Sweden: Sanna Nielsen to Copenhagen!

melodifestivalenSweden – Even though she lost momentum in the last week to Ace Wilder, Sanna Nielsen managed to grab a very short win at her 7th attempt in Melodifestivalen thanks to televote. She will now sing Undo in Copenhagen, which will be Fredrik Kempe’s 4th entry in the Contest.

It was a dramatic finnish. When supposed to announce the televote results, SVT’s hosts had to take a few minutes to make sure everythin was right because it was so tight. Even tighter than when Nanne lost to Martin in 2005 by 3pts! This year it was only 2pts between Ace Wilder and Sanna Nielsen. Sanna who lost in 2008 after winning televote but losing the jury votes must have felt awful about living this again. She was indeed only second to juries, when Ace Wilder, which everyone thought would be the televote winner, topped their results. But in the end, the other way around happened and juries’ favorite had to settle for silver place.

This is Sanna Nielsen’s 7th attempt in Melodifestivalen, since 2001. She’s always made it to the MF Final since the introduction of semis in 2002 (even though she needed second chance in 2007). She came close in 2008 as we said, when she lost to Charlotte Perrelli’s Hero which was written by Fredrik Kempe. After that, the author and composer also won MF in 2009 and 2011. Naturally, Sanna Nielsen who sang a duet with Frederik in MF 2005’s final, asked him to write her a winning song. And so Undo won! Alcazar, who also were in MF 2005, came 3rd as they did in 2003 and 2005. Helena Paparizou, who won Eurovision 2005 came 4th.

All songs are already available online and you can read about them here, through all articles we had over the 6 weeks of Melodifestivalen 2014!

Sweden will perform in the first half of the first semifinal. What do you think of this entry? How far should and will it go in Eurovision 2014?

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83 comments on “Sweden: Sanna Nielsen to Copenhagen!

  1. Very happy to see the 2 best entries of the night (Sanna and Ace) battling it out ! Great climax, Ace being the jury!! favourite motivating Sanna’s televoters giving Sanna the win in the end !
    It’s also great to see that male looks didn’t matter at all this year (Anton ranking last was so SWEET! , Oscar singing that nonsense got what he deserved too).
    The very average songs from Yohio and Panetoz scored exactly the way they should.
    Helena was overrated by juries and thank God that pretentious boredom (Songbird) finished among the last !
    Alcazar and Linus had character and got a well deserved top 5.
    PS : Alcazar and Ace should really thank pre=recorded backing vocals though…

    “Undo” goes str8 first on my list and my first 10/10 of this year.
    The similarity to “Wrecking ball” and the solid performance will secure Sweden another top 5 come May!

  2. I like it a LOT ! TOP 5 !!

  3. You would think a Swedish blonde singing a touching ballad would be right up my alley, but I cant get into this song or performance at all. Don’t think much of the song. To me, it is just average.

  4. Splendid performance from Sanna and a good ballad from my country, she really deserved it :D and she did put a lot of feeling in the song :P! :D So boring and frustrating though that two points can make such difference its like Melodifestivalen 2005 all over again, both songs deserved to win and I wonder if Ace would have been a better choice :S

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    Simplemente Sanna

  6. We don’t have the complete results yet, but we can mostly guess the final result by transforming the percent points to votes. And that means the votes were shared somewhat like this:

    1. Natural 35 771
    2. Songbird 76 311
    3. Blame it on the disco 120 428
    4. Yes we can 52 464
    5. Bröder 94 196
    6. Survivor 66 772
    7. To the end 109 697
    8. Undo 307 629
    9. Efter solsken 45 310
    10. Busy doin’ nothin’ 283 782

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