Serbia: Nina – Čaroban

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Eurovision wins: 1 (2007)

Number of appearances: 4

Debut: 2007

Worst result: 13. (2010)

Best voting buddy: Bosnia-Herzegovina

2011 Entry: Nina – Čaroban

Semi-final: Serbia will compete in the first semi-final on May 10

Webmaster rating:  ???

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The Artist:

Nina alias Danica Radojicić was born in 1989 and she is currently studying at “Beogradski Glas”, a music school run by Aleksandra Kovac. She has already competed in numerous festivals all over the Balkan.

The Song:

The song was written by Kristina Kovac

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38 comments on “Serbia: Nina – Čaroban

  1. Great song! @webmaster: u have made a mistake with a flag,this is not serbian flag!

  2. I like this song!
    Good luck

  3. Actually, the worst result was 2009 in Moscow. Serbia didn’t pass to the Final with “cipela”.

    • No, Serbia was supposed to go to the finals! We had 66 watered and Croatia
      33! And their representative to Russia chose to pass as Croatia
      their favorite! Serbia has always been successful!

  4. English Lyrics:


    Freezing winter and the damn ice is everywhere
    I had a really rough day
    people are strange no one follows the rules
    I’m dragging to my home and I’m tired
    And while I’m digging through my purse to find the keys
    already starting to loose my mind
    my sun, my moon and all the stars
    my man opens them
    my man is at the door

    In the same moment I’m worth a thousand women
    because to him I’m beautifull and strong as a rock
    and when he hugs me I know everything is fine
    the man is magical
    He colours all my darks in spring
    since he loves me I’m standing up straight
    and to him I’m fine just as I am
    the man is magical

    Goodbye sorrow and hello my smile
    Happines is happier with him
    so warm, gentle and wonderfully himself
    he belongs only to me
    For a long time I’m saying he is my best friend
    with him I’m laughing like crazy
    People say they haven’t seen a couple that shines like that
    report to the moderator
    our love is contageous

  5. go, nina! serbia loves you :)

  6. Nina is a beautiful girl, has a fantastic voice capabilities, talent and unestablished …She is magic … I hope you will get good luck in Germany and that we will at least get to the finals … Next Nina Serbia is with you

  7. that is not correct info about Nina! here it is!

    Danica Radojičić Nina was born in 1989. in Belgrade. This young artist is still in infancy showed a talent for music. From the sixth year student of the primary musical school, piano department within and solo singing. Next year, along with high school, attending high school musical. High school ends as the best student, and today is a great student of the Faculty of Pharmacy III. She has already competed in numerous festivals all over the Balkan.

  8. Nina sung Duffy’s Mercy :)

  9. WTF is this shit. Holy crap…

  10. she has amazing voice and the song is great. the end.

  11. Mika lear!
    The truth about our Ukrain National selection:

  12. Nina is maginficient. fantastic, so young and with great voice

  13. This is definitely a potential winner – upbeat, well sung, good performance!

    Bosnia vs Serbia perhaps?

  14. She is so sweet and special

  15. Such a strong voice :) Go Nina!Go Serbia!

  16. It is funny? Last Time, few days ago when I was on this site Nina had 254 votes and was strong 2nd place?! What’s happend meanwile? looks vary, vary suspicious.

    • The poll is replaced when new entries are revealed. France and the weekend’s entries have been added to the poll, beginning a new poll. When all the entries are known, the poll should be finalized.

  17. Even though i dont understand the lyrics, its a fab wee tune! ^_^

  18. This song is made by Nina

  19. Did somebody farted??

  20. Doesn’t need to be in English to be a good song!

  21. Of course it doesn’t have to be in english to be a good song, listen to the music.

    @webmaster: The information in the biography on this website is wrong, Nina is not the student at music school “Beogradski glas”. You have mistaken her with another young singer from Serbia.

  22. I’d say it needed to be in English to win, but Serbia proved me wrong already! Serbia is my early favorite right now. Love it!

  23. I dont like this song ;; is terrible ;,,; I liked the Serbian songs on 2007,2008
    but in 2009 2010 and now in 2011 is very bad song ;;;

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