Worst Eurovision Song Ever


Worst Eurovision Song Ever – In the winter of 2010 our readers voted for their least favourite Eurovision songs ever. On January 1 we started to reveal the result. All songs have now been revealed and you can find the entire list below! Before listening to the songs we advise you to have aspirin or if needed alcoholic beverages at hand to ease the pain ;)

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#15: Peter Nalitch and Friends – Lost and Forgotten

Peter Nalitch and Friends and their ballad “Lost and forgotten”. Peter Nalitch became famous in Russia after the publication of the clip of his song “Gitar” on YouTube (where he makes fun of himself with broken English lyrics and dubious film editing qualities). In about three years, more than 4,000,000 people have watched the video. In Eurovision he received many points from neighbouring countries but non from Western, Northern and Southern Europe. Apparently this kind of humour is inherently Russian :). You didn’t seem to get his humor either and voted him 15th on the Worst Eurovision Songs Ever.

Your worst song number 15: Peter Nalitch and Friends – Lost and Forgotten:


#14: No Angels – Disappear (2008)

We continue with your place 14 which goes to Germany: In 2008 the No Angels represented the Big4 country in Belgrade. The years prior they had become Germany’s most successful girl band in history. Winners of the casting show popstars they even recorded a duet with Donovan and had several hits in Eastern Europe and even Scandinavia. Maybe Germany thought that would boost their chances not to be in the bottom 5 for once. Far from it! The No Angels got 2 points from Switzerland and 12 from Bulgaria (because one band member had Bulgarian roots) and came 23rd. Their performance oozed of nervousness and missed notes, which explains their bad result. The Eurovision Song Contest was supposed to mark their big comeback, but since their failure their stars have sunk rapidly….

Your worst song number 14: No Angels – Disappear (2008)


#13: Kreisiraadio – Leto svet

Today we continue with your place 13 which goes to Estonia: The song Leto svet was performed in Serbian (host country), German and Finnish by Hannes Võrno, Peeter Oja and Tarmo Leinatamm from the Estonian comedy group Kreisiraadio. The performance included German and Finnish flags, opulent guys in old-fashioned suites and girls in skimpy outfits. The song was mostly in Serbian although it did not follow any grammar or pronunciation rules of that language. Europe did not seem to understand this kind of humor and thus the song did not qualify for the final.

Your worst song number 13: Kreisiraadio – Leto svet:


#12: Remedios Amaya – Quién maneja mi barca (1983)

Today we continue with your place 12: In 1983 in Munich Spain was represented by flamenco singer Remedios Amaya with “Quién maneja mi barca”, which Terry Wogan called “very, very ethnic”. Apparently not a single jury thought he song worthy of a single point and thus Remedios came last with nit points. It is interesting that this is the only song in our Top15 that participated in the old century!

Your worst song number 12: Remedios Amaya – Quién maneja mi barca:


#11: Verka Serduchka – Dancing lasha tumbai

Today we continue with your place 11 which will probably be a quite controversial choice. Some people love it and others apparently hate it guts. A year after the Finnish monster-band Lordi won the competition nobody thought the winner could get any more eccentric, but Verka Serduchka came quite close the year after in Helsinki.

Serduchka is a drag character of Ukrainian comedian and dance pop singer Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko. The polka-like dance song Dancing lasha tumbai came second that year while Serbia won. The song includes counting and other words in German (Sieben, Sieben eilulu sieben sieben eins zwei, Tanzen) . The title Lasha tumbai does not mean anything in Ukrainian, but pronounced in the right way it sounds a lot like “Russia Goodbye”. Apparently this kind of humor did not fare very well with some of you as you voted Verka on place 11 of the worst ESC songs.

Your worst song number 11: Verka Serduchka – Dancing Lasha Tumbai


#10: Rodolfo Chikilikuatre – Baila el Chiki-Chiki

Today we enter the “Top 10”: In 2008 Spain decided to introduce a more democratic system as their national final and the result was a joke entry… surprise! Rodolfo Chikilikuatre (“Chiquilicuatre” or “chiquilicuatro” in Spanish is a word referring to a good-for-nothing) is a fictional character played by David Fernández, a comedian who collaborates on the late night TV show Buenafuente on the competing channel LaSexta, where his entry was repeatedly promoted.

He presented the song “Baila el Chiki-chiki” (“Dance the Chiki-chiki”), which is a parody of reggaeton music and has a joke reference to the world-famous ¿Por qué no te callas? incident. Some Eurovision fans accused this song of containing political content, which is prohibited in the Eurovision contest. An example of the song’s political content would be “Lo baila Rajoy, lo baila Hugo Chávez, lo baila Zapatero, mi amor ya tú sabes.” (“Rajoy dances it, Hugo Chávez dances it, Zapatero dances it; my love, you already know it”). Supporters of the song claimed that this is only a mention of Spanish political figures, and doesn’t constitute political content. In any case, the most controversial lines were changed to fit the rules after the Spanish national final.

