Is Liechtenstein an EBU Member?

  Liechtenstein – The little principality between Austria and Switzerland has tried to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of times, but the fact that they did not have a television station in the EBU excluded them from the competition. In the last few years the private broadcaster 1FLTV has applied for membership of the EBU but was rejected at least once. Now two documents of the EBU have appeared, dated March and October 2011 (pdf), that list Liechtenstein among the active members of the EBU. However, the box naming the broadcaster, which is filled for all other countries, is empty in Liechtenstein’s case.

If this should actually be the case, Liechtenstein would be eligible to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Last year the director of 1FLTV, Mr. Kölbel had already expressed his wish to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest with his new television channel. The EBU had orally stated their consent, but the financial burden seemed to be too big for the little channel and thus Kölbel said a participation depended on whether his channel would receive money from the government. A request to get financial aid from Liechtenstein’s government was turned down last summer. A participation is thus still very unlikely, but if Liechtenstein actually is an active EBU member at least not completely out of the question.

We have contacted the EBU to get a confirmation on this.

59 thoughts on “Is Liechtenstein an EBU Member?

      • I’ll post this again here to make sure you see it:

        I love Eastern Europe, the people, the livestyle… I lived and travelled there for a year! (Best year of my life) I have Eastern heritage and I love Serbian, Bosnian , Bulgarian e.t.c music
        I have made great friends there that I still talk to (partly in Bulgarian). I sing the Serbian , Bosnian and some Bulgarian entries loudly in my room because I love the sound of slavic langauages! Half my friends on facebook are Bulgarians (My name on facebook is in cyrillic for haven’s sake!) and I NEED them in ESC

        It’s not because you’re Serbian that I disagree with you, it’s because we do not have the same opinion and with everyone elese on this site I can respectfully disagree!

  1. I really hope Liechtenstein to make it’s debut soon but I read the document and I thought … maybe … just maybe it was an editor’s mistake

  2. Elis changed its singer though because she died :( RIP so I think this would be a better example of their current music than Der Letze Tag (Sabine, RIP, did vocals on that German song)

  3. @ Xello

    I was the same like you 3 -2 years ago, you need quite a lot time to realize some things… so I won’t tell you anything now… Prepusticu ti da sam nauchish..i spozasnh.. Good luck! ;)

      • Well i can say to you, that 3-4 years before i was like you… Rebelious, untrusting, fight with anyone who bothers me… But things happend to me and i figured that life is short and i will enjoy every moment of it… Eurovision makes me happy, and i like everyone who truly likes it-with similar or totaly different taste…

        And if we all think the same, it would be too borring!

        • This is EDITED what you have just said. I’m not rebelious at all…I am a ESC fan for several years and was member of ESC sites and many fans know me!

          Just I started to notice few bad things against me and I try to fight against them…maybe you think it’s not a good way, but i couldn’t care less!

          • Ok, if it is shit what i say, why bothers you what people that you dont know, you will probably never met, and you will not never need, thinks about you…
            And i must say to you, that last year, when most of the comments for Nina was bad, here i found best comments and reactions-from E.T., Torgravus, Sekhmet, Shevek etc…

        • Marko what the hell are you doing? I have read this blog last year and now again and I never found anything offensive against eastern Europe (I’m from Slovakia!)

          You just make up stuff to be in the center of attention. If anything you are a bad image for eastern europe not thiz site!

            • Why are you so rude? It seems like you feel bad about yourself and thats whay you want to find the problems in others!

              I am eastern european and I love thiz site! The problem is you nat thiz site!

            • and why don’t you apologize to eurovisiontimes? It is very clear he likes eastern europe not hates it..

            • If you behave like a EDIT I analyze! I work in psyscho things! You probably have few friends, problems in life e.t.c… I advise you to get help in real life, not reacting to things on the internet to get rid of your anger.. infiriotiy issues you have too! You use being serbian as protection against your hate of your self..

              uff.. that’s enough now.. this is supposed to be about eurovision… ain’t it? So now get back to that and ignore Marko… is best thing for him and us!

  4. @ Moderator

    Why you don’t react when somebody calls other member of your site psychopat? :S
    And calls other members to ignore some member? :S
    Or Slovak is actually you? or maybe he is your “man” who you use in these situations to help you show your site works how you want? ts,ts,ts!

    • I went to bed! That’s why I couldn’t react! Some of the words he/she used are not acceptable, you are right and I told him. I’m surprised to see that these word bug you as you yourself tell other people they’re “talking shit” or to “fuck off”.. What goes around comes around! It’s also interesting that suddenly you want me to intervene while before you told me to “leave me alone with your nonsense”… You should really think about what you are doing yourself and what you do not like others doing to you.

      But he is right that it might be best to just ignore your rants and from now on that is what I’m going to do!

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