EBU: Where Are The Split Results?

  EBU – It’s been 2 full weeks since the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Portugal, Germany and Finland have to this point revealed how their jury voted, while Italy published the televoting results. The EBU has not revealed any split result as of yet. This may be a sign that for the first time since the 50/50 system between televoting and jury voting was introduced in 2009, the televoting favorite did not win. That would be Russia. However, no matter what the results were, the EBU should provide full transparency and publish the split voting results in general and for each country in particular as soon as possible! How can the EBU criticize Azerbaijan for not being transparent (not that they actually did that)  if they are far from transparent themselves?

eurovision.de has contacted all 41 other national broadcasters concerning their jury voting. Stay tuned for more information.

84 comments on “EBU: Where Are The Split Results?

  1. Indeed, I’m really eager to know the split results. I want to find out whether Russia won the televote, and also if my low-ranked favourites (Iceland and UK) scored better with the juries.

  2. It is a shame one does not see both jury and public vote during the final night voting. Fans as well as causual viewers have a right to know.
    In my personal opinion: Russia >>>>>>>>>> Sweden I would be happy for the Babushki. Morever Kempe (Popular, televoting winner last year) would have beaten G:son last year, not the other way around. :D

    • Sweden did not win the televote last year. Azerbaijan did (223 to 221), though Azerbaijan came close to winning the contest without winning either the televote or points from the juries. Sweden’s problem is that the finished ninth with the juries.

  3. we’re all eager to see them, please

  4. Well, if Russia did win the televoting, it only shows that we don’t only need the juries – we deserve them!

    • That is your (thine) opinion though. Not everybody falls in love with Europop/-dance in English. ;-)

      • I think that Milan’s point is not that we deserve or need the juries in order to make Loreen the winner but because they possibly prevented Russia from winning with a trash entry which only gained sympathy votes for the sweet grandmas while the song itself, for most people, did not count at all. ;)

        • Exactly and because it is the manipulative politically favourable mother country to former USSR Russia.

          • LOL I never knew that former USSR countries still had love for Russia. I thought they hated each other that’s why USSR collapsed but that seems interesting…hmm

            • Are you joking? Many of the countries DO hate (ok, dislike and mistrust) Russia, but Russia put huge numbers of Russians in many of these countries (something like a third of the population in some of the Baltic countries are Russian. That’s even a higher percentage than Turks in Germany :) (and also a large number of people who will always vote for the Russian entry even if it were me singing the phone book – and I can not sing AT ALL).

  5. Indeed,the results should be published a.s.a.p!If Russia was actually the televoting winner it will be a joke and i will try not to badmouth the juries in the future :D They certainly saved esc from a huge embarrassment.

  6. Doeth anyone know what happened to Marko? Did he decide not to comment here anymore?


  8. I will be always be against this silly publication of the split results as, as I have said many times, it only degrades the current voting system by targetizing especially the music proffesionals’ vote. Thus I am glad the results are not yet published and hopefully they’ll never will be if the EBU wants to maintain the stability of this voting system.

    “This may be a sign that for the first time since the 50/50 system between televoting and jury voting was introduced in 2009, the televoting favorite did not win.”

    That’s so biased and unsupported as an assumption I don’t even know where to begin from..The whole article is terribly biased and terribly written anyway.

    • Instead of a thumb down: I have always suspected that you are not a democratic guy. You just want to remain in your bubble, I guess, and are terribly afraid that your beloved juries supported Albania this year. That is lame and dishonest.

      • I am used to your shallow attacks by now but this one shows that you really don’t know me and my esc attitude at all because if you did you would have noticed that this is my standard opinion on this subject since the introduction of the jury vote and that’s totally irrelevant with what the juries voted for (and all this years I am mainly pleased with their results btw)..They voted for Ukraine as well last year and I did not agree with that either. I do not stop supporting voting system based on one result I disagree with, that’s an oversimplified example of mentality. Thus I am totally honest and loyal to my opinion and I am certainly democratic since I have thoroughly explained the reasons I have such an opinion over the years. Once again you proved to be biased offender. And really..I am tired of the constant Albania 12 bullying by now..Can’t for once be about another entry on this forum ?

