Liechtenstein: No Decision Until This Summer

  Liechtenstein – One of the few countries that can still make their debut in Eurovision is the small principality of Liechtenstein. The countries only broadcaster 1FLTV has repeatedly claimed that it wants to send an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, the channel’s CEO Peter Kölbel told us: “Nothing has changed for us: We will only activate the application for membership in the EBU once the government has granted us access to the media subsidies. We Continue reading

No Participation of Liechtenstein at Eurovision 2012

  Liechtenstein – All hopes for a participation of Liechtenstein at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and a membership of the principality’s only broadcaster 1FLTV in the EBU have unfortunately to be buried. Peter Kölbel, head of 1FLTV, has told The Eurovision Times, that the principality is not a member of the EBU yet and thus can’t participate in Europe’s favourite TV show. “Nothing has changed for us: We will only activate the application for membership in the EBU once the government has granted us access to the media subsidies. We believe that our chances are quite Continue reading

Is Liechtenstein an EBU Member?

  Liechtenstein – The little principality between Austria and Switzerland has tried to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of times, but the fact that they did not have a television station in the EBU excluded them from the competition. In the last few years the private broadcaster 1FLTV has applied for membership of the EBU but was rejected at least once. Now two documents of the EBU have appeared, dated March and October 2011 (pdf), that list Liechtenstein among the active members of the EBU. However, the box naming the broadcaster, which is filled Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Who will return?

Eurovision 2011 – This year there were more rumors and speculations about possible returns, debuts and withdrawals than in any other year. There were also more (predominantly positive) surprises concerning the list of participating nations. In total 42 countries (nothing official yet) will compete for the ‘Grand Prix’ in Düsseldorf next May. An official list of the participating countries is expected to be released after January 7, when the EBU will resume its work after the Christmas break. Here is what we know so far: Continue reading

Neither Liechtenstein nor Hungary in Eurovision 2011

EBU – The European Broadcasting Union has told that no new members have been admitted as a full member which means that neither Liechtenstein’s 1FLTV nor Hungary’s Duna TV will be able to send an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. During its General Assembly in Genf this week the EBU discussed the applications but the two channels were not admitted. Hungary could theoretically participate with its national broadcaster MTV, but the financial situation of the channel Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Qatar, Liechtenstein and Hungary

EBU – After the amazing news of Italy’s return , Eurovision fans can expect more interesting revelations about possible debuts or returns of other countries as well. Today is the second day of the EBU’s General Assembly. Amongst other issues Qatars application for full EBU membership will be discussed. Full membership in the EBU and thus participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is possible to countries inside the broadcasting area of the EBU, which is bordering on the south by the parallel 30° North thus including parts of Northern Africa and the Continue reading

ESC 2011: Which countries will return?

ESC 2011 – 4 months ago I published a post called “Will they return” in which I assessed the chances of Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy returning or debuting in Germany in 2011. Now, there have been new developments and we have more information. The chances thus need to be reassessed. There also is new information about possible returns of Andorra, Slovakia Hungary, San Marino, Monaco, Czech Republic and Luxembourg. Continue reading

Never ending story: Liechtenstein at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

Liechtenstein – The German Eurovision blog eurofire reports, that Svante Stockselius, EBU supervisor, has told them that Liechtenstein can apply for a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany in December.

Liechtenstein’s TV channel 1FLTV had applied for EBU membership earlier this year but would not have become a full member in time to participate in 2011. Now Stockselius explained, that the rules were changed. If a channel is in the process of becoming an EBU member, they can already apply for Eurovision even if they’re not a full member yet. The deadline to send in the needed application papers will be the beginning of Continue reading

Liechtenstein’s participation in 2011 very likely

Liechtenstein – The newspaper “Liechtensteiner Vaterland” reports today that the television channel 1FLTV has experienced a setback in their wish to send an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. The 2-year old television channel had applied for financial support by the Liechtenstein government. Yesterday the media commission  of the country has turned down this application. Peter Kölbel, head of 1FLTV has expressed his disappointment, but also reinforced his wish to send a Liechtenstein entry to the next Eurovision Song Contest.
According to Kölbel the channel is exploring his possibilities of appeal. Continue reading

Will they return?

With Germany’s victory, the reasons of Autrian broadcaster ORF for withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest are no longer valid! After meager results in the past ORF had withdrawn from the competition claiming, the quality of the song would not count and critizising political voting. Germany’s victory this Saturday has proven that the contest has changed since the introduction of the juries. Germany is widely seen as one of the countries withouth neighbour or diaspora support.

The “Generaldirektor” of the ORF has announced today that they will “for sure rethink” whether they should send an entry to their big neighbour Germany in 2011.

The chances of Austria returning in 2011: 80%

You might think that Italy will be tempted to return as Germany is a Big4 country and has proven it’s possible to win (Italy would become part of the Big 4 if it returned). Furthermore Svante Stokselius has made it one of his priorities to bring Italy back to the contest. BUT: Italy’s reasons to withdraw were never the political voting. They lost interest in the contest and wanted to focus on their San Remo Festival.A return is thus (unfortunately) rather unlikely.

The chances of Italy returning in 2011: 5%

Liechtenstein has never participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, although it had tried in 1980. Back then the microstate didn’T have a TV station, which is a condition to participate. This year they have a channel, which has already applied for membership at the EBU. If they are accepted they will most certainly send an entry to Germany.

The chances of Liechtenstein debuting in 2011: 80%

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