Eurovision 2013: The Participants and Entries

Here you will find the participants of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

39 nations have confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2013

Running orders are still to be announced.

Semi-final 1

Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom will vote in this semi-final.

Country Language Artist Song English translation
 Austria English Natalia “Shine”
 Croatia Croatian Klapa s Mora Mižerja Misery
 Denmark English Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops
 Estonia Estonian Birgit Õigemeel Et Uus Saaks Alguse  To give it a new start
 Netherlands English Anouk Birds
 Russia English Dina Garipova  ‘What If
 Slovenia English Hannah Mancini  ‘Straight Into Love’
 Ukraine English Zlata Ognevich Gravity
 Belarus English Alyona Lanskaya Solayoh
 Belgium English Roberto Bellarosa Love Kills
 Cyprus Greek Despina Olympiou  ‘An Me Thimase  If you remember me
 Ireland English Ryan Dolan Only Love Survives
 Lithuania English Andrius Pojavis Something
 Moldova Moldovan Aliona Moon O Mie  A million
 Montenegro Montenegrin Who See ‘Igranka’  The Dance
 Serbia Serbian Moje3 ‘Ljubav je svuda  Love is everywhere

Semi-final 2

Germany, France and Spain will vote in this semi-final.

Country Language Artist Song English translation
 Azerbaijan English Farid Mammadov  ‘Hold Me
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Elitsa Todorova &
Stoyan Yankoulov
 ‘Samo shampioni.’  Only champions
 Finland English Krista Siegfrids Marry Me
 Iceland Icelandic Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson “Ég á líf”  My Life
 Latvia English PeR “Here we go”
FYR Macedonia Macedonian Vlatko Lozanoski &
Esma Redžepova
Pred da se razdeni  Before The Dawn
 Malta English Gianluca Bezzina “Tomorrow”
 San Marino Italian Valentina Monetta “Crisalide (Vola)”  Chrysalis (Fly)
 Albania Albanian Adrian Lulgjuraj &
Bledar Sejko
Identitet Identity
 Armenia English Gor Sujyan  ‘Lonely Planet
 Georgia English Sopho Gelovani &
Nodiko Tatishvili
 Greece Greek Koza Mostra &
Agathonas Iakovidis
“Alcohol is free”
 Hungary Hungarian ByeAlex ‘Kedvesem’  My Dear
 Israel Hebrew Moran Mazor Rak bishvilo  Only for him
 Norway English Margaret Berger I feed you my love
 Romania English Cezar It’s my life
 Switzerland English Tasaka You and Me


Country Language Artist Song
 France  French Amadine Bourgeois ‘L’enfer et moi’
 Germany  English Cascada Glorious
 Italy  Italian Marco Mengoni L’essenziale
 Spain  Spanish El Sueño de Morfeo ‘Contigo Hasta El Final’
 Sweden (host)  English Robin Stjernberg ‘You’
 United Kingdom  English Bonnie Tyler Believe in Me

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47 comments on “Eurovision 2013: The Participants and Entries

  1. Croatia are confirmed.

  2. you’ve forgotten Croatia, Iceland and Turkey

  3. It’ll be a shame if Azerbaijan leave because since their first arrival they have ALWAYS been in the final. Not only that, but they’re always in the top 10!

  4. what do you think about cyprus and greece? :)

    • I think Greece shouldn’t. They don’t want to spend the countries money on a song contest.

      • I want Cyprus and Greece to be in the contest beacuse both countries belong to ESC culture and more importand than some countries like cheater Azerbaijan. And btw Ireland, Spain, and Portugal ( and maybe Italy will follow them ) have huge financial problems and they spend other countries money. I wonder if Spain with that huges economical problems can pay all that EBU fees and stay in ” big countries ” status. Personal i dont agry with “big” status but since that silly status exist then Russia should take Spain place or to be added in big countries. Russia can give too much money to that contest and after this fees for the rest countries will be low then some countries will be return and some others will not find the excuse of ” financial problems ” like the rich Luxembourg….

        • Russia is a garnteed a place in the final year after year no matter what they send so wouldnt realy make much difference if they did get a big 5 status.

      • ESC can be a grand promotion for Greek tourism…it’s like an investment, not spending!

  5. Greece’s participation wont be with country’s money but with artists… You don’t always have to win a competition. you can just be a part of it and have fun.
    Mamacita you really wish you’d be a cyprot or a greek ;)

  6. Italy and Turkey have just confirmed, I think.

  7. Possible Withdraws could be :

    San Marino

    Slovakia have confirmed participation, Lietchenstine probably wont debut and im not sure about Czech Republic and Polish Return, but love them to come back, not realy bothered if Azerbaijan left or Ukraine, coz they are X-USSR block countries which are allways unfairly favoured in the vote, as they can never come last when they send shit.