        • * supporting a voting system
          * you proved to be just a biased offender

        • I agree that you are “totally honest and loyal to your opinion” which unfortunately is a euphemism for not being able to see beyond your predilections, which is awfully tedious to tell you the truth. For example, the other day you made a total fool of yourself by claiming that Albania and Bulgaria had the worst live vocals this year which is totally ludicrous. Of course you are perfectly entitled not to like those ladies’ voices or style of singing but that doesn’t make them bad vocalists. (I utterly detest the vocals of UK 2009 and Lithuania 2011 f. e. but I would never make a foolf of myself by claiming that they had bad vocals. I just didn’t like them which has absolutely no connection to the quality of the vocal live performances which can be and should be judged objectively imo …) On the other hand you have always claimed that Estonia 2011 was vocally fine. ROFL. I wonder why your ranking never changes from studio version to live performance. LOL Ever heard of a thing called objectivity? LOL

          Sorry, but I had to to get that out of my system

          Good night and have a fab sunday!

          • Once again your obsession with me and my opinion is on the surface and more obvious than ever since this attack has no relevance to what I wrote. Yes I have every right to consider Albania’s and Bulgaria’s vocals bad since what they are doing does not qualify as singing mainly (which is a totally subjective thing) while I find very good Estonia 11 in terms of vocal performace since I am able to fully enjoy this performance without noticing flaws. It seems that if the concept of Democracy is unknown to someone here that’s you. Stop waving the stick of the musical teacher around here by thinking that you are the only one who can judge objectively a performance or anything else while every other opinion is ludicrous and for god’s sake : spare us with your irony..we had more than enough by now..Maybe it’s time for you to learn something about a thing called personal opinion. Your behaviour is tedious and immature at best and your sense of respect is what is ludicrous around here.And my rankings do change significantly after the live performances (Estonia jumped about 12 places in my rankings this year – and that’s just one example..) but I guess you never pay much attention to what I say anyway, it just all about your unsupported attacks..I am sorry but if I want consider Albania’s or Bulgaria’s vocals bad I will and I have the right to do so. If you disagree good for you. By insulting me and trying to degrade my opinion based on your personal bias on the entries you are just making a fool of yourself..

            I am glad my comment gave you the chance to spill some more of your poiso towards me. That means I am speaking some irritating truths you can’t stand.

            Good night !

            • *some more of your poison

              P.S. I will use up some space and provide my pre contest and post contest rankings just to show to everyone what a shallow biased offender you are :

              Pre – contest

              2.Bosnia & Herzegovina
              9.FYR Macedonia
              14.United Kingdom
              15.The Netherlands
              39.San Marino

            • Post – contest :

              3.Bosnia & Herzegovina
              11.FYR Macedonia
              16.The Netherlands
              17.United Kingdom
              39.San Marino

              And I am sorry for the space I used, but the only way to fight the musical fascism around here is with facts..

            • LOOOOOOLLLLL 9 of your pre-contest top 10 are in your post-contest top 10 too … and n° 10 was in 11st place prior. The bottom 10 are identical in different order too. LOL It is a case of quod erat demonstrandum, I guess … ROFL …. Do you really still expect anyone to take your opinion seriously?

              Btw, I am telling you all this as a virtual friend because I believe that you could do much better if you wanted to. :(

            • So I have to apologize to you on how my ranking has formed prior and after the contest ? There are changes and they are quite obvious..And I don’t get it : Do I have to form rankings based on what you think ? You got some nerve truly ! That’s my personal preference and evaluations before and after the contest and I am sorry if you don’t like it. And I do not create a ranking to be taken seriously by people like you, I create it for myself and as a part of my personal enjoyment of the contest. Something you have completely lost as it seems since your only concern is to push your criteria on other’s and insult them..

