Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

pollPoll – Yesterday we watched all the first semi finalists in full from the arena and Eurovision.tv published full length clips of all seventeen songs. Now you have all had a chance to watch them all, who do you think will qualify into the final? Read on to see how the voting works

You can see the clips of any you may have missed in the playlist below and a poll where you can pick ten countries you think will qualify

Whoever gets most votes will get 12pts and the runner-up 10pts and so on. We will publish an article later to show what the press centre currently think on both semi finals. You can also vote here to vote for your qualifiers of SF1. The results of the polls will be released on the day of the semi final itself so you have a while still to place your votes.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

7 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

  1. I hope Portugal and the Czech Republic surprise us all.

  2. I couldn’t decide between Iceland and Israel for 10th place and let personal taste decide in the end. I detest Maria’s little Lolita number so much that I forced Israel in by the sheer force of I WANT HER OUT!

  3. My prediction:

    1. Norway
    2. Sweden
    3. Latvia
    4. Azerbaijan
    5. Slovenia
    6. Iceland
    7. Lithuania
    8. Montenegro
    9. Switzerland
    10. Czech Republic

    11. Cyprus
    12. Poland
    13. Ireland
    14. Israel
    15. Malta
    16. San Marino
    17. Portugal

    Once again, 9-13 highly unpredictable.

    14)Czech R
    16)San Marino

  5. This semi is so much harder to predict then the first one, so many different variables to think about. My prediction is like (from most likely):

    1. Sweden
    2. Slovenia
    3. Norway
    4. Azerbaijan
    (5. Cyprus/Ireland (imo these two are battling for the same voters, so they can also easily cancel each other out :P))
    6. Latvia
    7. Poland
    8. Israel
    9. Switzerland (positively surprised by their rehearsel)
    10. Iceland
    11. Lithuania
    12. Czech Republic
    13. Montenegro
    14. Malta
    15. Portugal (I so hope for this to do better doh, I like the song, but the live is unsure unfortunally :/)
    16. San Marino

  6. this is close to impossible to predict, I actually find it harder to guess than semi 1

    if I were to predict (but this is done in a hurry not thinking much, and both Marc P and Niclas made good arguments against my predictions last night): Swe, Nor, Pol, Aze, Lat, Slo, Isra, Lit, Cyp, Monte… and out: Ch, Malt, Ice, Cze, Ire, Port, SM

  7. My prediction of the rankings for semi 2 (Countries with * are in my overall top 10):
    01 – Sweden
    02 – Slovenia*
    03 – Azerbaijan*
    04 – Norway*
    05 – Israel
    06 – Latvia*
    07 – Iceland*
    08 – Lithuania
    09 – Malta
    10 – Montenegro
    11: Poland, 12: Cyprus, 13: Czech Republic, 14: Switzerland, 15: Ireland, 16: Portugal, 17: San Marino

    Poland is an interesting one – the song isn’t that favoured by many but they have a few voting friends in semi 2 (UK, Ireland, Lithuania). With Monika performing last I am really unsure how to predict this one. This semi final is much more unpredictable anyway though.

    My big hope is that the Czech Republic qualify for the first time – this could be the difference between them becoming a regular participant or sitting out for another 5/6 years. The song is decent enough and the rehearsal seems to have been good but I’m still predicting they will miss out. I really do hope I am wrong!

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