Malmö 2013: Israel Threatens to Withdraw

  Israel – The embassy of Israel in Sweden has threatened that Israel may withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, if strong security measures required by its delegation will not be granted by Swedish national broadcaster SVT. Israel is concerned about the situation in the host city of 2013, Malmö, which had made headlines especially in 2009 for anti-Israeli protests and riots.

According to Aftonbladet.se  Malmö’s high percentage of Arab immigrant population continues to cause tensions between Jews and Muslims in the city. The tensions reached their climax when a Jewish boy was murdered. In 2009 a tennis match of the Davis Cup between Israel and Sweden was initially cancelled by the local governments. The International Tennis Association insisted on having the game played, however, but it was decided not to allow an audience into the stadium. Anti-Israel sentiment was especially high due to the Gaza war going on at the time. During the game over 6000 demonstrators for peace and the freedom of the Palestinians marched through the city. A group of about 100 went on to the tennis arena and tried to enter the premises. The result were clashes between these rioters and the police.

“We hope that Malmö has learned from its mistakes and we demand strict security guarantees during the festival period, in order to prevent issues as happened during the Davis Cup 2009. If not we will consider not to participate in the Contest in 2013, ” Patrik Lund, press manager of the Israeli embassy told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The spokesperson for the city of Malmö responded to the demands by saying: “It was 2009 and Israel was in full conflict with the Palestinians during the Gaza war. That was the only reason for what happened. The situation is different now.” The producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 also thinks the security demands are exaggerated: “The Israeli delegation receives extra protection each year during the contest, I see no reason for extra measures in comparison with the previous host cities.” He adds: “We look into every single case and ensure that each participant and fan can come to Malmö in safety in oder to experience a great time here.”

Source= eurosong.be, Aftonbladet

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61 comments on “Malmö 2013: Israel Threatens to Withdraw

  1. Boo hoo israelis, you invaded a land and drove the native population out who resided there for over 2000 years. You constantly piss off the Arab and Muslim world. You made your bed now you have to sleep on it. Stop whining! There’s a reason we hate you, and it’s not just blind hate!

    • shut up, there NEVER was a real palestine, the jews were there first, until the romans spread them as slaves over europe, there are no historical facts about palestinian people, after that most of the time the region was just part of the ottoman empire, afterwards of the british empire.
      the name ”palestine” derives from latin and not from arabic. study history u moron.

      and u know why we piss off the arabs? because we live an advanced live with progress and we have success with it. arabs achieve nothing with their medieval and hateful way of living.
      look at gaza, its a region with a very big density, so yes, israel is killing innocent people, but the hamas could really reduce that suffering if the wouldn build their arsenals and weapon stashs close to hospitals and kindergartens…they provoque victims, and now they take pictures from syria and post them on the net, telling its in gaza!

      it’s not a territorial conflict, it’s an ideological one. and the arab nations won’t sign peace contracts with israel as soon as there is an independant palestine, they won’t stop until all jews are vanished.

      look at iran, they had good relations with israel until there was the islamic revolution…they are shiits and they hate saudis cause they are sunnits, now, palestinians are also sunnits, so why do they fight so badly for palestine? cause their enemies enemy is their friend….

      now buy urself a brain and think before u post such rascist, stupid and immature sh*t!!

    • Its the Arabs and Muslims who are the problem you dont see Jews hijacking planes and flying them into buildings do you? or blowing up tubes or buses? no the Jews are more civilised, unlike the Muslims and arabs, the reason they are uncivilised is becuase, tragicaly their brains are undeveloped, they are still trying to develop, why do you think most existing conflicts these days take place in the eastern direction? Its becuase the easterners are still learning how to live in a civilised, democratic manner with one another, they are like little children learning from the further in front west, (although India, China and Japan may be exceptions)

  2. No need to withdraw, I have no doubt the security will be very strict…I’m forseeing some protests though judging the fact the situation Israel is in and the public support to Palestinians in Sweden…

    I hope Israel stays in the contest and sends Boaz or Harel again

  3. Simple the solution is to kick out ‘uncivilised’ ‘cognitively undeveloped’ arab immigrants out of malmo and back to where they came from = everyone is happy :)

  4. are there any native Swedes left in sweden??

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