Poland: Decision on Eurovision 2013 in October

  Poland – According to Czech Eurovision website Eurocontest.cz, a representative of TVP confirmed that no decision on the participation of Poland in Eurovision 2013 has been taken yet. It will be decided in the coming months, more precisely in October, whether TVP will send an entry to Eurovision again after their absence in 2012.

One of the main reasons for the withdrawal, was the fact that one of the biggest television events in the world, the UEFA European Football Championship was held in Poland (and Ukraine) this year. TVP wanted to focus on this major event. With the Championship over, TVP should be able to participate in Eurovision. We’ll see whether the Euro was just a pretext to leave for good. Since 2008 no Polish entry has made it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011, Magdalena Tul came last in the semi-final in Düsseldorf.

32 comments on “Poland: Decision on Eurovision 2013 in October

  1. I hope that they will come back … but please with the quality they sent 1995 to 1997.

  2. This year? You meant last year :p

  3. I can’t even remember when was the last time Poland was in my top10;…2004 maybe…

    I want them back of course.

  4. For me the best Polish entry was their first in 1994, Edyta Gorniak was stunning with a powerful voice and those notes at the end. It remains one of my all time favourite performances though I know many would think otherwise. They also had a song featuring monks in their n/f a few years back which I thought was fantastic (anyone remember it?) but it didn’t make the cut, a pity in my eyes. I hope they come back again in 2013. They have had some good entries in the past.

  5. Don’t know why my profile pic isn’t coming up so am going to try again and see if it appears this time!

    • Hello there Martin :)

      • Hiya, greetings from Ireland, Hope you’re in good form. :)

        • Yep, alive and kicking! Thank you Martin. I hope you are doing fine too:)

          Everyone, have a good night and take care of yourselves :)

          • Hello Martin and good night oxi! :)

            • Hi Togravus. Have you listened to any of the Asian Song Festival songs yet or are you not going to bother?
              Nighty Night Oxi

            • I have only listened to the song from Bhutan Patrick and Morgan recommended and I liked it a lot. I am still in Berlin and very busy (still working … :( …) atm.

            • I understand. No doubt you will give your views on them in due course. I shall look forward to seeing what you think. (off topic, only one week to go until the paralympics – which again I shall be watching avidly) ;)

            • Re: The Polish monks I was going on about, I finally found them, They are called Mistic and sang a Gregorian style chant called Glorifica which I adore.They didn’t actually make the national final which I think was a pity as it could have done well imo (well at least a darn sight better that Jestem which came last!) I hope they try again and get a chance to represent Poland some time. Eurovision 2013 maybe?

            • Aw this is lovely entr, reminds me of the quality of the past serbian (2007, 2008 and 2012) entries and other countries (France 2011, Lithuania 2011 inparticular spring to my mind)

  6. Hope they return !!!

  7. I hope they will decide to come back with a strong entry and why not win the whole thing.But they need to step up and really care for their esc participation.

  8. I think the Euro 2012 was a stupid excuse for withdrawing after poor results both in scores and in figures. Highly doubt they’ll be back for 2013, unless EBU put pressure on them.

  9. I only LOVED their 1996 song but it didn’t come across well LIVE ( at least to my ears…) That along with their 1997 effort scores an 8/12 from me.
    Then there’s 2003 , 2006 and 1994 with 7/12.
    And I conclude with 2010 , 2004 , 1995 and 2005 with 6/12.
    Anything else sent scores from 5/12 and lower.

  10. Yes, give us something like the songs from the mid-90’s. Those songs were great. And make sure that Man Meadow won’t participate!

  11. Hope they do return, I’ll have to support them as my girlfriend is half Polish and half Russian

  12. 2008, 2010 and 2009 where a good entries from Poland, 2011 song was alright but it was ruined by the poor live vocals

  13. I really hope that they return, but only if they send a good song. Their effort in 2011 was such trash and got the place that it deserved.

  14. I hope that they return, because I’m a BIG fan of Poland 2011…..

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  16. I do want Poland in the contest but I have to say about their efforts the same things I have to say about Croatia, Latvia or Albania : they have to find their way in esc, they seem to have lost touch with the event recently with 2011 being the most prominent example. After their dazzling first entry in 1994 it has been pretty much a downfall for Poland ever since IMO..2008 is the only other entry I remember in a positive way.

  17. Hi guys!

    I am so happy because the Polish broadcaster TVP has confirmed to escsweden.se that Poland will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo. A big welcome back to ESC Poland! ;-)

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