Eurovision 2013: Ticket Information

  • Tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 final are SOLD OUT
    You can find out more details for tickets for dress rehearsals and semi-finals on the Official Ticket Site and buy them via http://www.ticnet.se/
  • Swedish ticket agency biljett24.se are offering tickets for the sold out Eurovision final in Sweden, however. The website is a second-hand ticket site. Prices are currently £3,500 (€380) to 7,000SEK (€750)!
Show Show date Start of sale Note
1st Semi-Final (Jury Rehearsal) 13 May 2013 26 November 2012
1st Semi-Final (Dress Rehearsal) 14 May 2013 26 November 2012
1st Semi-Final (LIVE SHOW) 14 May 2013 26 November 2012
2nd Semi-Final (Jury Rehearsal) 15 May 2013 26 November 2012
2nd Semi-Final (Dress Rehearsal) 16 May 2013 26 November 2012
2nd Semi-Final (LIVE SHOW) 16 May 2013 26 November 2012
Final (Jury Rehearsal) 17 May 2013 26 November 2012
Final (Dress Rehearsal) 18 May 2013 26 November 2013
Final (LIVE SHOW) 18 May 2013 26 November 2012 Sold out

For VIP-arrangements please call +46 (0)8 665 01 65 or e-mail vip@livenation.se.

Find out more about the host city, the venue and the participants!

9 comments on “Eurovision 2013: Ticket Information

  1. Hello, we are 2 Australians who have booked accommodation to see the Eurovision contest in 2013. We dont want to miss out and would be pleased if you could advise the best way we would be guaranteed tickets for the 2 semi finals and the final 387 eu.

    • There is no guarantee… The tickets will probably go on sale in november, December this year. The best way to secure tickets is being a member of an OGAE fan club. Otherwise you just need luck to secure tickets. We will publish all information on tickets on this site! Good luck and Stay tuned!

    • i am also an Australian coming over to watch eurovision i think i will just go to the final. but i am worried as we are disconnected over here that we will miss the ticket release, as i dont think the tickets will last long as it is a small arena

  2. Wish it wasnt so expensive!

  3. […] logomuzu kullanırsa ancak o zaman onları durdurabiliriz.'' dedi.   Kaynak https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/eurovision-2013/eurovision-2013-ticket-information/     Jeanne […]

  4. Hello! Is there a possible way to get updated by email about the info on tickets? Also i’m 17 – i can still attend the final without someone who is 18, right? I already have a hotel sorted out, and all i need is one, single ticket. :)

  5. Those ticket prices are extortionate and completely outrageous, people have to get to Sweden, book accommodation and eat and drink as well as perhaps see some attractions or shop. Most countries are struggling and as such so are most people. I really hope that Sweden can reduce these prices. It’s vulgar.

  6. Hey everyone! Come and check out my online contest! Would be great to get a few more participants! :)


  7. Hi! I would like to buy a ticket for the eurovision 2013 final. In the official eurovision web they say: “More tickets will be available in the upcoming months after all technical details are finished.”Does anyone know if this is going to happen? And if the answer is yes, when? Thanks in advance

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