          • And one final thing : You will not be the one to judge everyone’s personal criteria on how they create their rankings, no one has set you as the arbiter of musical standards..If I want for example to create my list based on stage presentations, dress ups or make up I will do so without asking you of course and everyone has the right to consider live vocals as important as they want as well in their rankings, you are not setting the standards..I do count them in significantly but always based on the nature of the act and the song btw.

      • ”That is lame and dishonest”

        Who talks…

    • It wont be to do with the televoting country not winning it will more or likely be due to the fishy and controverseys about some of the countries postions, Norway coming 26th , Azerbiajan coming 4th, Lithuania 16th, and Iceland finishing in the top end of bottom 5. Plus the results of the Semi Finals also shocked me, its possibly they are keeping it a secret due to this, I cant see why San Marino came 14th and Montenegro came 15th but then Belgium comes in at 17th? then in semi 2, why on earth did Slovenia come 17th and Portugal 13th, but then the tacky Lithuanian entry manages to come 4th and ukraine qualifys too?

      • Some of the results have come under official suspicion (Azerbaijan in 4th), but why is it so hard to believe that Norway came 26th, Lithuania 16th, and Iceland doing badly?

        Lithuania overperformed and did better than anybody could expect, and I think that has to do with a good live performance and a good draw in both rounds. There’s nothing odd about that. Meanwhile, Norway always had failure written on it from the time it didn’t even win its own semi-final in NMGP. As for Iceland, it underperformed and lost a lot of what the fans thought made it wonderful. You can just look to Youtube views to show that it didn’t do well with the televote.

        As for San Marino and Montenegro vs. Belgium, I don’t see why this is fishy either. Iris performed the dullest ballad possibly with terrible English lyrics, off-key, and with no charisma. San Marino performed a bad song well, with good vocals, and a fun stage presentation. As for Montenegro, it’s one of those songs that some people really enjoy because of humor. I know that it was a huge hit in my semi-final 1 viewing party because they thought it was either a) so bad it’s good or b) witty and funny.

        Moving to Slovenia vs. Portugal, I, again, don’t see what is so fishy. Slovenia’s ballad was performed tackily, had a backing singer that upstaged the lead singer, and the song boils down to a “light” version of ‘Molitva’ with nothing to add. In fact, I find the song grating because it feels like it just ends and doesn’t offer closure. Meanwhile, Portugal was vocally perfect and well-performed, even if a bit dull. It’s not like Portugal had the money to bribe any juries or pay any people anyway.

  9. I am soooo happy that the juries are involved. If those Russian grannies won, it would make Eurovision a disgrace. Sure, they were a fun act, but it’s not called the Eurovision Laughing Contest – it’s about the song and the quality of that.

    • EXACTLY! the word SONG is in the title for a reason, Pople should also vote on the quality of the vocal performance most importantly, the Russian Grannies, Lithuania, Ukraine and Turkey where terrible vocal performances Russia, Lithuania and Turkey in particular.

      • Lithuania had some of the best vocals. The song was utter trash though. :(

        • Erm no! The vocals where flat throughout, “Mel-od-eee” was emphasised too much (poor English) it was like listening to some amarture trying to sing, exactly like some of the eastern euopean adutionee’s in our singing reality programmes, The song was also cheesy and dated, it wasnt current, and sounded like something you would hear in the early, tacky 2000 contests. The entry reminded me of UK’s entry in 2010, if we sent this kind of crap we would come last, we wouldnt have got 14th place by any means!

          • Except Lithuania hasn’t had the luck of many of the other countries that you’re lumping it together with. Lithuania has failed to qualify for finals in 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2010. They were only in the 2007 finals because they pre-qualified. If the song and vocalists had little or no merits, the song would have languished in the semis, as Lithuania has multiple times before.

