Montenegro Returns to Eurovision

  Montenegro – Rade Vojvodić, the new director of the Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG, has confirmed that Montenegro will be present at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku next year, even stating that “Montenegro should take part every year“. Vojvodić explained that the participation fees for Montenegro will be much lower this year (23k instead of 85k) and that does a participation is possible.

“There is a great likelihood that we will succeed. Montenegro needs to have representatives, it is irrelevant what the placing will be in the end. It is a pity not to participate and not to see the Montenegrin flag and, among other things there, not to promote our musicians”, Vojvodic stated. He also told newspaper “Vijesti” that he would be the one choosing the entry after consulting with national music labels.

Montenegro participated three times as an independent nation in 2007,2008 and 2009 but never managed to qualify for the final. In 2010 RTCG had announced its withdrawal due to financial problems.

This is Montenegro’s latest entry “Just get out of my head”

Source= RTCG with

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14 thoughts on “Montenegro Returns to Eurovision

  1. I didn’t really like any of their previous entries, but it’s nice to see them returning. Let’s hope they choose a good song and make it to the final!

  2. I am really glad because I really love 2005 (it’s my winner) and call me insane but I kinda liked ok 07 and 08 and Andrea is a great singer and performer except she performed a very stupid Ralph Siegel’s song… But that’s four entries that make Montenegro a nice little country. And in my book, I only count countries with at least 5 entries, the others have their own section so I can’t wait to hear more Montenegrin entries in esc (not to forget that their NF back in old Serbia-Montenegro were awesome)

  3. This is a very good news ! I can’t wait to see what song they’ll send ! :D
    They should have qualified in the final with their last entry, in 2009 …

  4. VOJVODIC, LISTEN TO ME: everybody is glad to se montenegro back, especially me and I want to se montenegro in the final I know who can you send:
    You said that you will make an internal election and it will be a montenegrin artist?
    Then here is you BEST option:
    No-Name :)

    • Pffff… yeah and let’s all countries send participants who took part few years ago and even didn’t get respectable results…that’s such a boring concept, with return of tons of ESC singers very soon! :S

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