Bulgaria Confirms Participation For 2013

  Bulgaria – At a press conference of the Bulgarian national broadcaster BNT, Sofi Marinova expressed her satisfaction with the result. She didn’t make it to the final only due to a tie-break rule that eventually worked in favor of Norway. Her 11th place in the semi-final is one of Bulgaria’s best results since it started participating. During the press conference BNT also confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2013 in Sweden.

Unfortunately, after she did not qualify for the final, Sofi Marinova had to face some slander from right-wing politicians and certain media in Sofia due to the fact that she is a Roma. She was criticized for her style of dress and singing which was qualified as “gypsie” and thus not good enough to represent Bulgaria. All this happened before the semi-final results were revealed.

Source= BNT, EscDaily

10 comments on “Bulgaria Confirms Participation For 2013

  1. This is fantastic news. Bulgaria was one of the countries I was really worried about.

    And Sofi deserved to be in the final imo!

  2. It’s good that they decided to try again!They will find their way in the final soon enough!

  3. I hoped so..They should be more than greatful that their 2012 entry was so close to qualification being the unfortunate cheap mess it was, that is..I am hoping they will get back on track in 2013 and send something closer to their great 2011 effort ! Good luck !

  4. Sofi’s song may not have been artistically perfect, but, imho, it is pure fun and it was flawlessly performed by Sofi who is, anyhow, a very good singer and deserved a place in the final. Well done Sofi! :)
    As for those who attacked her on basis of her race and origin, I say: Drop dead, you fascist scums!

  5. …and i’m happy that our neighbours will participate next year too. I hope that they’ll come up with sth like their great 2007 entry :)

  6. Sofi represented her country brilliantly. I tend to like the Bulgarian NF. I am looking forward to listening the 2013 songs!

  7. I hope they send Aziz this time,another great artist with amazing voice!

  8. Bulgaria has yet to send a song that will impress me and actually deserve to qualify into the final. Sofi’s song was quite a mess and it was by far my least favourite this year… Neverthess, I’m glad to see they aren’t withdrawing. Good luck Bulgaria!

  9. i need something specials from Bulgaria and Slovakia next year. Come on just try something different like classic-rnb-rock or maybe they can call Ryan tedder or swedish composer to make songs for them. Good luck Bulgaria and Slovakia.

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