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Lithuania: Third Heat Tonight

Lithuania – This year’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2020 resumes tonight with the third and final heat out of three. 12 acts are taking part and 6 will qualify to the semi-finals with a vote split with 50% jury and 50% televote.

Lithuania: 49 Contestants Revealed

Lithuania – The contestants for the Lithuanian selection process, Eurovizijos Atranka 2019, have been announced. Filming will start filming on 20th December 2018 and will begin airing on 5th January 2019. This time there will be four heats, two semi-finals and the grand final, which will take place on 23rd February 2019.

TEKO 2018: Group 14 Results

TEKO 2018: Group 14 Results

TEKO 2018 – Voting in group 14 is closed! See the results of the group with Australia, France, and Lithuania!

TEKO 2018: Vote in Group 14!

TEKO 2018: Vote in Group 14!

TEKO 2018 – It’s time to vote in group 14 of TEKO 2018; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2018. Today, you can start voting in the group of Australia, France, and Lithuania!

Lithuania: Eurovizijos Atranka 2018 Underway

Lithuania – Eurovizijos Atranka 2018 has started tonight with the first 13 acts taking part in the marathon selection process. So far  Ieva and Godo are popular with the jury in the studio, but who will go through to whatever rounds may still await?

Lithuania: Long-running Eurovizijos Returns as National Selection

Lithuania – The submission period is now open if you’re a Lithuania citizen and want to enter the Lithuanian selection marathon that is Eurovizijos Atranka. You have until 1st December 2017 to enter.

TEKO 2017: Group 5 Results!

TEKO 2017: Group 5 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in group 5 is closed! See the results of the group with Australia, Denmark, and Lithuania!

TEKO 2017: Vote in Group 5!

TEKO 2017 – It’s time to vote in group 5 of TEKO 2017; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2017. Today, you can start voting in the group of Australia, Denmark, and Lithuania!

Lithuania: It’s Fusedmarc to Kyiv!

Lithuania – After many weeks of selection programmes, Lithuania tonight topped it off with some random jury lottery and televoting to crown Fusedmarc their representative for Kyiv. The song is ‘Rain of revolution‘. Check the winning song out now… 

Lithuania: Results of Eurovizija 2017 Semi-final

Lithuania – The lengthy selection in Lithuania, Eurovizija 2017, is finally drawing to a close with tonight’s semi-final resulting in 8 finalists for next week’s show, which were chosen by a mix of international jury and televote.  

Lithuania: Another Week, Another Heat in Lithuania

Lithuania – We are finally nearing the end of the excruciatingly long selection process in Lithuania. Last night saw 8 acts left in Eurovizijos atranka 2017 and only 4 could qualify for the semi-final which takes place on 4th March. Aiste Pilvelyte won the night and the four acts that qualified were:

Lithuania: Watch the Final Tonight

Lithuania – Tonight sees the climax of 10 long weeks of their national selection process in Lithuania. We’re down to the final 6 contestants. You can watch Eurovizija 2016 live from Vilnius on Eurovision.tv from 20.00 (CET) this evening. The show will run until 22.10 (CET).  

Lithuania: Semi-final Stage Arrives

Lithuania – After its usual lengthy and unfathomable selection procedure, Lithuania has now got down to the last 8 acts after 8 weeks of selections as we reach the semi-final stage. Donny Montell (Lithuania 2012) still seems favourite to win. 

Lithuania: Selection Marathon Begins on Saturday!

Lithuania – It’s that time again… the marathon Eurovizijos selection process, with almost inexplicable rules, that is the Lithuania national selection contest. Over the next 8 weeks acts will perform all sorts of songs, alone and with each other, their own songs and other peoples songs.