In Belgrade he came 16th which  was actually a fairly good result for Spain compared to previous years.

Your worst song number 10: Rodolfo Chikilicuatre – Baila el Chiki-chiki:


#9: Alf Poier – Weil der Mensch zählt

Today we continue with your place 9: In 2003 he was the biggest favourite… for last place. He proved his critics wrong! Alf Poier’s 6th place is the best result Austria has achieved in the last 22 years! His bizarre song starts as a kind of children’s song about animals (the words are quite “elaborate” tough) and turns into a hard rock song during the chorus. The dance moves were just as remarkable as the age difference between his two backing singers. During the contest Poier said his song was supposed to promote individualism in a the sea of mainstream that the Eurovision Song Contest is. Let that be a lesson to you who voted him to ninth place on this list…

Your worst song number 9: Alf Poier – Weil der Mensch zählt (Because the human being counts)


#8: Krassimir Avramov – Illusion:

Today we continue with your place 8: In 2009 Bulgaria sent Krassimir Avramov to Moscow which caused a major controversy in Bulgaria and lead to ringing ears all over Europe. In Midieval costumes Avramov and his dancers and “singers” tried to convince the  juries and the public. Their singing was absolutely atrocious screaming. In case you want to watch the video below I strongly advise you to take a few aspirin before ;)

Your worst song number 8: Krassimir Avramov – Illusion:


#7: Gipsy.cz – Aven Romale and Tereza Kerndlová – Have some fun

Today we continue with your place 7, which is a was (almost) a tie and as it is even the same country I decided to give out the “honor” of being in 7th place: twice. The Czech Republic only sent 3 songs to Eurovision to date, one of them got nil points and 2 of them are in our Worst Eurovision Songs list. Quite the unachievement, eh?

In 2009 a man in a red superman suit with a cape (seriously) was the third entry by the Czech Republic and will probably be their last for a while. The Romani hiphop group Gipsy.cz was the first act in 5 years to come last without a single point in their semi-final. Personally I think the song is quite ok, but maybe the performance was just a little too eccentric.

A year earlier Tereza Kerndlová sung as bad as can be and set new standards in cheapness. The worst of it all was that Tereza didn’t seem to notice her incompetence and appeared quite arrogant throughout Eurovision week. She even made fun of other entries and was crestfallenly angry when she didn’t qualify. For that she is quite deserving of her 7th place in our list, isn’t she?

Your worst songs number 7: Gipsy.cz – Aven Romale and Tereza Kerndlová – Have some fun

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#6: Dustin the Turkey – Irlande Douze Points:

Today we continue with your place 06: Was it Ireland’s revenge for their bad placings in the new millennium? Probably! Because Dustin’s entry, “Irelande Douze Pointe”, is a mock entry, making fun of the Eurovision Song Contest, with lyrics such as “Drag acts and bad acts and Terry Wogan’s wig”.The title of the song also mocks the contest, mimicking the famous phrase from Eurovision “douze points”.Dustin was present on stage in a trolley. The performance began with Dustin being wheeled-out from the side of the stage by a cloaked figure, with the trolley also being cloaked. The cloaks were removed and the performance included a lot of dancing by the back-up dancers, bathed in green, white and gold, the colours of the Irish flag. Dustin failed to qualify for the final and probably marked the lowpoint of a formerly great Eurovision nation.

Your worst song number 6: Dustin the Turkey – Irlande Douze Points:


#5: Scooch – Flying the flag:

Today we enter the “Top 5”: The bubble gum pop group Scooch represented the UK in 2007. Their performance of “Flying the flag” included airplane seats, typical stewardess moves and some sexual allusion. At the end of the evening Scooch finished 23rd of 24 with 19 point; 7 points from Ireland and the maximum 12 points from Malta. This was the first time since 2002 that a UK Eurovision entrant had received the maximum 12 points in the competition. Malta later stated that the 12 points was a protest at how many countries in Eurovision voted for their neighbours

Your worst song number 5: Scooch – Flying the flag:


#4: Josh Dubovie – That sounds good to me:

Today we continue with your place 4: And again it’s the United Kingdom! The mixture for 2010 seemed to promise success: A famous composer with tons of hits and a young motivated performer (that’s what worked for the UK in 2009 with Jade and Andrew Loyd Webber). Unfortunately Pete Waterman’s song sounded t00 80s, the lyrics were horrific (I bring the sunshine, you bring the good times) and Josh Dubovie was not good enough a performer to make the audience forget about the bad song. The result: The downfall of a once glimmering Eurovision nation (last place) and 4th on the Worst Eurovision Songs Ever!

Your worst song number 4: Josh Dubovie – That sounds good to me:


#3: Jemini – Cry baby

Today we continue with your bronze medal: And once more (third time in a row) the “honour” goes to the United Kingdom. In 2003 they sent a male/female pop duo by the name of “Jemini” which presented the most off-key performance of the last decade (probably) and were rewarded with a last place and Nil points.

