Romania 2011: Hotel FM to Düsseldorf

Romania – Last year (haha get the joke? ;) ) Romania selected Hotel FM with their song “Change” as their representative for Düsseldorf in May. The show was hosted by last year’s Romanian participants Paula and Ovi and 13 songs competed for the right to represent Romania. The final outcome was decided 50% by a jury and 50% by televote. Part of the jury were Eurovision winners Johnny Logan and Niamh Kavanagh as well as 3-time Maltese participant Chiara. Although Hotel FM did not win the televote, the jury favoured them and thus they won the competition. Here you can see the full result:

Place – Points (Jury vote + Televote) – Artist – Song+
01. – 022 (12+10) – Hotel FM – Change

02. – 017 (05+12) – Distinto, Ianna & Anthony Icuagu – Open your eyes
02. – 017 (10+07) – Direcția 5 – Cinema love
04. – 016 (08+08) – Mihai Alexandru feat. B-Body & Soul – Bang bang
05. – 012 (07+05) – Laurențiu Cazan – We can change the world
06. – 010 (06+04) – Laeticia – Dreaming of you
07. – 006 (00+06) – Blaxy Girls – It’s so fine
08. – 004 (02+02) – Adrian Cristescu – One by one
08. – 004 (04+00) – Dan Helciug – My Facebook girl
10. – 003 (03+00) – Dalma – Song for him
10. – 003 (00+03) – Claudia Pavel – I want u to want me

12. – 002 (01+01) – Silvia Ştefănescu – I can’t breath without you
13. – 000 (00+00) – Rallsa – Take me down

This is the Romanian entry:
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10 thoughts on “Romania 2011: Hotel FM to Düsseldorf

  1. the jury votes are almost exactly like mine and that’s spooky ! lol
    definitely the best choice, as i kept repeating since we saw the promo video

    they weren’t that good last year, but this year, sobre, simple, very effective and a very good tune to sing along, i don’t doubt we’ll see romania in the esc finale (but they might do around 14th or so i can see them do very well with juries, like dk 09 did but not so well in televoting apart from diaspora votes)

    so far the best chosen and, well, i’m surprised no one elese said it, but the lead singer is a very yummy cutie

  2. Now that the dust has settled down (somewhat), it’s clear to me that the Romanian winner is very well sung. Selectia Nationala 11 offered a group of 13 bland songs that didn’t amount to much. The best thing about yesterday’s show were the live performances by Adri Cristescu (the stage presentation was very off-putting though), Dalma, Silvia Stefanescu, Distinto, Ianna & Anthony Icuagu (bad song), Directia 5 (the best song) and Hotel FM, who had the best act overall (song+live vocals+stage presentation). Paula and Ovi were great hosts and the guests were the best part of Selectia Nationala 11.

    For now it’s 1. Romania, 2. Switzerland and 3. Albania. I expect that these songs will end up much further down on my final list. The Finnish and Estonian NFs alone have better songs on offer and the Ukrainian hopeful Bahroma has a better song as well.

    • i can’t see how Finland will choose one of the truly bad songs in their NF and since almost all are at least decent, if an only “decent” song is chosen then it means it’s got an amazing live and therefore it’s fine… Finns have lately chosen pretty well except in 2009 and could have done better in the amazing amazing 2007 NF (Lovex being the best overall)

      Estonia, well come on “Randajad” and “Siren” can’t be followed by Rolf Junior lol

      Ukraine i’m more than doubtful, Bahroma being the only one i could see in my finale top 10 but Sweden, Norway, of course Bosnia and Turkey, quite probably France, why not if the year is bad Germany again… we have countries with lots of potentials, and the possibility to be surprised in others (Georgia, Lithuania, Serbia tend to be good lately)

  3. As I said last night, it is the best choice they had. Not a masterpiece but decent, professional and nice enough. I hope that they get rid of that tacky white piano for ESC. Keep it simple and unpretentious is the best way to stage such a song imo.

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