            Also, there is a difference between vocals and pronunciation, and he was not flat throughout. There was a time during the beginning of the “dance half” of his song where he did seem a slight bit flat, but his vocals were one of the most on-point of all the male singers of the night.

            “The entry reminded me of UK’s entry in 2010, if we sent this kind of crap we would come last, we wouldnt have got 14th place by any means!”

            You sent worse crap in 2009, and you got 5th! Jade has great vocals, but Andrew Lloyd Weber definitely composed a terrible song for her, one of his worst songs to tell the truth.

  10. I don’t mind if the winner of Eurovision comes top of the televote or not. What I would like to see is that the winner is someone who did well in both the jury vote and the televote. And it would be nice to see the split results published.

  11. I think they should reveal all JESC split results since 2008, it could be very interesting.
    But i don’t worry for ESC 2012 split results, based on previous years i predict them to be revealed 15th June (or the next Monday (18th) maybe) on average, can be latter of course.
    If they’re never released, it’s too bad

    • Is it kids who compose JESC jury?

    • The Televote would be highly predictable, Belaurs, Aremnia,Georgia and Russia are the top but Sweden, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia and Macedonia at the bottom in the Televote.

      • Armenia in the top? They did not participate this year …
        And Sweden will be 1st or 2nd in the televote too.

        • He was talking about JESC

          And about split results, they are NOT predictable, it’s a FACT the EBU should release, fullstop.
          I perfectly know that their jury propaganda is, year after year, reaching its goal (making people believe that 50/50 is fair while it’s totally not, deleting fair points from televoting after the merge, makes a 8 from juries and a 6 from televoting become a 12 overall, which is really problematic specially in the semi final; and of course juries with people with no musical knowledge in it voting as ” musical experts” (actors, commentators, journalists, former ESC contestants, people linked in a way or another to ESC so they can be more easily bribed or influenced by things that have nothing to do with music)
          Sytem should be:
          -Televoting in the semis (top 9 + jury wildcard + eventually a reverse jury wildcard (aka the country that came last in jury voting can’t qualify whatsoever, something that wouldn’t have happened in 2010 and 2011 btw))
          -70% televoting tie break, 30% juries AT MOST in the final

          Full stop.

  12. I highly doubt Russia won the televoting with such a wide gap (113) between them and Sweden. Thank goodness Europe didn’t go for that ridiculous entry.

  13. I hope they will publish the results soon. But I am pretty certain Sweden won televoting and jury votes – with 113 points difference it is likely to be popular with both parties. Another thing is that Loreen’s song topped charts in many countries – if she wouldn’t win the televote it probably wouldn’t do as well, right? And if Russia had won with public, “Party for everybody” would do well in charts too but it’s not happening as far as I know.

    • Party for everybody wouldnt do get into countries charts becuase of the style of song

      • I think Verka Serduchka’s song was quite successful. And “Party for everybody” is really a very good song – catchy and instant, maybe not really universally appealing but surely has potential

  14. The full results should be revealed, not just the totals. We need greater transparency, not hiding information, that just encourages corrupt and biased juries.

  15. Just a question, has there ever been a winner in Eurovision history who was mainly determined by the televotes only and not the juries? Or did most winners have to get the highest for the juries and televotes?

    • Are you new to ESC? The 50/50 voting was only introduced in 2009. The winners in 2009 and 2010 won both the televote and the jury vote whereas AZE 2011 only won the televote (Italy won the jury vote).

      • Kind of. Yeah I started watching this in 2008 but I only began following it in 2009.

      • Although last year Azerbaijan only peaked the oficial televoting charts because one or two countries only used their jury points and those were counted as telepoints, too. Without them Sweden would be the winner and they would have been anyway had Turkey – which was was eliminated due to jury scores – been in the final.