The Eurovision failure prompted a great deal of mirth and consternation in the British media. Jemini admitted that their performance was off-key, and claimed they were unable to hear the backing track due to a technical fault. Chris claimed that Terry Wogan had warned them before the contest that they would not get any points due to the Iraq War.

Author and historian John Kennedy O’Connor notes in The Eurovision Song Contest – The Official History that with a record field of 26 entries, this made the UK’s failure the most spectacular in the history of the contest. No song from the Eurovision final has achieved “nul points” since. Due to their failure at Eurovision, they were immediately dropped by their record label (Integral Records UK), and as a consequence of this, their first ever album was never released.

Your worst song number 3: Jemini – Cry baby:


#2: PingPong – Happy song:

Today we continue with your silver medal which goes to Israel. In 2000 they were represented by the pop quartet Ping Pong.The members of the band were: Guy Asif, Ahal Eden, Roy Arad and Yifat Giladi. The band released one album Between Moral and Fashion (2000, Hed Arzi) with songs like “Burger Ranch” (Israeli chain of fastfood restaurants), “I got a lover in Givati” and “Mr. Israel”. This album sells only about 1000 copies.

Their hit song “Sameach” (Hebrew for “Happy”) was admitted to the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest. At the close of voting the song had received 7 points, placing 22nd in a field of 24. The song lyrics mentioned a friend from Damascus who dates an Israeli girl. The band was dis-endorsed by the Israel Broadcasting Authority after waving the flag of Syria during the rehearsal and the video-clip of the song . They refused to back down for the performance in the final and pulled the flag out live, as planned, all to encourage the Israeli-Syrian peace Ehud Barak was negotiating at the time. They also visited a Syrian community center in Stockholm, where the Eurovision was held.

Apart from the political message which was undoubtedly pretty noble, the song was a total mess and one of the worst examples of Europop.

And here it is: Your place #2: PingPong – Happy song

#1: Piero and the Music Stars – Celebrate

A lot of people participated and today we reveal your “winner”. Our readers think that Piero and his music stars are responsible for the worst entry in Eurovision history. The song was plain children’s pop music with idiotic lyrics like “Clap your hands, Celebrate, have a good time” and maybe the worst vocal performance Eurovision has ever seen. At the end Piero was so out of breath that the last part of the songs was more moaning and panting than singing. 32 countries voted in the semi-final and not one thought this song was worthy of a single point. Switzerland thus became the first country to come last without a single point in a semi-final.

Your worst song number 1: Piero and the music starts – Celebrate

Thank you for participating!

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74 thoughts on “Worst Eurovision Song Ever

  1. I think that Disappear is actually a really really good song
    problem is No Angels are just poor live singers, and the whole thing came across badly – diminishing popularity, bad live singing, and a bad placing in a strong year – bound for disaster…

  2. i like no angels but they have much better songs!!! why did they choose “disappear”?? it’s good but nothing special and it was expected to get lost among great entries like “qele qele”

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  4. Remédios Amaya was my favourite song in 1983, the live musical orchestra killed that song but if u listen the studio version’s completely diferent, it’s pure flamenco tecnho pop a rare style ( i don’t know any other flamenco singer you’ve donne it) and i just looooove it! The album where this song’s included it’s called “Luna Nueva” and it’s simply amazing… Cheers

  5. Add this year’s Serbian song to it, please. It’s ridiculous, stupid, the lyrics are a shame to every normal girl, on a 3rd grade reading level and whatnot. If it makes it to the finals, I’ll be more ashamed than ever.

    As for Disappear – I heard it live on the general rehearsal and it’s not bad, by any means.

    Verka Serduchka might be ridiculous too, but not bad. I’d take him over the what-the-hell-was-that Butterflies song that Belarus had last year. When wings suddenly appeared on performers’ backs, it was creepy.

  6. The Spanish song is actually very good – may be not for the mainstream Eurovision taste, but it’s a delight to listen to!

  7. Oh. and by the way, I think the Bulgarian song should have topped this “worst ever!” selection – I can’t remember having heard anything as vile as Avramov’s singing.

  8. Well as we can see UK is popular!!! I agree with this list!

    There is more:

    Iceland – Silvia Night 2006
    Denmark – Drama queen -2007

  9. The worst Eurovision song ever is probably Moldova 2006. And I know Eirikur Háuksson agrees with me on that.

    • 2011 and 2012 editions introduced lots of new abysmal crap to the contest… the same voting again? :D

      Other suggestions:

      – most impressive stage presentations
      – “true winners”
      – best Eurovision song ever
      – most overrated/underrated ESC entries
      – best NF songs
      – the highlights/funniest moments
      – tackiest abuse of the English language
      – best/worst edition
      – best/worst entrant
      – favourite/pet hate country

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