

  3. Couldn’t care less, Mrs. Lanskaya. You are a cheater and I don’t waste my time on cheaters.

  4. Where is the president when you need him

  5. I wonder why Belarus dotn go for internal selection or utleast with ONLY singer selection ( like Azerbaijan does ). Every year same mess !!!

  6. We are not even sure if she’s the one who is going to represent Belarus…

  7. Maybe if this new song is really amazing, and I mean like “Love Shine A Light” or “Waterloo” level of amazing, then international audiences won’t be overly bothered by the change controversy and Belarus might get past the Semi-Final for the first time since “Butterflies” (which I didn’t actually mind that much).
    Although given Alyona’s not very good live vocal I think the chances of that happening are even lower than the chances of the BBC randomly knocking on my door and saying “Hey we’ve randomly decided that we want YOU to write our Eurovision entry for 2014, and great news we’ve convinced Kylie to do it in a duet with Darren Hayes”.

  8. I rank MF 2nd semi rehearsals like this:

    1. Louise Hoffsten 10/10
    2. Anton Ewald 9/10
    3. Felicia Olsson 9/10
    4. Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli 7/10
    5. Swedish House Wives 6,5/10
    6. Joacim Cans 2/10
    7. Sean Banan 2/10
    8. Rikard Wolff 1/10

  9. This could only work for their best.Their current song is more than weak and only Belgium saves it from last place on my list…
    On a more serious note , I definitely don’t approve of their methods.
    There were people who actually spent money in order to support their favorite “Rhythm of Love” back in December.
    Shame for this mess !

  10. “Which Song will go to Malmö?”

    Here’s a wild idea, how about the song that was chosen in the first place? :P

  11. I hope it will be better than the previous one

  12. “Which song will go to Malmo ?”

    Well in countries with actual laws the winner of a national final where singers do not compete as singers but as acts meaning that they present the song they propose to be the entry of the country they want to represent in this national final the choice is made IN THIS FINAL. But since we talk about Belarus..I don’t know..And I don’t care. When they stop offending the contest in this vulgar way I may have something to say about the belarussian entries.

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