FYR Macedonia: Vlatko Illievski – Rusinka

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Eurovision wins: 0

Number of appearances: 10

Debut: 1998

Best result: 12. (2006)

Worst result: 15. in Semi-Final (2005)

Best voting buddy: Croatia

2011 Entry: Vlatko Illievski – Rusinka

Semi-final: Macedonia will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

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The Artist:

Vlatko Ilievski, born in 1985, is a Macedonian rock singer. He was the runner-up to be the Macedonian entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. He previously appeared at Eurovision in 2005 as backing vocals for Martin Vučić.He was previously a member of rock band Morality. He was a student of acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje, where he graduated in 2010 with the drama “Anger”.


The Song:

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