HMBC to Eurovision for Austria?

Austria – Eurovision really seems to drum up interest in Austria this year! The young band HMBC, who are currently in the Top 5 of the Austrian single charts want to represent the mountainous country in Düsseldorf. Their style is quite unique and hard to describe. I’d say it’s a mixture of Austrian folk music, guitar pop, alternative mixture and all that in the dialect of the Vorarlberg. Despite this not being the predominant style in the Austrian single charts, their debut song “Vo Mello Bis Ge Schoppornou” has made it to second place. The actual name of the band is “Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub” by the way, but most people (due to obvious reasons) use the abbreviation HMBC. The band was founded in 2003 and through grassroots work, they constantly broadened their fan base.  The fact that such a young, successful and unique band (their music can’t be called Eurovision-like) wants to go to Eurovision, shows how the image of the Contest changed after Germany’s win this year.

HMBC is also starting to gain support and fans outside of the Austrian borders. Last month their song was the most played in the German state of Bavaria and got lots of youtube-clicks (overall 1,4 million!!!) from Germany and Switzerland.

Here is their song “Vo Mello Bis Ge Schoppornou” (From Mellau to Schopernau)

This is not their Eurovision entry!

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10 comments on “HMBC to Eurovision for Austria?

  1. I love it! I hope they will represent Austria. This is really Austrian for once and not some stupid Britney Spears copy… Com’on Austria make yourself proud. They probably wouldn’T qualify for the final, but just the fact that it’s in a dialect is enough to make it a success in my eyes! Österreich vor!

  2. I would most certainly like to hear something along the lines of this song representing Austria.

  3. I love this song by them and I hope their song for ESC is equally great.

  4. I love it now. Very cool and chilly!

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