Bulgaria: “Kismet” to Malmo

Bulgaria – In February it was announced by BNT that their 2007 entrants Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov-Stundzhi would be representing their country again. Later, in a special edition of show TV talk show NedeliaX3, the duo premiered the three songs that would be up for contention in a National Song Selection which took place tonight.

The duo performed the songs “Dzupai Libe Boso”“Kismet” and“Samo Shampioni” and special guests, Heilsarmee from Switzerland performed their song “You and Me”. Bulgaria’s 2011 representative Poli Genova also performed.

The jury revealed their choice as “Samo Shampioni”  and the public vote was revealed as “Kismet”. What happened after that was quite confusing as the votes were broken down for us visually ending up in a tie between the Jury and Public choice with 10 points each, then the show ended.

Looking at the Eurovision news elsewhere it seems “Kismet” is the winner as they won the public vote:

Bulgaria will perform in the 2nd Semi Final on May 16th. Did they make the right choice? Discuss below.

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113 comments on “Bulgaria: “Kismet” to Malmo

  1. I have just received a congratulatory notification from wordpress telling me that I signed up exactly two years ago. Gosh! Time flies by for sure … Anyway, congrats to me! LOL

  2. The full results of the Estonian NF have been released!


    • Some very interesting occurrences…

      Tenfold Rabbit received top marks from the jury in semi-final two, but the lowest mark from the public vote! Neogeen received only two points from the jury, but six from the public!

      Not to mention the fact the eventual winner of the competition only received 2 points from the jury in the semi-final(!!) and barely qualified from the semi-final!!

      • If Marie Vaigla had gotten 113 extra televotes, Birgit Oigemeel wouldn’t have even qualified for the final!

        • And oh my, the super-final was very, very close

          Birgit Oigemeel (30,333)
          Grete Paia (29,014)

        • The second semi was brutal. The jury did try to kill Pohja but the rest of the field was so closed that they still made it. And Rolf won it! LOL.

          • By the way, has anyone else noticed that all the Estonian language songs occupied the top six places in the final, and the English ones the bottom four!?! That’s certainly a novel concept in ESC ;)

        • And i would be a very happy esc fan.Anyway,what’s done is done now.

      • Very interesting results indeed. The jury and the televoters seem to look for pretty different stuff in Estonia.

    • Many interesting details. But statistics are always interesting. Especially intersting to see that Tenfold Rabbit finished last among the televoters.

      A study I’ve made myself: how many televotes the winners have got the last years:

      2008 Leto svet 52 518
      2009 Rändajad 21 710
      2010 Siren 12 001
      2011 Rockefeller Street 28 101
      2012 Kuula 31 269
      2013 Et uus saaks alguse 30 333

  3. Off topic: This may actually be the song representing Belarus in eurovision!I quite like it!A latin pop beat. :)

    • Thanks a lot, Dimitri, perhaps it is a decent effort but I shudder thinking what it will look and sound when performed live. Whatever, Belarus isn’t competing for me this year because I do not support cheaters. I will evaluate and rank the song once ESC 2013 is over but put the TV set on mute when Alyona is on in Malmö because I don’t compromise on ethic standards and fair play. No pasarán! LOL

  4. And another dissaponitement comes from Bulgaria… I really expected sth good from them! :( “Voda” was muuch better than this! but I think that they will qualify! Good luck Bulgaria!

  5. An article was posted today regarding that Elitsa & Stoyan were suprised about “Kismet” winning and if BNT approves are hoping to change to “Samo Shampioni” according to an article and conversations on Eurovision.tv


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