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EBU to Meet with Armenia

Eurovision 2016 – The Eurovision Press Twitter account has just announced that the EBU is to meet with the Armenia delegation to discuss last night’s controversial flag moment.  

Malta’s Ira Losco visits Iveta Mukuchyan in Armenia

Eurovision 2016 – Two of this year’s Eurovision participants have already struck up a friendship. Ira Losco (Malta 2016) has visited Iveta Mukuchyan in Armenia.

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan Cancels Amsterdam Performance

Armenia – This year’s Armenia representative has today cancelled her trip to Amsterdam for this weekend’s Eurovision in Concert event in light of recent events on the Armenian / Azerbaijan border.

Armenia: Mixed Reactions to LoveWave

Armenia – After yesterday’s reveal of Iveta Mukuchyan‘s song ‘LoveWave’, there have been mixed reactions from Eurovision fans. Comments have ranged from   “Armenia is sooooo spellbinding *-*” and “Armenia SLAYING Eurovision this year!”

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan to Stockholm

Armenia – Today the Armenia broadcaster announced that its representative for Eurovision 2016 would be Iveta Mukuchyan. AMPTV also announced a contest for songwriters for Iveta’s entry song for ESC 2016. 

Armenia: Clue Released about its Representative

Armenia – The Armenian state broadcaster has today issued a press release formally announcing its participation in Eurovision 2016 and confirming its entry will be revealed on October 13 at 17:15 (CET). 

Genealogy Members Release Versions of ‘Face the shadow’

Former Participants – Two members of Armenia’s Genealogy (2015), Stephanie Topalian and Vahe Tilbian have both released solo versions of “Face the shadow”, this year’s Armenia’s Eurovision 2015 entry. You can check out both versions now… 


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