Eurovision 2013: Split Over Three Cities?

The Swedish newspaper Expressen has suggested that Swedish broadcaster SVT is considering several options for next year’s Eurovision finals venue. One of the most controversial options which has not yet been ruled out is the suggestion by the newspaper that one semifinal could be in Gothenburg, one in Malmö and the final in Stockholm. The preferred option for many would be the newly built Friends Arena in Stockholm. The Melodifestivalen final will be held there next year, and it can seat up to 65,000 people. In Gothenburg The Scandinavium Stadium holds 14,000 people. Malmö Arena can hold  15,400 visitors.

SVT is reviewing all the possibilities for the arrangement of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden 2013. One alternative put forward in Expressen is to hold the competition at three different venues – the semi-finals in Gothenburg and Malmö – and the final in Stockholm; A tour corresponding with the Melodifestivalen approach in recent years. A model where all three cities could contribute to the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

“Right now, nothing is impossible, we are looking at a lot of variations and solutions” says Martin Österdahl executive producer of the ESC 2013.

He did acknowledge that this is a little different with the time-frame accentuated with two semi-finals the same week as the finale.

Will the press and performers really want to be split across cities and have to move around for the final? Surely this proposal will have so many logistical and economical drawbacks it is a non-starter?

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