Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 7

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With less than a week to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals for the Big 5, Austria and Australia: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule:

There will therefore be 7 countries getting their first taste of the stage and first impression from it. As usual, in first go, countries rarely reveal everything from their staging, definitely not the clothes. But the fans get an idea of what direction the performance is heading towards. Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a short clip (37 seconds) about the artist’s impressions around 40 minutes later. Last year it was not possible for any fan sites to record anything else, so you’ll have to just read what everyone there thought about it without seeing more with your own eyes (and of course hear with your own ears).

Don’t forget, the recap article will be published as soon as possible, considering the girls are in Vienna and I still have to work. But the girls will keep us upbdated and all of our friends in the ET community will post links as soon as they’re out to keep the discussion going!

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197 comments on “Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 7

  1. SPAIN

    I need to watch the whole act to form an opinion. I think I might not like it.


    A modern effective staging; I like it. Unfortunately, Ann-Sophie is still shouting the song and I am afraid she will never be able to deliver.

  3. I think I may have my overly harsh hat on today. Or I have too high expectations!

    So that’s it, we’ve seen them all, one of them is our 2015 winner, and I still have NO idea how it will go! Exciting!


    Well that’s great! I am in love with it! Go go Aussie. I should me happy this year as by citizenship I am being represented by two countries (Cyprus and Australia). And if one of those doesn’t do well there’s always Greece to cheer for ;)

    • Didn’t know you had an Australian citizenship

      • You learned now ;) I am also eligible to apply for a UK one.

        • What’s is the benefit of it ? None…unless you live there

          • None because i am already EU citizen unless I wish to become an MP, or join the army and intelligence agencies.

            • 2 of my friends moved to Australia…It is sooooooooooooo far away from everythingI I love that even if they give away free citizenship,I refuse it…I would love to see the island though…they have the best white beaches possible

            • I was thinking to move their and my PhD. I also have relatives but the idea of going down there won. Still I want to get there some time. Northwest and west coast are magnificent. I was watching a documentary about it today.

            • Wanna travel together down-under:p ?


    So, the attention is centered to the background instead. I am not sure if I will give them a about this (same goes to Sweden). It looks nice but it is irrelevant IMO.

  6. So in summary…

    ITALY: Everything I expected. I really liked it and love the boys and their voices. I think it will do really well

    AUSTRIA: Very boring as well but the fire at the Piano interested me more than anything. At least I have something nice to look at when hearing the drivel

    SPAIN: Over the top and really really disappointing, Reeks of desperation to succeed

    GERMANY: I don’t think they could have got anyone more un-likeable on stage, Crack a smile love.It doesn’t hurt.

    UNITED KINGDOM: I really liked it because it’s right up my street with all the tackiness. Bianca needs to get better but I adore Alex. Eurovision.tv have deleted their video on this one. Are the BBC allowed to make them take it down? Anyways the video is here

    FRANCE: The worst of the day imo. So dull and boring and on top of that depressing. PASS

    AUSTRALIA: My fave of the day I think. I love the background. His voice is great and the dancers look good with him. Well done

    • Thanks, Jade. :)

      I like the background and their vocals seems fine. I can’t say anything more. Waiting for the next rehearsal.

    • Thanks Jade! :)

      Spain: Melodramatic in a way only Spanish things can be. Some minor vocal issues.
      Germany: No nonsense with strong vocals.
      UK: Another Jemini-Josh Dubovie moment?
      France: Great vocals but the backdrop is a bit much. And I don’t like the fact that they fill the stage with virtual people. I prefer the Swedish cartoons.
      Australia: Very natural stage presence and strong vocals. Well done indeed!

  7. Thank you!

  8. I think I should bet the last place. I am pretty much sure UK sealed it’s fate today. Everything is bad.

  9. http://www.oddschecker.com/tv/eurovision

    According to the bookers UK (at least they have realised it) and Spain failed to impress today. The rest remained stable. France might narrow its chances though.

  10. I still can’t watch UK

  11. Uk : bottom 5
    Spain: actually i don’t know what to say …
    Australia : not impressive , lower TOP 10
    Germany : i do like the song , a bit shouty as always , 12-19
    France : great background , don’t like the song ,
    Austria : bored to death

    • The Italian guys checked on;y the sound td. it was obvious.

    • Alex, these are only snippets. It is very hard to assess the full performances. We are vaguely deranged fans who love to comment.LOL

      P.S. – going out for coffee. I am not sure if I’ll be around for the red carpet.

    • I know it’s the first rehearsal but i m not impressed.. I did notice some problems with their voices and now i think that they won’t deliver it right… Anw, it doesn’t look like a winner to me at this point!

  12. Australia – professional staging, good vocals, wrong trousers (awful, actually).

  13. UK : It’s not the carcrash described by the various blogs I think. They are one of the very few to bring some kind of propr on stage and the staircases might be a bit unnecessary and they might fill up the stage when it was not needed. I liked their backing vocals quite a lot. The neon thing well..Did not see it in the video but I am not too crazy about it tbh. Vocally they sounded ok. Needs a lot of polishing and many things can go wrong here imo but stylish.