      • You should add that Russia’s win in 2008 (with one hundred percent televoting) was so outrageous that it forced the EBU to change the rules (starting in 2009). In announcing this change, they specifically cited the discrepancy between the televote and the “backup” jury votes in 2008. For Beatle, there were, since the start of televoting, juries whose votes would be used only if there was a failure in the televote (happens occasionally, IE in 2003 couldn’t get their results ready on time, and NO in 2009 made a “technical mistake” that wiped out all of their sms and telephone votes). These juries were slightly different than the ones used now – eight people consisting of four industry professionals and four people from outside the industry (ie., fans).

        Obviously, the jury results from 2008 have never been released, but I did an analysis then, and estimated that Russia finished in about eighth or ninth place in the jury results (with Ukraine winning the jury vote).

  16. I would like to have access to the detailed results. This is just a song contest; can we not deal with this information? I remember having an exchange of comments with an ESC Today Editor about the televote having brought democracy to ESC. I did not agree with him at the time. Apparently, the EBU officials are afraid of something (we already know how the seemingly democratic televotes works, do not worry!); comparing both sets of votes will only demonstrate the harm the televote brings to ESC. Democracy works when people vote only once and know what are they voting for; democracy demands work, attention, the will to know what is at stake. ESC is just not that serious and it does not change our everyday living conditions; one should let the professionals decide.

  17. Personally, I think the juries are just as biased as the public. They do nothing but support ballads sung by females and this year, they so obviously gave Albania top marks which in my opinion was an awful song that was screeched by a scary woman with bird’s nest on top of her head; but there we go: the jury love that sort of stuff. They totally demoralise countries that usually get public votes like Turkey, Greece or Russia who all had great songs this year, in order to (in their eyes) ‘balance out any block voting’. This is sometimes good but even when those three countries have good songs…they STILL vote against them and vote for ridiculous songs like Albania etc. The EBU have obviously seen that the jury cocked up and don’t want to publish the results. I say juries need to be less biased…but then again, that will never happen. :(

    • Rooting for strong vocals is probably the easiest way awarding “quality”, which is the reason why we have juries. And the songs from Greece and Russia are simply not “jury material”, and they wouldn’t have been even if they had been sent from non-diaspora countries like Malta or Slovakia. But regardless, the reason to keep away the split results is not good. What are the EBU scared of? An angry mob of Greeks and Turks marching towards the EBU headquarter with torches and pitchforks?

      • The reason why there is a ‘jury’ is NOT and never was to increase the quality of the contest. Lol, that is the hillarious thinking of some unworldly pseudo-intellectuals around here. ESC is a commercial event for the masses and so basically has to valet their standards and nothing else. As a result of strong performances from Eastern countries as well as predictable ‘bloc’ votes in the mid 00’s it seemed that a relevant proportion of the audience was looking forward to the introduction of some (biassed) constituencies which may help them to improve their own countries’ results. That, of course, sounded fabolous to most organisers. Because even those who were likely to suffer overall could at least have a say on how to the votes will be given.
        Hence why it is so difficult to get rid of them now and they think they can fool us and get away with hiding or postponing the announcement of important information. Some officials are even spreading lies a la the victories of Norway and Germany were an achievement of the introduction of the professional jury.
        PS: ESC stands for SONG contest, not awful American idol copy. Thus the quality of the vocals should have a little impact.

        • * little impact

          • “PS: ESC stands for SONG contest, not awful American idol copy. Thus the quality of the vocals should have a little impact.”
            And yet you root for Russia, which undoubtedly has the worst vocals. I swear I think you’re smoking something or else you’re just musically impaired.

        • If the only reason to have juries would be to stop bloc voting, then there would surely be more effective ways to succeed. And it is not like the juries are bound at certain countries. I mean, Spain is not a country that gains usual points from bloc voting, but still the juries has been very ungenerous towards Spain in comparison with televoters during the years (it probably changed this year, since Spain had a more “jury friendly” song).
          And why can’t vocal quality be a part of their judgement. The voice is a part of the whole formula, and even though I also think that the song and the lyrics should have the biggest part of the judgement, the song must be delivered in a good way to work.

