Sweden: Melodifestivalen Running Orders for Semi-finals Released

Sweden – Swedish broadcaster SVT has revealed the running order of the four semi-finals in Melodifestivalen 2018. The first one is to be held in Karstad on 3rd February 2018, followed each week by further semi-fina in Gothenburg, Malmö and Örnsköldsvik. 

Sweden Announces Melodifestivalen Contestants

Sweden – National broadcaster SVT has this morning revealed the 28 artists in the competition for this year’s ticket to Lisbon. Read on for the names of the Melodifestivalen 2018 contestants and which semi-final they will perform in… 

David Lindgren Confirmed as Melodifestivalen Host

Sweden – National broadcaster, SVT, has confirmed that previous entrant, David Lindgren, will again host Melodifestivalen, but this time as a solo host.  SVT received 2771 entries for this year’s contest and must now pick the contestants for the live shows. 

Eurovision 2017: Results of Semifinal 1

Eurovision 2017 – Tonight we finally saw the first semifinal, with 18 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

Tonight: Eurovision 2017 First Semi Final

Eurovision 2017 – Tonight we will finally find out the first ten qualifiers that will join the Big 5 and Ukraine in the Grand Final on Saturday. The anticipation will finally be over. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

Eurovision 2017 Rehearsals: Day 5

Eurovision 2017 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start tomorrow and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 4!

TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 4!

TEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in quarterfinal 4 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the matchup between Estonia and Sweden!