Eurovision 2013: The Participants and Entries

Here you will find the participants of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

39 nations have confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2013

Running orders are still to be announced.

Semi-final 1

Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom will vote in this semi-final.

Country Language Artist Song English translation
 Austria English Natalia “Shine”
 Croatia Croatian Klapa s Mora Mižerja Misery
 Denmark English Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops
 Estonia Estonian Birgit Õigemeel Et Uus Saaks Alguse  To give it a new start
 Netherlands English Anouk Birds
 Russia English Dina Garipova  ‘What If
 Slovenia English Hannah Mancini  ‘Straight Into Love’
 Ukraine English Zlata Ognevich Gravity
 Belarus English Alyona Lanskaya Solayoh
 Belgium English Roberto Bellarosa Love Kills
 Cyprus Greek Despina Olympiou  ‘An Me Thimase  If you remember me
 Ireland English Ryan Dolan Only Love Survives
 Lithuania English Andrius Pojavis Something
 Moldova Moldovan Aliona Moon O Mie  A million
 Montenegro Montenegrin Who See ‘Igranka’  The Dance
 Serbia Serbian Moje3 ‘Ljubav je svuda  Love is everywhere

Semi-final 2

Germany, France and Spain will vote in this semi-final.

Country Language Artist Song English translation
 Azerbaijan English Farid Mammadov  ‘Hold Me
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Elitsa Todorova &
Stoyan Yankoulov
 ‘Samo shampioni.’  Only champions
 Finland English Krista Siegfrids Marry Me
 Iceland Icelandic Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson “Ég á líf”  My Life
 Latvia English PeR “Here we go”
FYR Macedonia Macedonian Vlatko Lozanoski &
Esma Redžepova
Pred da se razdeni  Before The Dawn
 Malta English Gianluca Bezzina “Tomorrow”
 San Marino Italian Valentina Monetta “Crisalide (Vola)”  Chrysalis (Fly)
 Albania Albanian Adrian Lulgjuraj &
Bledar Sejko
Identitet Identity
 Armenia English Gor Sujyan  ‘Lonely Planet
 Georgia English Sopho Gelovani &
Nodiko Tatishvili
 Greece Greek Koza Mostra &
Agathonas Iakovidis
“Alcohol is free”
 Hungary Hungarian ByeAlex ‘Kedvesem’  My Dear
 Israel Hebrew Moran Mazor Rak bishvilo  Only for him
 Norway English Margaret Berger I feed you my love
 Romania English Cezar It’s my life
 Switzerland English Tasaka You and Me


Country Language Artist Song
 France  French Amadine Bourgeois ‘L’enfer et moi’
 Germany  English Cascada Glorious
 Italy  Italian Marco Mengoni L’essenziale
 Spain  Spanish El Sueño de Morfeo ‘Contigo Hasta El Final’
 Sweden (host)  English Robin Stjernberg ‘You’
 United Kingdom  English Bonnie Tyler Believe in Me

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47 comments on “Eurovision 2013: The Participants and Entries

  1. beccab-you would be maybe better than the UK has had as fianalists recently.I would like to enter my cats for the UK-but i have a feeling they would be too good

  2. Lithuania has a very interesting song this year, I didn’t like it at first sight, now I’m fond of it :D

  3. Greece……………………..!!!!!

  4. Moldova – moldovan language? are you kidding?

  5. While I like our song this year I know we won’t win because the song isn’t strong enough against the Danish entry. However out song deserves a top 10 finish.

  6. Gianluca Bezzina, the Maltese representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, being held in Malmo, speaks with zuntier.com about his passion for music, his beliefs and his experience touring Europe in preparation for the semi-final in Malmo, this Thursday.

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