Eurovision 2015: Turkey to Return?

turkey150Eurovision 2015 – Rumours have surfaced today that Turkey may be set to return in 2015. Turkish news site CADDE reported that EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot and TRT General Director Ibrahim Sahin have agreed a way forward for Turkey to return to the Contest. 

The EBU had tried hard to persuade Turkey to return this year, changing the rules to allow them to participate despite not broadcasting the show last year.


Turkey has objected to the Big 5 automatic qualification and the recent jury voting rules.

Although there was some wariness in believing the story today, Eurovision event supervisor Sietse Bakker has just tweeted the following, fuelling the idea that not only will Turkey be back but there may be some other changes…

sietse bakker

Do you think there will be a big shake up of the rules in order to bring Turkey back into the Eurovision fold? Will the Big 5 go? Will Turkey make it the big 6?

59 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015: Turkey to Return?

  1. That would be great news, I loved Turkey in esc since their 1975 masterpiece… I hate how Erdogan’s government has used TRT and Eurovision for their own agenda, and a new refresh return would be very welcomed

  2. If they are changing the rules just to please the big, childish, spoilt brat, that is Turkey so they come back that is absolutely disgusting! Everything should be done on a majority, if the majority are fine with the big 5 keep it (and vice versa), you don’t change things just for one country!

  3. Turkey was a part of Eurovision before this government and it will again be a part of it whether the ruling party likes it or not.No matter how bad or well we do,no matter how sucky the voting system is,we have to stay in like we did before….and we will…it’s not just a competition for us now…more than that it is a symbol of modern,western way of thinking that we were advised to follow…kind of a prestige…so everyone whether Turkish or not should support Turkey on their journey back instead of playing into the hands of current Turkish government.

    Erdogan’s ship is about to sink but we will keep on sailing ;)Thanks for those missing and supporting Turkey in Eurovision…You are loved 😘


    • Its fine Turkey coming back as long as they ditch TRT and another broadcaster takes over, without any rules over the big 5 and tele-vote changing just to please Turkey and TRT, if TRT accept that the rules can’t change then fine they should come back! If Big 5 is scraped expect withdrawals from UK, Italy, France and Spain, I would expect our participation fee to be cut if they do scrap big 5.

      • TRT can’t be ditched…it is a national broadcaster ruled by governments…now it is in the hand of an islamic party which has got nothing to do with Europe or European values. The government needed an excuse (mainly for political reasons) to quit and they found it easily…Big5…that’s it!

        • ”now it is in the hand of an islamic party which has got nothing to do with Europe or European values.”

          As if the rest parties fall within European framework and values…;)

            • Quite the contrary as I have not met any european party with expansionist ideas and trouble-making. Unless you consider these as european values ;)

          • You are talking like a nationalist cypriot party dear dino…We (the majority)are happy with our current borders…don’t be afraid:D
            As for trouble making I guess your country is not any better,is it?always renember ever story has 2 sides after all…

            No more comment for you on a site where music should be talked…so get your satisfaction elsewhere ;)

            • It is not nationalism dear. And I was not talking about you personally but for your statement about the so called ”European spirit of Turkey”. Grasp some prove of that European spirit. Contrary to you (and your pointless comment about my country causing troubles) I prefer to talk with proves:


            • And I can’t leave politics out of music as long as your country confuses Eurovision with its grandiose dominance obsession. You started the political discussion and I was curious to see how far you can get to. Stay out as well in 2015 unless you leave politics home.

            • I’m guessing you have climaxed…feels so good,doesn’t it? :P
              have a nice day my cypriot ”friend”

  4. I say: Let the drama aside and get your *** back. You are missed neighbours.

    My pantheon of the criminally most underrated Turkish entries in esc:
    1975, 1980, 1989.

    I want them back with sth like this:

    • I love how you find songs like this…You amaze me 😘

      Fine classical Turkish music (as we call it) at its best…Originally sung by Zeki Muren aka the sun of art 😊(RIP)

      • Thank you so much for the video and the info mermaid. I knew that it was an old song. I’ve found older versions of it on YT, but couldn’t tell which of them all was the original one.

  5. Looking forward to see Turkey back in Eurovision.


    10/12: 1980, 2008
    9/12: 1975, 1996
    8/12: 1984, 1989, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2010
    7/12: 1991, 1993, 2000, 2004, 2007
    6/12: 1981, 1990, 1992, 2011
    5/12: 1982, 1988, 1995, 2012
    4/12: 1985, 1986, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2009
    3/12: 1978
    2/12: 1983, 1987

    • I cant explain it, but I really love their 1987 entry (while knowing its weakness), it’s so entertaining and fun!

