VOTE: Best Last Place at Eurovision

  Ranking – Many songs have come last at the Eurovision Song Contest, but fans often do not agree with the jurors/televoters decision. In this new Ranking you can vote for your Top 5 of the best songs that came last at the Eurovision Song Contest. Eligible are all songs that came last or shared last. In case there were tie-break rules in state in a certain year, only the country that comes last after the tie-break rule is applied is eligible in this ranking (for instance: Eurovision 2008 only the United Kingdom). In the years from 2004 to 2012, the songs that came last in the semi-finals and the final are eligible.

You can find all eligible entries here: All last places at Eurovision

Use this form to submit your votes: Please fill in the country and the year: ex. UK 2012

Happy voting!

123 thoughts on “VOTE: Best Last Place at Eurovision

  1. G’day guys, i’ve been here heaps of times the past few months but now i decided to make ann account thing. I’ve only been following ESC since 2010 coz i live in Australia (But i know lik everything about ESC). But i do have relations with europe coz my grandparents are from Latvia and i can also speak Latvian. Oh and by the way my name is Nick :)

    • Oh and my favourite ESC countries are Sweden by far, Latvia and Armenia. My fav ESC songs are 1. Euphoria (Sweden 2012). 2. Marija Magdelena (Croatia 1999). 3. Desire (Malta 2000). 4. Crno i Belo (FYR Macedonia 2012). 5. Apricot Stone (Armenia 2010)

  2. I was so excited to see another poll like this so soon after the BSNQ!! These are my top 10 losers (obviously I just voted the top 5)

    1. Norway 2012 – Still not over it.
    2. Finland 2009 – Great song, just not a great live song.
    3. Denmark 2002 – Should’ve at least beaten Switzerland (bleuggh!)
    4. Spain 1999 – I think we can put it down to That Dress.
    5. Iceland 1989 – I don’t know why, but I love this one.
    6. San Marino 2008 – Depressing, maybe, but IMO it’s SM’s best ever.
    7. Poland 2011 – Again, great song, but one that failed live.
    8. Malta 2006 – Ditto.
    9. UK 2003 – Aside from the vocal mishaps, I actually like this.
    10. UK 2008 – Great performance. Not sure what went so wrong.

    Can’t wait to see the final results.

  3. Hi! I’ve been a reader of this blog for about a year and a half, but never commented until now. My name’s Nick and I’m from the United States. I first got into Eurovision about three days after Eurovision 2010 and been addicted ever since. My list went like this.

    1. The Netherlands 2011 (My number two that year. Wonderful song that would work really well over here. I find it charming and uplifting.)
    2. San Marino 2008 (It seems like this might have a decent shot at making this list! Sinfully underrated. Slick and smooth that’s assisted heavily by being sung in Italian. Best song from San Marino ever.)
    3. Switzerland 2011 (Number four that year. Sweet bubbly (literally) pop song that I would maybe expect from Colbie Caillat if she joined up with an orchestra. Really pleasant and calming.)
    4. Finland 2009 (A pretty good dance-esque song ruined by a horrible performance. However, I still like it.)
    5. Norway 2012 (“Stay” certainly isn’t a masterpiece, but it always makes me want to get up and dance! And, the live wasn’t as awful as was anticipated. I’m also a little disappointed in my prediction that this would contest for victory with Sweden and Cyprus.)

    Even though I really like Eurovision, I haven’t delved into the archives just yet, so my list is really skewed toward the most recent contests. Also, I tend to prefer softer, uptempo pop-ish songs, right after light ballads (I sound so boring.) This is evident in my top two for 2011 and 2012 (Iceland and The Netherlands for 2011, The Netherlands and Finland for 2012).

    That’s all I have to say for now, except, Eurovision Times, keep on going strong! Love this site!

    • Wait, you have the same name as me and you got into Eurovision around the same time as me, we are not from europe and we joined this website on the same day. I’m freaking out

    • Maybe it’s just fate? How did you get into Eurovision? I know that I just happened to see Lena’s “Satellite” video in the featured part of YouTube one day.

      • Me? I found the clip of Patricia Kaas’ 2009 performance on Youtube and wanted to look up what this “Eurovision” thing was. From there, I couldn’t stop. I was annoyed that I found out about the event about three days after the event, to say the least.

        My top two of 2011 were Serbia & Albania, and my top two of 2012 were Albania & Macedonia. Although, I have one of the two you mentioned for each year in your first post in my top 10. Iceland 2011 is my 7th for its year (8/12), and Finland 2012 is my 5th (10/12).

