Eurovision 2013: 12 Million Euro Budget

  Eurovision 2013 – According to the Swedish national broadcaster SVT, the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will cost around 12 million euros. That is only a fourth of the amount that Azerbaijan spent for the contest this year. Sweden wants, in keeping with the desire of the EBU to make the contest more affordable, downsize the costs. This was a determining factor in the choice of the smaller Malmö over favourite Stockholm.
The Executive Producer of Eurovision 2013, Martin Österdahl, said: “Baku was a prestige project, we want to return to the heart of the matter ‘. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the choice of Malmö is primarily motivated by economic reasoning.  Österdahl continues saying that the 48 million euros spent for the contest in Baku were spent for a prestige project. “We want to return to the heart of the matter: a TV program,” he said.

The last Eurovision Song Contest held in Sweden in 2000 cost approximately 6 million euros. However, since then the contest has grown considerably, with two semi-finals and double the number of delegations participating every year. “My goal is to make 2013 a memorable Song Contest that is economically justified,” said Martin Österdahl. “And yes Malmö will cost us much less than if we had chosen Stockholm.”

The transportation, security measures and more will be considerably cheaper in Malmö. Malmö and the Skåne region , of which Malmö is the capital will invest 2,5 million euros as well. The city of Malmö hopes that these costs will be justified by the publicity the city will get during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Christer Björkman also talked to expressen and approved of smaller and cheaper arenas for Eurovision: “In recent years the contest was too big, everyone wanted to impress with big arenas but the artists almost disspeared in the arena, and they are the stars of the evening after all.” He has understanding for the dissatisfaction of some fans, fearing that final tickets will be very expensive and hard to get. However, he thinks that a smaller arena will create a better television experience as the magic between performers and public will be much better.  “Moreover, the Eurovision atmosphere throughout the city of Malmö will be felt with various accompanying events, which is something difficult to create in a big city like Stockholm,” Björkman said.

Another official happy with the choice of Malmö is the mayor of Copenhagen. He said that the airport and hotels in his city will be at the service of all Eurovision fans that decide to stay in Copenhagen (20 minute train ride to Malmö). This year’s Danish representative Soluna Samay has even written on her twitter account: “So I didn’t even have to win Eurovision to have the competition in Copenhagen next year.”

Source= expressen, eurosong.be

10 comments on “Eurovision 2013: 12 Million Euro Budget

  1. “In recent years the contest was too big, everyone wanted to impress with big arenas but the artists almost disspeared in the arena, and they are the stars of the evening after all.”

    I don’t believe a single word because at the same time Björkman sends MF to the new Friend’s arena in Solna. Sorry, but I get the impression that ESC isn’t exactly top priority for SVT …

  2. Good decision, they have finally realized ESC sucks and it’s not worth spending too much money!! :P LOL :D When artists and songs will be better and current then it will be worth investing more in it, but i doubt it will EVER happen!

  3. SVT holding the contest in hall of around 15,000 is good, this is a song contest not a big hall contest.If you hold a contest in a hall of around 15,000 or a hall holding around 35,000 you will always get people who don’t get tickets and be disapointed.
    In 1997 the BBC had a contest hall holding around 7,000 then next year Israel had a contest hall holding around 2,000 and the ESC still took place.As for the money spent by some countries compared to others, well it’s all about how well they use the money to present it and I’m sure SVT will do a good job and with all the money AZB spent they still could have made big improvements on the presentation of the contest

  4. nice site, just found out about it..! about this point, I guess every year wants to be bigger and better but sometimes “less is more” in my opinion, something more intimate on stage and without the obsession with the backdrop, lights, explosions etc would be great, I think it would add to better quality songs too in the long term..?

  5. I just hope that it will be an impressive tv-show with a great stage and not something poor.
    I also hope that the audience,no matter if they are 15 or 30 thousand,people will participate in the event 100%.Baku totally failed in that department.People gave a lukewarm feedback to the show.
    I will trust SVT for now but i will be very harsh on them if they fail to deliver because it’s Sweden after all.

  6. I trust Bjorkman and I am pretty sure he will try to put up a great contest but the Swedish broadcaster has made up so many excuses to cover up this (based on some budget limitations) that I am really dissapointed with. The small budget is not a choice to be criticized at such times. Not caring much as a broadcaster to put up a great show is though.

  7. I am actually happy with this piece of news. Let Mr. Björkman be glamourous and glittering (and prerecorded). ESC is not about big budgets. The two shows are different and both have their own space.

  8. Yeah for a cheaper ESC. Yeah for better TV. Yeah for common sense.

    Now let the savings trickle down to others???

  9. Doing the ESC in Malmo was a bad idea IMO, but now, when I look at it, it makes sense.
    Stockholm has to host the Hockey World Championship somewhere around this date (And the final itself is 3-5 days after the final of the ESC), and Gothenburg has couple of other big events on its own so…
    And BTW: the ESC of 2010 was something like 15M euros if I’m right, and I’ve actually liked the stage way more than this year’s stage (though that competition had other, far more serious problems…) and the hosting was excellent (unlike this year’s hosting), it’s not how much money you’ve got, it’s how you use it :).

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