Lithuania: ‘This Time’ Chosen for Vienna

Lithuania – After 7 weeks of selection shows, we finally got down to business tonight in Lithuania as the song for Vienna was finally chosen. The three remaining acts sang the three remaining songs each and the voters finally made their choice…

Lithuania: Final Three Songs Revealed

Lithuania – We’re not 100% sure how we got there, but it appears we now not only have 3 finalists, we now have only three songs too. In this week’s programme the three remaining acts, Mia, Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila, will sing all three songs each.

Lithuania: Three Finalists Confirmed

Lithuania – The sixth show in Lithuania took place last night and eliminated two more singers. Sadly Edgaras and Jurgis were sent home after all these weeks of pain. It leaves three singers in the final but we will not know who will go to Vienna for another 2 weeks.

Lithuania: 2 More Acts Eliminated

Lithuania – The end is in sight (nearly, honest) as Lithuania eliminated Liepa Mondeikaitė and Neringa Šiaudikytė tonight in Vilnius. This leaves only 5 acts still in the race.

Lithuania: Tadas Juodsnukis Eliminated

Lithuania – In week 746 in Lithuania (in reality still only week 4 officially believe it or not) , Tadas Juodsnukis was eliminated… and immediately took to his Facebook page to vent his frustration at the bizarre system! After Milita’s withdrawal through ill health, it leaves 7 acts in the race.

Lithuania: Reda Striškaitė and Wilma La Eliminated

Lithuania – Week 3 of Lithuania’s lengthy Eurovisijas 2015 saw us hear all the songs performed for the first time live, and two more acts were eliminated from the national selection programme. The two acts that didn’t make the cut this week were Reda Striškaitė and Wilma La.

Lithuania: Week 3 Show Airs Tonight

Lithuania – It already feels like forever but it’s only week 3 in Lithuania, and there’s still another 5 to go before we will know both the artist and the song on the 21st February!

Lithuania: Songs Revealed

Lithuania – The eleven songs in the running for the Lithuania selection have been revealed by LRT. You can listen to them now on Soundcloud here. After eliminations each week, the song will be chosen on 14th February.

Lithuania: 2nd Show Sees 1st Elimination

Lithuania: Rolikai who were placed next to last in the previous show, were the first to be eliminated after the addition of tonight’s votes. The winner of tonight’s show was Vaidas Baumila (2nd place last week). Last week’s winner Tadas Juodsnukis only finished 6th this week.

Lithuania: 12 Songs Named

Lithuania – The 12 songs that will compete in the marathon Lithuania selection have been named by broadcaster LRT. The show that presents them was recorded today and will be broadcast on 17th January.

Lithuania: Result of first Eurovizija Show

Lithuania – The national selection programme, Eurovizija, started tonight in Lithuania. The 12 candidates were introduced in a pre-recorded show and had to sing a Lithuanian song. 

Lithuania: National Selection Dates Announced

Lithuania – Last year’s national selection seemed to go on for ever, and didn’t give many people the song they wanted! But Lithuania is sticking with the lengthy process again, and has announced the show dates for this year’s selection process…

First Barbara Dex Award Contender Revealed!

Eurovision 2014 – Attention Ladies and gentlemen and members of the jury! We have our first contender for this year’s worst dressed award! Step forward Vilija of Lithuania, wearing rubber and a tutu, ably supported by a cast of Disney villains…

Lithuania: Song Chosen Tonight

Lithuania – In what seems to be a year long selection process, Lithuania continues its pre-selection tonight after yesterday’s show was postponed due to events in the Ukraine. The 11th show was pre-recorded earlier in the week and tonight will pick it’s song for Denmark.

Lithuania: Results of Ninth Heat

Lithuania – LRT resumed its very lengthy road on Saturday night in a quest to find their Lithuanian representative for Copenhagen. The 9th of 10 shows took place with a singer eliminated and 10 songs presented in the competition! Since then an act has been disqualified! The Eurovizijos grand final is set for March 1st […]

Lithuania: Delay to National Final

Lithuania – The Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT has announced today that its national final will take place later than planned due to high ratings. After a very long drawn out process over 10 heats, the representative may now not be known for some time.