Eurovision 2012: The Participants and Entries

This year’s entries:

Click on the song titles to see the official videos and hear the songs.

Country Artist Song Semifinal Betting
  Albania Rona Nishliu Suus 1 200/1
  Austria Trackshittaz Austria Woki Mit
Deim Popo
1 150/1
  Azerbaijan Sabina Babayeva  azerbaijan When the
Music Dies
Finalist 40/1
  Belarus Litesound Belarus We Are The Heroes 2 100/1
  Belgium Iris Belgium Would You?’ 1 150/1
  Bosnia & Herzegovina Maya Sa Bosnia Korake ti znam 2 150/1
  Bulgaria Sofi Marinova Bulgaria Love Unlimited 2 200/1
Croatia Nina Badrić Croatia Nebo 2 150/1
Cyprus Ivi Adamou Cyprus La La Love 1 33/1
Denmark Soluna Samay Denmark Should’ve Known
1 16/1
Estonia  Ott Lepland Estonia Kuula 2 50/1
FYR Macedonia Kaliopi FYR Macedonia Crno I Belo 2 200/1
Finland Pernilla Karlsson Finland När Jag Blundar 1 125/1
France Anggun France ‘Echo (You And I) Finalist 100/1
Georgia Anri Jokhadze Georgia I’m a Joker 2 250/1
Germany Roman Lob Germany Standing Still Finalist 20/1
Greece Eleftheria Eleftheriou Greece Aphrodisiac 1 30/1
Hungary Compact Disco Hungary Sound Of Our Hearts 1 150/1
Iceland Greta Salóme & Jónsi Iceland Never Forget 1 20/1
Ireland Jedward Ireland Waterline 1 16/1
Isreal Izabo Israel ‘Time 1 150/1
Italy Nina Zilli Italy L’Amore È
(Out Of Love)
Finalist 8/1
Latvia Anmary Latvia Beautiful Song 1 150/1
Lithuania Donny Montell Lithuania ‘Love is Blind 2 150/1
Malta Kurt Calleja Malta ‘This is the Night 2 200/1
Moldova Pasha Parfeny Moldova ‘Lăutar 1 150/1
Montenegro Rambo Amadeus Montenegro ‘Euro Neuro 1 200/1
Norway Tooji Norway Stay 2 20/1
Portugal Filipa Sousa Portugal Vida Minha 2 300/1
Romania Mandinga Romania Zaleilah 1 20/1
Russia Buranovskiye Babushki Russia Party for
1 10/1
San Marino Valentina Monetta San Marino The Social
Song (Oh Oh-
Uh-Oh Oh)
1 300/1
Serbia Željko Joksimović Serbia Nije Ljubav
2 15/1
Slovakia Max Jason Mai Slovakia Don’t Close Your Eyes 2 150/1
Slovenia Eva Boto Slovenia Verjamem 2 66/1
Spain Pastora Soler Spain Quédate Conmigo (Staywith Me) Finalist 16/1
Sweden Loreen Sweden Euphoria 2 3/1
Switzerland Sinplus Switzerland Unbreakable 1 100/1
The Netherlands Joan Franka Netherlands You and Me 2 100/1
Turkey Can Bonomo Turkey Love Me Back 2 40/1
Ukraine Gaitaina Ukraine Be My Guest 2 66/1
United Kingdom Englebert Humperdinck United Kingdom Love Will Set You Free Finalist 16/1

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33 comments on “Eurovision 2012: The Participants and Entries


    • Viewers may not like the song as she scream-sings but the lyrics are fantastic and Rona’s definitely one of the best vocalist in the contest. A well deserved 2nd and 5th place to Albania!

  2. I’m surprised by the results, thought Cyprus and Greece would do better and the UK would suck….

  3. Rona and Pastora were the best vocalists by far!!!
    12 points: Italy
    10 points: Spain
    8 points: Sweden
    7 points: Iceland
    6 points: Cyprus
    5 points: Romania
    4 points: Greece
    3 points: Denmark
    2 points: Albania
    1 point: Azerbaijan

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