    • Actually, Ukraine did came very low on some occasions, like in 2005 (together with the big 4, they were at the bottom), and at this year, the Televoters actually didn’t wanted them to qualify, and the actually gave them 22nd place.
      Azerbaijan keeps sending good songs most of the time, so it isn’t a surprise actually that they always score top 10.
      So.. Ukraine isn’t always public’s favorite, and by far, Azerbaijan keep sending quality songs (compared against a lot of other songs), but I tend to agree that the Russians sending a lot of crap and get really high places for nothing.

  8. This is Ireland’s year!

  9. Portugal deserves more voting

  10. If all the sources across the web are to be believed, the total so far is 35 with Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, San Marino, Montenegro, Latvia, Greece, and Poland’s decision still pending.

  11. Malta and Belgium are confirmed

  12. Hi guys!

    I am so happy because the Polish broadcaster TVP has confirmed to escsweden.se that Poland will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo. A big welcome back to ESC Poland! ;-)

  13. I think I’ve seen some potential enterants for the UK, theres three groups which I think would be good; Young Contemporay boy band ReConnected ages range from 18 to 16, and one of the new boybands on this years X Factor, Union J, then theres new girl band Little Mix who break the curse of the girl groups on x factor last year not just making it to the final but also winning the competion. Theres a few solo artists too I think would be good Connor Maynard, Lucien Lavescount and Calvin Goldspink, Bo Bruce, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis.

    • I guese those voting down my comment are those who would perfer dated has beens representing us, singing cheap and dated mainstreem early 2000’s pop etc… which will not do justice to improve the negative represenation eurovision has in this country, it would also be good for the BBC to try and atract teenagers and younger adults to ESC by sending something current, which would also get plenty of air play on here on the radio, send some has been then we will get a crap result in may, the song will not get air play, and the continous negative representation of ESC will continue! We need to try and get the BBC to chnage these perceptions so that Eurovision can become popular with the majority of this country!

  14. Italy confirmed today.

  15. Actually only Montenegro, Portugal, Cyprus, San Marino, Greece and Poland left to confirm. The rest already confirmed.

  16. Cyprus confirm participation today :D

  17. i think portugal should come into this year aswell even though they have no money… i would actually miss their songs as they are one the countries that always bring their culture into the eurovision i will really miss them if they dont come :( but at the same time i hope they dont as if they waste more money the portuguese will not be able to survive even now they cant because of the stupid european union which are putting down the economy of portugal by giving them more things to cut down and let down the portuguese even more .. i think if this continues portugals government will be kicked off and then portugal will leave the euro and hopefully a better government which is trustworthy will come on.

    • What doesnt help Portugal is when theres greedy countries like Greece demanding bail outs all the time from the EU, becuase they cant accept change, Greece have to learn they cant having everything free in life, things have to come with a price, and its their fault they got themselves into the mess in the first place, they should get their priorities right and not participate in ESC if they realistically cant afford, thats what Hungary, Montenegro and Andorra ended up doing. They need to accept they have to pay the consquences for geting themselves into such a economic mess!

      • Scott your an idiot and quite frankly, don’t know what ur talking about. Greece isn’t greedy. Their government is…not the people. And they can still enter the competition and have fun, doesn’t mean they have to splash loadsa cash. Anyway Greece ARE participating, it has been confirmed. :D

        • The Greek public where refusing to have the hosterity measures and where protesting about it though, greedy in the sense they cant accept they have to have the hosterity measures, they just want more and more money out of Germany and France, and at the same time they selfish as they dont realise they are bringing the rest of EU down economically with them, by geting the bailouts. It’s not just the goverment to blame, as they are under pressure from the public, I’d imagine, and obviously they would be against hosterity as it mean they would have to deal with the anger and backlash from the public if they did carry it out. Agree to Disagree anyway, if my view on the situation is wrong, hopefully they will participate :) when they have re-negotiated it all.

  18. Armenia welcome back

  19. i don’t have the authority to update this, Hulla, do you have it?

  20. Im polish and i hope poland will never ever again participate in this shitty contest. Sry but thats true :) broadcasters are not withdrawing cause of money problems in eurozone, its all because people dont even care about it here ;p

  21. greece confirmed too.. ;] good luck to my tiny but big country

  22. i would love to sing for the united kingdom :-)

  23. theres no such thing as a “block vote” Countries vote on neighbouring countries for many reasons.e.g there are MIILlIONS of russian speakers in Ukraine.Ireland knows the British acts well and votes for them…

  24. I think it will be good if some countries drop out-the eastern european voters have dominated in recent years.maybe a shift in the voting power would be good.They tend to vote for more eurotrash acts…

  25. vote proxy cannot be erased but no russia in final, bad…

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