      Turkey 1975 is in my all time top 10 btw and I have Turkey as my 1988 and 2004 winners as well, surprisingly weak esc winners for me, because Turkey’s best songs, like 1996 or 2008 were in great years, when 88 and 2004 are good songs in very bad years and therefore make it to my first place! The other masterpiece from Turkey besides 1975, is 2010 imo, my second to Estonia that year!

      • I know many people love Turkey 2010. It is clearly a good song (therefore the 8/12), but I somehow feel something is missing. There’s a little more nerve and intensity in “Deli” from 2008, I think.

        • You have summed up my entire feelings on Turkey 2010. Well done.

          I also prefer “Deli” much more – I am a Radiohead fan after all ;)

          • So am I :-) Especially The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A (and partly Amnesiac). I must admid I’m not so familiar with their later albums.

            • The Bends is my favourite album of all time :D featuring some of my favourite songs (“Fake Plastic Trees, “Street Spirit”). I also love OK Computer and Kid A (particularly “Everything In Its’ Right Place”).

              I really, really like “Pyramid Song” from Amnesiac too.

            • Very beautiful song. We could also mention “Nice Dream”, “Airbag”, “Subterranean Homesick Alien” and “How to Disappear Completely”.

            • I am not such a fan of their more recent work, although I saw them live in 2012 and they were fantastic!

        • I also prefer 2008 to 2010
          The beauty of Deli is unlike “We could be the same” it wasn’t composed or written thinking of an average esc viewer ..It came as it was…and it was well received even it was sung in Turkish…Everything about it was so simple and natural…still their performances give me chills and that rarely happens to me 😊

      • Agreed and signed. Well, except for 2010 of course, but you all know that by now.

        1987 is great fun, spiced with a very entertaining “lasso coreography”. Turkey have only been my winners once (1988) but I have them in the top both for 1975, 1980, 1986, 1989, 1996, 1997, 2004 and 2008 too.

  6. If we return next year ,I hope they pick a ballad singer…It’s high time we send a ballad to Eurovision :)
    Something like this would be awesome❤️

  7. I hope the EBU hasn’t or won’t give in to any of Turkey’s demands in order to make them return. If they find a way to reach a comprimise without going through with something like the big 5 abolition or even worse the juries and their role I welcome them back and urge them to provide some better entries in the future.

  8. I would love to see one of my favourite ESC countries returning to the contest.

    At least we still have one of my favourite ESC fans around. Hello mermaid. :)

  9. Don’t want to see the scum of TRT to return if they force EBU to abolish big 5, if that happens UK, France, and Spain should withdraw in protest, especially if it means they’ll still have to pay the same amount of fee’s as what they did when they were a big 5 nation.

  10. and some of the Turks are equally as pathetic and childish as the Azeri’s, their pathetic “brotherhood” thing they have going on, just encouraging block voting…

    • ohhh Scotty,calm down a bit…and I was waiting how this topic would get to Azerbaijan….Congrats!
      you may be partly right but that brotherhood bond or block voting is not only between Turkey and Azerbaijan and that will not disappear just because you wish…A good song is always findig its way and no diaspora or block voting can get its way…soeveinging this topic here is just pointless

      As for me,I am happy with the current voting system even if we benefit from the televoting most….but I cant say I love that Big5 privileges….it is wrong and should be abolished.(They can still pay that money,I dont think Big5 is paying that money just to be able to start from the finals…it is some kind of prestige think..Bigness….because even if most of them end up at the bottom,they keep on paying the fee without complaining,right? LOL)

      ps: maybe Sietse promises to make us Big6…who knows?I am still wondering how on earth TRT has softened :D

  11. I am from Turkey and I love Big 5 and jury. This isnot a contest just for Eastern European countries.

    Actually it isnot about voting, rules etc. Erdogan’s government is clearly a Islamofascist dictatorship and they don’t like Eurovision. And there any public interest to Eurovision in Turkey after lots of years with internal selections. So, I think we will never be back until Erdogan’s fall. But it’s clear that he doesn’t mind go, even he is the killer of 8 person – one, 14 years old boy Berkin Elvan, died one week ago.

    Don’t forget the belly belly days with Turkey, Europe. We miss you!

  12. Rules are so good we should implement then to all football leageus as well-so the biggerteams never get relagated-people think …..MUSIC COMPETITION…… maybe we should make it a music SHOW that way you can have the countries who make music that is not very popular stay in the SHOW – as for those of you who have made this a political debate…….. their is a saying for all of you —- agzi olan konusuyor–

  13. We are charged for voting – if majority vote that one of the “big 5” has a song that is well below standard but the said country continues as normal the next year than why are we being charged for voting- it stops becoming a competition when you start giving special privileges to some of the contestants because of how much money they have – as I said with the football leageus – im sure Manchester city, real Madrid, bayern Munich etc woukd love this rule

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