Guy Chambers writes a song for Lena!

Germany – The rumors have been confirmed! The German song for the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf will be selected in a process with two semi-finals on private channel Pro7 and a final on public broadcaster ARD. Lena will present 6 songs in each semi-final of which three will qualify for the final. Apparently, the officials want to engage high-profile songwriters for the competition. Unsurprisingly Stefan Raab will write two of the songs, but also Guy Chambers, who has already worked with Robbie William and Kylie Minogue is rumored to contribute one song. The names of the authors and composers will not be made public until after the winner has been chosen (UPDATE: The song’s writers have been revealed during the shows)

Guy Chambers co-wrote some of Williams’ best known tracks, including  Rock DJ, Feel, Millennium, Let Me Entertain You, Angels, Supreme, No Regrets and Eternity. He has also co-written songs for Katie Melua’s album “The House”, the Melanie C hit “First day of my life” and several songs for Kylie Minogue, Anastacia, James Blunt and Tina Turner.

Earlier this year Alexander Rybak had offered to write a song for Lena as well. Maybe we will see a cooperation of the two last Eurovision winners.

Lena had announced her will to represent Germany again right after her victory in Oslo. It’s the first time since the 50s that a winner returns the following year!


12 comments on “Guy Chambers writes a song for Lena!

  1. I hope it will be nice songs!

    go lena!

  2. I still hate the idea of Lena’s secodn participation, but at least it won’t be 100% Raab songs. And to have someone like Guy Chambers is really amazing…

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  4. Good news to attract such a successful songwriter as Chambers, I wonder though if he can create a song that will suit Lena’s unique style. It does however make it seem unlikely she will sing in German this time around, which I was hoping that she might.

    Would she really want to work with Rybak? It looked like she was pretty pissed off with him for cheekily kissing her when she won. Anyone notice that?

  5. still a big NO from me

  6. why not try a german entry? I also thought, raab wanted to write her next song. ;)

  7. Hm, there was no Guy-Chambers-Song but some crap today ….. :-(
    Though I like “Push Foreward” :-)
    But I missed something like “Taken by a stranger” today.

  8. you never wrote “ANGELS” for robbie williams you peace of shit….”SERAPHIN” wrote and sang it… hell has a place for your sorry rank cultist soul…..

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