Eurovision 2014: Current Betting Odds

Eurovision Denmark 2014Eurovision 2014 – With only four songs left to be revealed, the bookies have nearly a full book of betting odds for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Armenia ad Norway lead as favourites, closely followed by Sweden and Azerbaijan (which has yet to be revelealed tonight)…

Latvia are the big outsiders, with Belarus,Switzerland and Iceland also down at the bottom of the betting odds:

Check out the current odds to date:

betting 2014 1

betting 2014 2

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61 comments on “Eurovision 2014: Current Betting Odds

  1. I believe UK Spain Israel and Hungary have the biggest posibilitys for win

  2. Ohhh I love surprises and uncertainty in Eurovision which we lack for a long time so this year will be very exciting :)We haven’t heard Russian and Austrian songs yet but in a year like this even Belgium can win :D

    My clear winner is the UK…It thicks all the boxes a Eurovision winner should have and they may benefit from the clashes of the songs from the East

    Good luck to Molly and the rest ;)

  3. I hope that Aram will really win) nothing impossible😉

  4. No contest! Ukraine will win – you heard it here first

  5. Poland , Rumunia , Sweden are my best..:)

  6. […] anyone that one of my favorites this year, Latvia’s goofy “Cake to Bake,” is predicted to finish in last place. But please enjoy this review […]

  7. MALTA WILL WIN ES 2014.. mark my word!!!! :P

  8. Good luck Azerbaijan ! U are the best forever !

  9. Considering as usual the political circumstances, Rusia must win to have something instead of Ukraine… The “heads” finaly got to diplomatic agreement and a comon point, maybe this is the one… :-)))

  10. And guess what… bearded creature became the symbol of european music this year…

  11. […] Europe; going into the period after songs were selected but before the contest, Norway was rated second-most likely to win the contest. Friends of mine in the community had gushed over Espen’s song and his performance, and after […]

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