          • Sure there are other aspects which the national broadcasters try to assert with the help of the juries but had the televoting went ‘fine’ (less predictable votes, more western countries winning) over the years I do not think they could have afforded to impair the viewers’ verdicts. Certainly not in such an intransparent and clumsy way.
            Moreover I do not deny that the vocal performance is important but you mentioned it as the easiest criterion for a judgement though it would be frankly wrong to reward a weak song just because someone found a singer who knows how to strike the right notes, wouldn’t it? Well, I feel they pay a little too much intention to the voice (primarily that American-Idol-wailing-type-of-voice) at times. Perhaps I am wrong.

            • Just to make my point clear; what I meant with “easiest” criterion is that it’s more easy to find quality in a voice than in a song. Unfortunately, I must say. Take the Albanian song this year for example. Some people find it extremely well-crafted and a fine example of pure art, while other only hear never-ending screaming. But I think that everyone can agree that the singer Rona has a great voice, regardless of how she uses it. Therefore, the voice becomes some sort of the criterion on how good the song is, because everyone can agree on that.

              I agree with you about too much focus on the voice, though. Austria last year had a very good singer but a completely soulless song imo.

    • I think juries need to be eliminated or at least have their votes to mean two times less (75/25). In the end of the day it is public that determines how popular each song is. And if you send a good song it doesn’t matter what country you are from – Germany won televote. It’s just that in 2004-2008 most Western countries didn’t seem to care about ESC and sent songs that wouldn’t appeal to many.

  18. My predictions for the split results:
    1. Russia (295p) 2. Sweden (293p) 3. Serbia (212p+x) 4. Azerbaijan (140p+x) 5. Turkey (145p) 6. Albania (126+x) 7. Romania (99p+x) 8. Germany (87p+x) 9. Moldova (82p+x) 10. Greece (78p+x) 11. Ukraine (84p+x) 12. FYR Macedonia (89p) 13. Bosnia-Herzegovina (73p) 14. Italy (50p+x) 15. Estonia (47p+x) 16. Lithuania (47p+x) 17. Ireland (55p) 18. Spain (36p+x) 19. Hungary (28p) 20. Cyprus (18p+x) 21. Iceland (20p+x) 22. Denmark (17p+x) 23. Norway (11p+x) 24. UK (7p+x) 25. Malta (5p+x) 26. France (1p+x)

    1. Sweden (313p) 2. Estonia (149p) 3. Spain (145p) 4. Albania (143p) 5. Italy (142p) 6. Serbia (131p) 7. Azerbaijan (108p+x) 8. Cyprus (100p+x) 9. Germany (98p+x) 10. Russia (94p) 11. Lithuania (78p+x) 12. Malta (65p+x) 13. Moldova (68p) 14. Iceland (61p+x) 15. France (55p+x) 16. Turkey (63p) 17. Greece (60p) 18. Ukraine (44p+x) 19. FYR Macedonia (40p+x) 20. Bosnia-Herzegovina (36+x) 21. Romania (31+x) 22. Denmark (27+x) 23. Ireland (26+x) 24. UK (19+x) 25. Hungary (10+x) 26. Norway (12+x)

    These predicitions were made using:
    1. Diaspora voting (using 2004-2011 results and looking at the immigrant populations in each country)
    2. Which songs will the televoters and the juries vote for in each country?!
    3. Probably overestimation of y+0 & 0+y points because it’s difficult to know what the people and jury really liked)
    4. x stands for either:
    – points that were lost when the 50/50 results was calculated (example 4+0 becomes often 0p)
    – possible biases when predicting if the televoters or juries will like it (italy, estonia, spain for example i chose to favoure the juries almost everytime but that could be wrong in some cases, 0+6 could be 2+4 or even 6+0)

    Will be interesting to see if Russia or Sweden took the victory in the televoting!!
    If this will be right then it will be the first time since 2008 that only 2 western countries is in the top 10 for the televoting.

