Eurovision Voting 2012: Did Azerbaijan Cheat?

  Azerbaijan – Just so you don’t get the wrong idea: I have no interest in targeting Azerbaijan or any other countries, but the news come as they come. This Saturday, Cyprus gave its 8 points to Azerbaijan. The Cypriot jury got suspicious and complained to CyBC as they had not awarded a single point to the Azeri song. That suggest that Azerbaijan must’ve probably won the Cypriot televote. Now information surfaces that Azerbaijan got 3500 SMS in Cyprus but not a single phone call. Some people suggest that Azerbaijan may have hired PR companies in smaller European nations to massively vote for them.

Let’s have a look at the countries that voted for Azerbaijan this year:

Apart from the Cypriot 8 points, Azerbaijan also got high points from another small European nation. Malta has given it’s top marks in the last three years to the Azeri songs. Additionally high points came, as in previous years, from Bulgaria, where the public’s interest is rather low and the televoting thus more easily manipulated. The same is true for Moldova and probably also for Israel. The 12 points from Malta made me suspicious form the get-go this year. Who knows what we will discover under the surface in the next few weeks.

None of this has been confirmed by the EBU, at this point it is speculation with some circumstantial evidence!


96 thoughts on “Eurovision Voting 2012: Did Azerbaijan Cheat?

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    • Well honestly, it is the second best song I’ve heard from eurovision after Dancing lasha tumai (I’m not joking.) Either way, it’s sad to see that she, of all women buys votes, she seems so nice and everything. But again, another reason to hate on azerbaijan for buying votes every year. I think Ill replace 2nd place with always.

      • I don’t think Sabina requested to buy the votes (if they were actually bought). In Azerbaijan even the President himself is extremely bothered by the Eurovision, and their act doing well is a matter of national pride and a way to promote Azerbaijan in Europe.

  2. I actually voted for Sabina Babayeva in 2012 (I’m from Italy), she was amazing. But it’s indeed very suspicious that not a single Western country aside from the UK and Ireland awarded Azerbaijan a single point…

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