    Australia : I detest his jacket ! (sorry had to get it off my system). They have obviously put a lot of cash and work in that..I mean streetlights ? And spotlights they brought themselves ? They are being pretty serious but then they most likely (cause I can’t see them winning) have one shot at this. Looks fantastic on stage and Guy sounds as good as expected. The whole dress up is pretty messy though, Guy and the backing singers/dancers do not fit at all together. Overall pretty solid, pretty bouncy and funky and will get a good amount of votes but not enough for the top spot imo.

  14. Ever since I watched the first live performance of France I have had it in my personal top 5, the background worked, her live is flawless, but I dont really like when the drum people comes, it just weirds me out, but im guessing top 15.

    Australia looks solid, probably top 7

    Spain: Why? It would have worked so well with a cool background and her singing it flawless alone on stage with a beautiful dress, now she sounds distracted with this slightly OTT performance, hopefully she will deliver on the final night: top 20 atm, but top 15 if it works on the night.

    Austria: Really dont like the way he sings. Classy backdrop and performance. Like 18 place maybe or something around there.

    UK: Have not been able to see it yet, must be really terrible if they took the video away lol

    Italy: I go back and forth with this entry, hard to predict, the backdrop is kinda boring, they sing well in their ”operastyle”, Havn’t heard the first part of the song yet, where they use their main voices more. Cause if they only use opera singing the whole performance, then I am quite sure they will not win: A solid top 8 doh

    Germany: Oh god, why did the winner in Germany forfeit the first price to this disaster… Its really shouty, she looks kinda awkward on stage, hm the backdrop is ok, same with the choir. The song is much better then her, but even a good song can get killed completely… I am predicting bottom 4 on this, maybe even last place :/

    • Ok saw the UK now and I just simply laugh the whole time, the jury will kill it probably, but I think they will get a lot of televotes, cause its like the only real ”joke” entry this year, maybe 20ish or something :P

  15. Well wouldn’t you know it. My two fav songs of the year and they end up getting the worst possible reviews. LOL. Oh well, my love for both UK and Spain 2015 will not waiver and I will continue to support them but am disappointed so far although I still have some hope they can both turn things around. I await the second rehearsal with interest. Fingers crossed.
    Italy sounded good but the guys looked a bit out of sorts in that clip. I quite like the backdrop, I think it will still do very well.
    Austria – I have always liked this one. There were some shaky vocals in there though. I look forward to seeing it all. Not a double winner for Austria I would say.
    Germany doesn’t really rock my boat. There’s something very annoying about it and I think it might actually be Ann Sophie. Pity really but again this was only a short clip so we’ll see.
    France is fabulous, I absolutely love it. This song was my no.2 for quite a while and returned to my top 10 recently and I’m hoping for a great result for Lisa. Simply stunning, well done France.
    Australia – welcome Guy Sebastian, Sounding quite good for this uptempo number though am not sure on his outfit. Good effort. I would expect to see Australia’s debut place quite well.

  16. I have just finished redeaing the rehearsal reviews on Prinz Blog and I recommend anyone who understands German to read their review on Edurne’s rehearsal. It’s hilarious. :)
    At this point, they predict the UK to come last (with possibly 0 oints) and Spain to finish second from last. There were mixed responses to France with some loving it and some not liking it at all. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to France this year. Everyone else got good reviews.

    • Yeah last night we tried to predict the full results with Niclas and Marc P. and Uk-Spain-France were fighting for last place but I was like 90% sure it would be a car crash for UK live and I think I’m right. However Spain is not only bad but a very subpar performance to Azerbaijan in looking very similar imo and that could damage them even more.

      • I think that France has 12 points from Armenia in the bag at least. Prinz Blog compared the Spanish performance to doing the laundry and trying to push-start a car. I haven’t had such a great read for aaaaaages. :)

        • Why? I understand France giving Armenia 12 points, but why would Armenia reciprocate?

          • Because there are very close ties between the 2 countries, most Armenians speak French and they lyrics can be linked to the Armenien genocide which is part of WW1, the topic of the French song. Plus the song is called “N’oubliez pas” … the original title of the Armenian song was “Don’t Deny” … Pretty close.

    • I did read it. And they are right. I saw an illegal filmed video of Spain on the press centre screens. (It is removed now). You could hear the laughter when the dancer made a roll backwards. It is all so pretentious. On Wiwi they loved it of course. As do all the Spanish fans. But how many times have the Spanish had this ott approach and it always failed.

        • And there is no need to rethink their strategy, because they are always in the final.

