Voting Analysis 2012 (1): Who Voted For Sweden?

  Voting Analysis – Welcome to the voting analysis of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. In the coming days we will look closely at the Top 10 of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and find out who voted for whom. Today we start with the winner of this year: Sweden!


.Who voted for Sweden?

Sweden was the run-away winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012! Our map is almost entirely green in the North and the West and only once it is red.

Loreen’s song Euphoria was very popular in the so-called “Scandinavian block”. She swept 12 points from Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark. She also dominated in the Baltic states getting 12 from Estonia and Latvia and 1o from Lithuania (their 12 points have to go to the Caucasus as it seems). In most of these countries “Euphoria” had been a hit on the charts (#1 in Finland) and it could be expected that Sweden would do well there.

Sweden also swept the 12 points of the “traditional” Big 4 countries: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and France. Apart from that she also got top marks from the smaller Western European countries such as Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Central Europe, apart from Germany, Sweden also got 12 points from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. On the Balkans she was also rather successful, although not as successful as in the North and West. She got 10 points from Slovenia, Serbia and Romania and 8 points from Bosnia and Bulgaria. 7 to 6 points came from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro.

On the Caucasus Sweden did very will,  Loreen got 8 points from Georgia and 7 points from host country Azerbaijan.

She also did very well in Israel (12 points) and Cyprus (10 points).

In the East, Sweden did very will in Russia (12 points) and also got 6 or 7 points in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

Euphoria was the least successful in Portugal where it got only 3 points and Albania where she got 5 points. The only country awarding her less than 3 points was Italy, which completely ignored the song. Both Portugal and Italy have a record of ignoring future Eurovision winners, though.

All in all, Sweden can celebrate a smashing victory that is most impressive in the West, North and in Central Europe. But the Swedish entry transcended traditional voting patterns and was also well received on the Balkans and in the Caucasus. Southern Europe was the least impressed, but even there Loreen did reasonably well: That makes a winner!

Stay tuned for analysis for Russia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Albania, Germany, Turkey and more. Do you have a special wish? Let us know in the comment section!

59 comments on “Voting Analysis 2012 (1): Who Voted For Sweden?

  1. Belgium or The Netherlands!

  2. Adrian, this map isn’t how Sweden voted, it’s about how did the rest of participant countries vote for Sweden. So this doesn’t mean that Sweden voted 0 for Italy (even though it did), this means that also italy didn’t give any single point to Sweden. So 2 thing: 1- Speak clearly 2- Inform before speaking.

  3. “Euphoria” has reached No.2 in the midweek charts here in the UK. It’s been a very long time since a eurovision song has done so well here! :)

  4. this blog has gone so boring, we know who voted for who, we all watched eurovision. can you please write something more intresting? its the same old thing here boring topics and people who think there opinion is always right and the only opinion that matters. ‘togravus’ or mr know it all as i like to call him

    • Ehum, what’s boring with voting analysis? This map shows in a much clearer way the different voting areas of Europe, and how they react to different songs. I find this extremely fascinating and would like to see much more of these. But taste and opinion differs, of course. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen togravus or anyone else show these “I know best what’s good music” attitude. The language of this blog is mostly friendly.

      • Then don’t read it… To me Azerbaijan, Serbia etc are more interesting as they show voting patterns e.t.c… But I need to start with the winner, no?
        I have fun doing these things so I’ll keep doing it ^^… But what do you want me to write anonymous? I mean these two analysis articles were just two of about 8 today… so I’d love some tips ^^

  5. Who voted for Sweden? Everyone but Italy …

  6. I should really stop reading the comment section of my own blog… When did all of this start? I hope when Eurovison is a bit further away some of these ***** will go again ;(

    • I reckon that it is pretty frustrating to read all those biased, silly and hateful comments when you invest so much time and energy to keep us entertained.
      I hope that the trolls will leave soon too … Sometimes, less regulars generate more substance.

      • I guess its good training for when I will be a teacher ^^

        • That is probably true. I thaught about getting a Staatsexamen in addition to my M.A. too when I finished my studies all those years ago but then I remembered all the stories my aunts and cousins kept telling me and decided that I was just not made for that job.

  7. In fact Sweden did well in South Europe…

    Cyprus 10, Israel 12, Spain 10….in three occasions…she received top marks.

    • yep..

      “Southern Europe was the least impressed, but even there Loreen did reasonably well”

        • I think that we can’t really talk about “Southern Europe” when it comes to voting in ESC. In contrast to all other voting regions, we have a very diverse bunch of countries here. That became more than evident in the last couple of years. Israel belongs more into the ex-USSR block, Greece & Cyprus mostly in the Balkans block, Turkey in the Balkans and Caucasus blocks … Italy and San Marino … we do not really know yet, Malta is a very singular case, and Portugal and Spain vote pretty differently in most years … in fact, the high points from PT to ES almost every year are the only stabilising factor here.

  8. maybe you could write about how many people watched eurovision in each country. also you could maybe write about how australia voted and compare their voteing to europe’s

  9. It will be very Interesting to see who voted for Azerbiajans copy of Jamelia’s Stop (Bridget Jones edge of reason), Turkeys ecentric pirate act and Lithuania’s kitch, camp disco-trash entry.