    • Interesting estimations. Although your list does not fit the numbers sometimes (e.g. Greece with 78 p. should rank 12th not 10th). I agree on most, however, I would put Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina defenitely to the jury favourites.

      • there is where the x point comes in, the uncertainty of the estimations…greece have some countires that sometimes votes for them (UK, hungary, macedonia, netherlands) but they got 0p meaning that either did the greek people there ignore the song or maybe they got y+0! And I maybe overestimated the televoting of ukraine and macedonia…
        Which places would you place germany and bosnia then in televoting and jury? :)

        • I think Germany stands good chances to be in Top5 with the jury (4th I predicted) whilst it should not have had too much appeal to general audiences. Thus being ranked probably somewhere between 15th and 20th.
          Bosnia could be on the upper half with jury and quite low with televoting imho since she is not too famous in the balkans and the song I think was very forgettable.
          I am also very excited to see how each constituency treated Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I thought of the latter being a valid jury favourite but so far released split results indicate something different.

          • But Bosnia-Hezergovina got points from their neighbours and also austria & switzerland (diaspora voting), If they were liked by the juries then they would get points from other countires…but if the got a lot of 0+y points resulting in 0p (like in the votes of portugal) then maybe they could be top 15 in the jury voting! The voting for albania will be interesting to see, the televoting could have been even better for albania then what i predicted! For FYR Macedonia, I think they got a better ranking because of all the neighbours voting for them but maybe a top 15 in the jury voting…

            • Good point even though the jurors in the Balkan countries (and Turkey) could be in the same way responsible for cultural or political patterns. Also, often the public and jury votes differ a lot so sometimes a 7 or 8 is necessary to penetrate one country’s combined score. I could imagine the Bosnian being too inconspicuous even for the jurors to award it with top marks but decent enough for lower points which then got lost when the televoting results were added except for the Balkan area and Turkey and in countries with large diasporas. That said, I do not expect Bosnia and Herzegovina to be in the jury Top10 but it would be a surprise if it actually received more support from viewers at home.
              As for Albania, somehow I still find it very hard to believe that it was a jury favourite because it was so left-field and a song without any commercial usability persons from the music industry or the radio might look for. I am really clueless on this one.

            • *might not look for

      • I think its possible for a 7th place for germany and 15th for bosnia in the jury voting…

    • Nice prediction but i think Greece did worse with the juries.Bottom 5 for sure.I also don’t think Germany scored so well with the televoting.

  19. Maybe Azerbaijan cheated and they are trying to “mediate/discipline” them so that this doesn’t happen in the future? And I bet that they are still changing the results around to cover this up :-/

  20. I Thing that in evrovision vote only for televoting :D And have one semifinal ,be a great :D

  21. Why do people keep pointing the finger at Azerbaijan when it was a song, and vocal performance, that merited 4th place. Russia finishing 2nd is far more suspicious. When you see juries like Belgium awarding Russian 6pts, why aren’t people questioning this? It is absurd. Russia should not have been in the top 5 regardless of a big televote. Juries are got at. Russia should have collected no more than around 20 jury pts in semi-final; 20pts in the final – below the scores Russia achieved in 2011 with a song that had more going for it than Babushki’s novelty rubbish. But clearly Russia received far more jury pts than this. Why? It makes no sense other than to question the integrity of jurors.

    • I agree with you that the Russia entry was complete garbage, but their finish wasn’t suspicious at all. They received more publicity before the shows than all of the other entrants put together (look at the number of youtube views). Everyone that follows the shows closely expected them to finish in the top three.

      So, has anyone actually ASKED the EBU if (and when) they will be releasing the splits?

  22. We all understand the big Russia televote – it was a given Russia would top that, but receiving pts from juries? Pre-ESC media coverage should have nothing to do with professional jurors assessing a song’s musical merit, and in this regard it would appear Russia has done much better with juries than it should have done.

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