          • like every big 5 (not like BBC or Fr Tv either 2 or 3 have done a lot to do well in Eurovision; though BBC has agreed to send crap after crap, when France tried some diversity and failed with both Amandine and Twin Twin, but they never gave those any chances once live, unlike Lisa)

            • You can’t slate the BBC’s choices (as do I) but you can’t say they’ve not been diverse, Jade Ewan, Englebert, Blue, Molly and now this monstrosity aren’t exactly similar.

              The problem I think for the BBC is the problem I have on FDLC, that even when they try hard it doesn’t do that well. Us Brits (well most of not all) aren’t European in our mindset, and we have no idea what goes down well on the continent, it seems to us inconsistent.

              2003, 04, 05 shake it does well, we send a shake it come 19th. We tried something new, rap, came near the bottom, tried the cheesy stuff, came 22nd, tried motown, came last, tried bringing in our big name acts didn’t work either.

              The BBC along with most (but not all) Brits are absolutely clueless about what goes down well at ESC. That doesn’t mean we’re not trying to figure it out.

              It’s even harder now the juries are here. Literally in the 00’s I could tell whether a song was going to do well on first listen, and easily predicted qualifiers, but now, when I hear a song, whether I personally like it or not, I have no idea how it will go down with the fan community or even on the night itself, other than certain countries automatically do well.

      • Wiwi … you gotta love them. Celebrate diversity!

      • “On Wiwi they loved it of course.”

        No comments :P

  17. I am all ready for some red carpet now :) !

  18. So if the trend continues during the semis and the final my top15 will look sth like this:
    01. Norway
    02. Slovenia
    03. Austria
    04. Estonia
    05. Cyprus
    06. Belgium
    07. Lithuania
    08. Ireland
    09. Georgia
    09. Italy
    09. Romania
    09. Sweden
    13. Germany
    14. The F.Y.R. of Macedonia
    15. France

  19. Spain , far far away the most diferent, vocal perfect, and waiting for the second rehearsal to see it complet,clear the best entry this year together with Sweden, Germany ja ok , so so , U.K. yes nice ok , Australia also catchy ok , France , boring ,

  20. Btw Portugal has been growing on me after the rehearsals. I see them climbing up into my top20 from #27 currently. Same goes for Czech R.

  21. Italy: They were great vocally.The backdrop looks impressive but not very subtle.lol!

    Austria: I really liked this but i don’t like his hat.

    Spain: Well,it’s nice but what’s with the man behind her?A rather unnecessary gimmick,imo.Good vocals.

    Germany: I loved the backdrop and her outfit but i can’t stand her singing voice!

    France: The backdrop looks impressive but why go opt for that military themed performance? :/

    Australia: Now he also copies Bruno Mars’ styling?It’s ok but it shouldn’t be that big a favorite,imo.

    UK: I don’t like the backdrop although i quite enjoy the song.

    • the lyrics are insanely “military” filled, and the drum kicks in at “je suis ici ce soir” to mimick a march so it really does fit

      • I’m aware of the lyrics but it looks really tacky even though it’s impressive on screen.

        • Yeah it’s a tacky “in your face” approach, which I’m surprised, coz it COULD work well live and for televote, I never thougt France would for once consider/think of their performances before hand! (howhever what pople say of Berbérès, it was still last minute: in 2008 they forgot they HAD to have live backings and got the girls last minute, chosing the beard was even more last minute and they rehearsed for the first time in the hotel room before going to the stage for the official rehearsal… twin twin and amandine were left alone too…)

  22. Italy are bringing out all the stops so voters remember they are Italy (marble statue background, attractive young men singing opera) but not turning out kitschy. Top 10 contender, with anything higher deserved but surprising.

    I never really warmed up to Austria’s entry, and although it’s the type of music I can never get myself to listen in full, the Makemakes make it alright. Austria will be proud.

    France’s background is really effective, and Lisa’s vocals are flawless; sadly, that’s the only good thing I can say about the performance.

    Spain is going to flop; it’s trying too hard and being so extra to cover up a somewhat-good song and competent, but not stunning singer.

    The UK were better than I expected, which isn’t saying much. I can’t see it being last, but not troubling past the top 20. The voting system will keep it ahead of at least someone.

    Australia are nice. Their participation may get them votes, but also deter others from the Uptown Funk b-side. Guy is great on camera and is a seasoned performer, no doubt, but a top 3 result? Looks less likely IMO.


    It’s getting clear which countries will trouble the left-hand side of the board, but finding a winner, even a top 3, is still hard to determine.

  23. After all countries I have rehearsed, I am unlike others and have a clear winner in my mind. Unless they collapse big time, I can’t see anybody beating Sweden. Its a good enough, although not great, tune that with the backdrop and Mans’ good vocals and energy, will grab oodles of televotes and juries who see it as a potential hit. I bet the Final Draw will help them too, as always.

    The only other songs I can see possibly troubling Sweden are Italy, Estonia, and Australia. The Aussies are on the margins of that too just because I don’t think it has much of an impact on stage. The key will be where Italy and Estonia will sing in the Final. If close to each other, I think that they may just kill one another.

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