Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Eurovision 2012: The Voting Order

  Eurovision 2012 – The EBU has just released the order in which the 52 participating countries will vote tonight. The order was arranged according to the jury’s votes last night in order to create the biggest possible suspense. First conclusions can be drawn from this order. We think Sweden did quite well, as almost […]

The Top 250 Eurovision Songs of 2011

  Eurovision – The users at the best Eurovision Radio on the web, ESCRadio, have voted for their favourite Eurovision songs in 2011. The winner was the 2004 Serbian entry “Lane moje” by Željko Joksimović, who will represent Serbia again this year. His win may be a good New Years omen. Alexander Rybaks winning entry […]

Your Eurovision Moment 2011: Lena’s Return

  Eurovision 2011 – You nominated your favourite Eurovision moment and then voted for the ten most named moments.Over 6500 people cast their vote and this is the result: The runaway winner of our year-end poll is Germany’s representative Lena who returned to the Eurovision stage after her win in the previous contest in Oslo. […]

Poll: Your Eurovision Moment 2011

  Eurovision 2011 – Two days ago we asked you to nominate your favourite Eurovision moment of the 2011 season. We have revceived almost 200 submissions! Thank you for your participation! The ten moments that were named most frequently were added to our poll. Now you can vote: What is the most memorable moment the […]

Nominate Your Favourite Eurovision Moment 2011

  Eurovision 2011 – As the year is about to come to an end, we want to find out what your favourite Eurovision moment of 2011 is. 2011 saw many great Eurovision moments: Italy’s return, Germany hosting for the first time in 28 years and for the first time as a unified country, Azerbaijan winning, […]

Eurovision 2011 Voting Analysis: The Balkan League in the Semi-Finals

Editorial – As with every year, the cries of “bloc voting” called loudly as the winners Ell & Nikki from Azerbaijan were announced the winner of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. After receiving votes from thirty countries, nineteen at the level of 8-points or higher, it seemed clear to the roaring fans of Sweden, Italy, […]

Congratiulations Azerbaijan And The Aftermath

  Azerbaijan – Eldar and Nigar from Azerbaijan have won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 ahead of Italy and Sweden. The song “Running Scared” impressed both juries and televoters all over Europe the most. The voting was closer than in previous years and the new algorithm used by the EBU ensured a breathtaking voting till […]