Can You Design a New Logo for OGAE International?

OGAE – OGAE International, the official fan club for Eurovision fans around the world, is looking for any graphic designers or creative artists to come up with a new modern logo for them. The announcements says that though they like their logo, they feel that it no longer meets the standards of the modern era.  

OGAE 2017: The Winner is Revealed

OGAE 2017 – Today the last clubs to vote were revealed and the winner of the OGAE Fan Poll has been determined. The winner should be of no surprise as they have been riding high throughout and has been receiving top marks from the majority of the clubs. Congratulations to…

OGAE 2017: Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Spain

OGAE – A lot of fan clubs have revealed their results since I last did an update so here, a bit late are the countries we have missed. Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Spain have provided their votes over the Easter weekend.

OGAE 2017: Switzerland Vote

OGAE – Yesterday the OGAE Club of Switzerland revealed their votes for the 2017 OGAE Poll and it is yet another win for Italy and Francesco Gabbani who extends his lead even further. Switzerland does not come up with any surprises here and vote for the songs agreed on by other clubs.

OGAE 2017: The Czech Republic Reveal their Votes

OGAE – Today the Czech Republic have revealed their fan club votes with another country getting their first couple of points. One country has not made the Top 10 despite featuring in all Top 10’s up to this point. Read on to see their votes.

OGAE 2017: Finland, Hungary and Slovenia Vote

OGAE -Another day another bunch of results on the OGAE Fan poll of 2017. Finland, Slovenia and Hungary have all released their votes today with some countries receiving their first votes of the year.

OGAE 2017: Luxembourg Vote

OGAE – This week the fourth country to vote in the 2017 OGAE poll revealed their votes. Luxembourg have declared their 2017 winner and they are the third country to give their douze points to Italy. Armenia find themselves with their first point in the poll.