    • I really like ‘Mala dama’, which is a straightforward, competent and gimmick free rock song (Can you hear me, Lordi???) but I did not vote for it because I decided to support older songs which will get only little support.

      Btw, I guess that the Persian prince without voice will win this … Therefore I shout: GOOOOOO Anna!!! :)

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if only a few songs on the eventual list are from before 2000.

    As long as we are talking about old contests, a lot of people will probably know the songs that have become classics (winning songs for most part), but not many last places. Whereas when it comes to contests that people have actually watched, they are more likely to know most of the entries. Am I wrong?

    • No, you are correct (to me anyway) The more recent contests are more likely to stay in the mind of someone, unless an entry was that bad or good, that people remember them! And we are looking for the good ones, I hope!

  5. Hi Martin! Is it possible to publish the full results of the best semi-final qualifiers ranking please? Because I am very curious to know the full results of that ranking. It would do me a big favor! ;-) Thank you very much!

  6. Is going to take me a while to pick these as there are a few I liked. I Really loved Little By Little by Laura & The Lovers & Run & Hide by Gracia. How long do we have to submit our favourites?
    BTW – Happy Birthday to Me! :)

  7. Alright! I finally voted!

    Here are my top 5:

    1. Austria 1979: Christina Simon – “Heute in Jerusalem”
    2. Sweden 1963: Monica Zetterlund – “En gång i Stockholm”
    3. San Marino 2008: Miodio – “Complice”
    4. Spain 1983: Remedios Amaya – “¿Quién maneja mi barca?”
    5. Switzerland 2011: Anna Rossinelli – “In Love for A While”

    Runners up:
    6. Monaco 1966: Téréza – “Bien plus fort”
    7. Austria 1962: Eleonore Schwarz – “Nur in der Wiener Luft”
    8. Andorra 2006: Jenny – “Sense tu”
    9. Hungary 2008: Csézy – “Candlelight”
    10. Germany 1995: Stone & Stone – “Verliebt in Dich”

  8. My top 5:

    5: Switzerland – 2011 – In love for a while
    4: San Marino – 2008 – Complice
    3: Sweden – 1963 – En gång i Stockholm
    2: The Netherlands – 2011 – Never Alone
    1: NORWAY – 2012 – STAY

  9. I have just voted

    1. Turkey 1975
    2. Spain 1983
    3. Norway 1981
    4. Finland 1996
    5. Norway 1976

    Just missing out: Switzerland 2011, Czech Republic 2007 (semi), the United Kingdom 2008, Germany 1974 and Belgium 1973.

    Also I have mixed feelings for these ones: San Marino semi 2008, Hungary semi 2008; Finland 2009; the Netherlands semi 2011; Slovakia semi 2012, Norway 2012. I do not like them particularly but definitely they did not deserve to end up last.

    I am pretty sure Switzerland 2011 will be in this chart, perhaps Spain 1983 and Turkey 1975.

    As for the winner? It is pretty much obvious. Norway 2012 closely followed by Poland 2011. Lithuania 2005 might score well in this chart too. Perhaps Malta 2006.

    Well I am expecting a lot of nightmares from this chart :p

  10. Hi everyone!
    Have been a follower of this site for a while and just decided to write my first comment. Been watching the esc from 1998 to today and every year i grow more addicted to it :D

    Just wondered why no one mentioned Ireland 2007 in this list. I think it’s a wonderful song that didn’t deserved a last place. Yes, it was a bit off-tune and it lacks of origniality, but it’s still a beautiful irish folk song.
    Just wanted to mention that.

    Have a nice day and greetings from Germany!

    • Hi Butterblume!

      Welcome to Eurovisiontimes! I also like Ireland 2007 very much! It’s a beautiful song and very underrated. It didn’t deserve the last place certainly not in such weak year as 2007!

      Have a nice day too!



    • Of course. Ireland did not deserve the last place that year. UK shoud have taken this instead. Despite saying this I did not like Ireland at all but UK was miles worse!

  11. 3rd: Finland 2009 – Waldo’s people – Lose Control
    2nd: Norway 2012 – Tooji – Stay
    1st: Switzerland 2011 – Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while

  12. My top 15 best last place songs
    1. Austria 1979
    2. Finland 1968
    3. Belgium 1973
    4. Norway 1976
    5. Sweden 1977
    6. Finland 1980
    7. Netherlands 1962
    8. Austria 1991
    9. Spain 1999
    10. Iceland 1989
    11. Malta 1972
    12. Belgium 1962
    13. Cyprus 1986
    14. Finland 2009
    15. Switzerland 2011

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