  10. Off_topic: I got Kaliopis’ Best of and I love it! Get it if you like crno i belo! (same for Zeljko)

  11. So it is the southeast where “Euphoria” was not that voted and especially the balkans (well compared to the 12p from the other regions that is – a 10 from Serbia to Sweden is a big deal of course)..west and north it’s all 12p for Loreen which forms the trend..I don’t think that other that showing that the balkans were the region which voted in the most regional way this year this analysis has much to say. Sweden was voted from each and every part of Europe..Italy ignoring “Euphoria” is one of the weirdest thing that have happened in the contest lately..

  12. Do the Netherlands, please!

  13. @ euroviisontimes

    I don’t know if user ADRIAN did smth worse later when I didn’t see, but before that everything he said do’t deserve to be deleted! In that way you act like dictator Aliyev and delete all comments with different opinions to your and one group very close to you! I didn’t see that he insulted anybody! :/
    You also deleted a comment of one Anonymous user who wrote just that he is tired of user’s togravus’s comments…that was really for delete? Hmm? :/

    This site turns into dictatorship, but if you continue like that, you will never attract new users, juts same old group who think the same (thumbs up and down say smth as well and that is why you wish tp delete them, but you can’t, you know that constant thumbs down for your comments and comment of your group mean they don’t agree and you can’t deal with that, i even saw once you put sad smiley next to comment where you say you wish you can stop those thumbs up and downs but you cant, that shows me your weakness).. You have power and you can delete EVERYTHING against you and your group, but you can’t kill spirit of different opinions, believe me.. ;) you can ban us all who think different to your group but you won’t get anything with that, believe me…;)

  14. This discussion reminds me of a History paper I once had to write “Geography is about maps, History is about chaps. Discuss”..How I slaved for days over that one…:-( maybe today the “chaps” part would be politically incorrect? I mean Loreen made history, no?!

  15. good job, eurovisiontimes! I appreciate very much maps like yours. Knowing my people, I believe that my country didn’t give any point to Sweden for several reasons I would like to explain, since I realized that many persons is frequently asking for them (even BBC breakfast presenters).
    In Italy, there are few persons watching ESC, only a few of them are young and only a few of this young people is not an immigrant voting for his/her motherland. Moreover, only a few of young non-diaspora voting italian ESC viewers really vote for their favourite song, because they have no interest to do it or they don’t understand well the voting system details. Those of them who understand these rules happen to be music followers and lovers, that doesn’t appreciate very much Euphoria’s genre and they don’t consider it as a good quality piece that can win a song competition. So, it was very hard for Loreen to obtain even a few points from Italy. :)
    I’m going to add are some details, if you are interested.
    1 – Main reason = great influence of diaspora voting. ESC audience in Italy is very low (only 7% of the total tv audience watched the final and 0,23% the 1st semifinal show, while the 2nd semifinal was not broadcasted at all, neither with a delay). A good part of the italian ESC viewers and voters are immigrants voting for diaspora. The same happened in 2011. Proof: in these two years after our return at ESC, we have always given lots of points to Romania, Ukraine and Moldova (countries of some of our biggest immigrant communities). Albanians and romanians represent just the biggest more integrated immigrant groups and “what a surprise”: 12 points to Romania in 2011 and 12 points to Albania in 2012 (Albanian wasn’t in the final of 2011 edition).
    2 – I suppose that “Euphoria” was voted and appreciated mostly by young people, but only a few young italians followed ESC and a little part of them voted on Saturday night. In fact, most of them is very confused about what ESC is and how it works. It’s true, we partecipated at ESC in the past, but we left ESC almost 20 years ago in 1993 (with a lonely “not promoted” partecipation in 1997), a time when the italian boys and girls of nowadays were not born or they were too young to realize how ESC worked. Ok, we returned in ESC 1 year ago, but ESC is still very unpopular here, because of a big lack of promotion. Neither radio or music shows speak a word about ESC. RAI is our national broadcaster (component of EBU) and RAI itself just care about broadcasting the show, without promoting it. ESC’s rules are only explained during the show by the italian commenters in the short pauses between the songs, but obviously that is not enough. Still, the voting system is a mystery for most of us (especially the rules for assigning the points).
    3 – “Euphoria” is a trance-dance piece, so, it belongs to a cathegory of music that is considered a little out-of-date by most of italians. In the 90s and early 2000s, in Italy, there was a boom of dance music (italo dance), that really overstressed italian guys and girls. Nowadays, the most part of italians who love music is much more interested in other music genres.
    4 – We have our important music competitions in Italy (Sanremo festival is the most important), much more popular than ESC here and they are like a guide for our idea of “music competition”. In these competitions, we usually vote for good quality songs (good melody and good lyrics). Techno, electronic, trance or dance pieces never joins these competitions, since they are not supposed to be “good quality” songs. Actually, we don’t consider them as real songs, but just music, since they are made more for dancing at the disco than for singing (honestly, who ever would sing and dance “Euphooooooriaaaa” like Loreen inside his office or even at home? that’s the point). For us, song competition=competition between singable songs. Once we are more “acquainted” with what ESC has become in the 2000s, maybe you will see a dance song receiving 10 or 12 points from Italy or some italian participants dancing rhytmically and screaming outloud on an ESC stage, as the northern competitors usually like to do. ;)

  16. I certainly did not (but there was someone chez moi who did). Portgal and especially Italy were not impressed by ‘Euphoria’.

  17. You can do for the Republic of Macedonia :)

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