The Eurovision Knockout 2011

Eurovision Knockout – “TEKO 2011“. In March and April you will be able to vote for your favourite in a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). In 5 Rounds the 2011 entries will compete in duels until we will have 2 songs in the big final. Here you can see how this game works. Please check the front page of this blog for up-to-date information.


The Rules:

In polls you will have about 4 days to vote for your favourite in each Heat or Duel. You may vote for your own country. You may vote in each Heat/Duel.

I hope you will enjoy this little game ;). See you in March/April for the fights ;)


First Round: The Heats

One country from each heat will qualify for the second phase of Eurovision Knockout. The countries have been allocated to one of the heats by random draw.

Heat 1: Switzerland Finland Serbia ; RESULT

Heat 2 Italy Georgia FYR Macedonia ; RESULT

Heat 3: Bulgaria Russia Netherlands *; RESULT

Heat 4: Hungary Denmark Latvia *; RESULT

Heat 5: Greece Ireland San Marino; RESULT

Heat 6: Belarus Ukraine Turkey; RESULT

Heat 7: Romania Moldova Estonia; RESULT

Heat 8: Poland Bosnia-Herzegovina Germany; RESULT

Heat 9: Croatia Israel Spain; RESULT

Heat 10: Iceland Azerbaijan  SloveniaRESULT

Heat 11: Cyprus Portugal France; RESULT

Heat 12: Armenia United Kingdom Lithuania; RESULT

Heat 13: Austria Norway Slovakia; RESULT

Heat 14: Sweden Belgium; RESULT

Heat 15: Albania Malta ; RESULT

Heat 16: Denmark Bosnia-Herzegovina Slovakia ; RESULT

Second Chance for the three runner-ups from Heats 01-13 with the most votes! (Heat 14 and 15 are easier anyway)

Due to an uneven number of participants Heats 14 and 15 only have 2 countries competing.

*The Heats 3 and 10 and 4 and 11 have been exchanged as Azerbaijan has not presented its entry yet and the Portuguese entry might face diasqualification. The further course of the game will not change as the winners of heats 3 and 10 as well as heats 4 and 11 were always supposed to compete against each other in the Duel round.


Second Round: The Duels

The Winners of the respective Heats will compete in Duels. The Winner of each Duel will proceed to the Third Round.

Duel 1: Serbia vs. Germany RESULT

Duel 2 Italy vs. Spain RESULT

Duel 3 Netherlands vs. Slovenia VOTE

Duel 4 Hungary vs. France VOTE

Duel 5 Ireland vs. United Kingdom VOTE

Duel 6 Turkey; vs Norway VOTE

Duel 7 Estonia vs Sweden VOTE

Duel 8: Albania vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina VOTE


Third Round: The Quarter-Finals:

Quarter-final 1 Germany vs. Spain

Quarter-final 2 Slovenia vs. Hungary

Quarter-final 3: Winner Duel 5 vs. Winner Duel 6

Quarter-final 4: Winner Duel 7 vs.  Winner Duel 8


Fourth Round: The Semi-Finals:

Semi-Final 1: Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 3

Semi-Final 2: Winner Quarter-Final 2 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4


Final Round:

Final: Winner Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner Semi-Final 2

–> WINNER of Eurovision Knockout 2011

83 comments on “The Eurovision Knockout 2011

  1. votes

    1. Bosnia-Herzegovina win
    2. Norwey
    3. Germany

  2. Portugal disqualified???? WTF
    Watever, Portugal only have one neibor to vote us….the true of this Eurovision is that!!!
    Some day, When the atlantic ocean enter the knock-out Eurovision, Portugal will win…… Eurovision smells very bad!!!

  3. Hello.
    This is a very great website! I am checking it every day!!! And TEKO is a very good idea!!! I can’t wait for the results from heat 6 and 7!!!!

  4. Winner of Esc 2011
    Bosnia and Herzegovina..
    Dino Merlin – Love in rewind :)


  6. The song of poland is great!

  7. Bosnia is one of the best,, I liek Lena’s song but Europe hear her ones so now it’s time fot cganhes;))) votes for Bosniaaaaaaaaa


  9. Vote for Poland in 10 may are one of the best!

  10. Im prayin for Bosnia to be in heat 16 ^^

  11. Heat 8, 10 and 13 O_O

  12. I wish Australia could compete in the ESC

  13. yessss Denmark in heat 16 :)

  14. Here is NO ONE (english version of Slovenian song Vanilija) :)

  15. I’m not Polish but I love the song!

  16. When will this page be updated?

  17. hey all, visit my eurovision blog http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com dont forget to vote, comment and follow!

  18. Here is english version of slovenian song: :)

  19. why has this page not been updated yet? voting for Duel 6 just went online but results for Heats are not on yet!

  20. what has been going on for this site i was waiting to vote in heat 16 and suddenly it just says result?

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